March 2007


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1. Updates from the Chair


Karen Weatherington noted that she will continue to provide the committee with updates from the Head Coaches Committee in an effort to maintain a good line of communication.


2. Legislative Updates


The comment period on current legislation ended on March 9th and voting will be held in April.


3. Professional Development


Karen has received requests from several assistant coaches to inquire about bringing back the Professional Development Series. Karen is going to be in contact with the AVCA and will likely seek the help of volunteers in the future.


4. Skills and Drills


Drills are now available for AVCA members on the AVCA website ( The drills can be found by clicking on the ‘Coaching Education' icon on the main page. Coaches are required to log-on using their membership number and password. Select ‘Volleyball Drills' and you will find roughly 10-15 helpful drills for each volleyball skill. The site is continuing to be developed and coaches are encouraged to submit new drills. Karen asked that the committee tell colleagues about the site.


5. Asst. Coaches Survey Committee


Karen reviewed discussions from the convention regarding the development of the Asst. Coaches Survey Committee. They survey will attempt to collect accurate salary and staff size information among Division I volleyball programs. The data will eventually be presented to the NCAA and its membership, with the hope that it will promote progression toward more competitive equity. Ben Briney (Truman State/DII Rep), expressed interest in including Division II institutions in the survey.


6. Recruiting


Jill Jones-Stucky (Kansas), asked that committee members remind colleagues that tickets are required for admission for Colorado Crossroads. Tickets are free and must be pre-printed from or


7. New Committee Members


Karen welcomed Ben Briney (Truman State/DII Representative) and Kevin Campbell (Georgia) to the committee.


No roll was taken.

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