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AVCA Minority Coach Award
Live It, Love It, Coach It!

The AVCA Minority Coaches Award: Live It, Love It, Coach It! is new for 2015. Grant funding for the previous Female Ethnic Minority Coaches Workshop has ended and the Minority Coaches Committee has developed this award as a way to continue the AVCA's vision for creating opportunities and advancing the volleyball coaching profession. The award will be given to eight minority coaches, with at least six being women, who are first-time Convention attendees and show promise as volleyball coaches. Interested candidates can complete the online award application or an online nomination form can be submitted by their organization.   

Please visit www.avcaconvention.org/minority-coaches-award/ to apply as an individual or to have a nomination submitted on your behalf. 

If you have any questions about the AVCA Minority Coaches Award, please contact Kennedy Wells at kennedy.wells@avca.org or by phone, 866-544-2822.




Sharon Clark, Head Volleyball Coach, Butler University (BIO)
Committee Chair, AVCA Board of Directors

Penny Lucas-White, Head Volleyball Coach, Alabama State University (BIO)

Deidre Collins-Parker, Head Volleyball Coach, San Diego State University (BIO)

Dottie Porch, Assistant Volleyball Coach/Recruiting Coordinator, University of South Carolina (BIO)

Jennifer Fry, Assistant Volleyball Coach, Elon University (BIO)

Michaela Franklin, Assistant Volleyball Coach, University of Iowa (BIO)

Jasmine Fullove, Assistant Volleyball Coach, Indiana-Purdue, Fort Wayne (BIO)

Marci Taumalolo, Assistant Volleyball Coach, St. Cloud State (MN) University (BIO)

RJ Abella, Assistant Beach Volleyball Coach, University of South Carolina (BIO)

Marrita Crockett-Moulton, Assistant Beach Volleyball Coach, FIU-Florida International University (BIO)



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