February 12, 2007


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Present: Jeanne Hess (Chair), Alexis Manhertz for Jen Bowman (NESCAC), Paul Dill (NEWMAC), Chad Braegelmann (Commonwealth Coast), Jamie Marcoux (Great Northeast), Dave Hildebrandt (Independents), Steve Pike (SUNYAC), Roger Worsley (Empire 8), Lisa Gallagher (Independents), Bridget White (NJAC), Margie Knight (Capital), Sam Lambert (SCAC), Kandis Schram (Independents), Jason McAden (Soutwest), Jennifer Walker (IIAC), Merry Graf (St. Louis), Deb Zellers (Independents), Wayne Chadwick (Heartland), Becky Schmidt (MIAA), Tammy Swearingen (President's), Deb Schulman (WIAC), Deb Kiick (CCIW), Jennifer Saylor (Midwest), Rodney Pritchett (NAC), Rick Swan (Independents), Dianna Graves (SCIAC), Jason Jones (AVCA)


Not Present: Jolie Ward (Little East), Cathy Markowski (North Atlantic), JJ O'Connell (Skyline), Paul Yee for Jonathan Penn (UCAA), David Shumaker (NEAC), Mark Birtwistle (Pennsylvania), Harleigh Leach (Centennial), Randall Kreider (Commonwealth), Michele Ide (Freedom), Robin Pietryk (Dixie), Bill Rogers (ODAC), Michelle Blaeser (MIAC), Ellen Dempsey (NCAC), Pam Briggs (OAC), Mark Massey (Northwest)

I. AVCA Report

Jason Jones updated the committee on some of the various association activities. The AVCA Convention had just over 1,200 attendees in Omaha not including staff and volunteers. The convention evaluation survey received responses from 432 members who rated the convention a 9.1 on a 10-point scale.


The AVCA welcomed the Junior Volleyball Directors Association (JVDA) as a new chapter of the association on January 9. The AVCA will provide the infrastructure for membership and marketing support for the JVDA while gaining the potential for significant membership growth. The two groups are currently operating under a Memorandum of Understanding until the details of the management contract can be worked out.


The AVCA has seen significant membership growth over the past few months. As of February 12 the AVCA had 3,569 members which is about 200 more members than at any other point in the association's history.


Sports Imports has agreed to a new five-year deal with the AVCA to be the "Official Net System" of the association.


Jason also provided an update to some of the discussion topics at the December meeting. The poll document will be posted on the AVCA Web site as a resource of information for coaches. Staff is currently looking for the best place to post the document. Jason presented to the AVCA staff the idea for posting the "DIII Match of the Week" Web cast on the AVCA Web site and the idea was well received. The next step is to determine if it can be done from a logistics and technical standpoint. An update on this project will be given at the next meeting.


The current plan for the AVCA Web site redesign is to make changes in two stages. Some of the changes will occur prior to August 2007 and other updates will be completed prior to August 2008. The technology people have recommended no updates be made from August - December due to the high volume of traffic on the Web site. This redesign schedule will also impact the association's ability to list job openings and open dates in a new format. No significant changes can be made to these functions prior to the summer of 2008 so the AVCA has agreed to go with Athletic Link for another year. Athletic Link will design a new page for the AVCA and the AVCA will increase its marketing efforts of Athletic Link to let more coaches know this program does exist.


II. Breakout Session Reports/Discussion from Convention

A. Fundraising and Marketing - Deb Schulman reported on the discussion from the fundraising and marketing group meeting at the convention. Some of the marketing ideas included:


§ Develop a section on the AVCA Web site for a marketing and/or fundraising idea of the month or week

§ All students who attend a match get a free T-shirt to help increase attendance

§ Offer a camp night or club tournament night

§ Ask the AVCA to help with breast cancer awareness - possibly help market a date or weekend where teams and/or coaches are dressed in pink - has been done successfully on the high school level

§ Alexis Manhertz - offers a punch card to fans and after so many games have been attended that fan is entered into a prize drawing

§ Deb Zellers - holds an attendance record breaker night each year where they pick a date and try to break the old attendance record - also gives away pizza

§ Wayne Chadwick - all sports at Manchester have a home date where they invite other school teams to attend - this request comes from the coaches of the other sports to their teams

§ Becky Schmidt - increase support and awareness of faculty through faculty appreciation - a faculty member is chosen and allowed to go to practice the day before a match and then sit on the bench during the game as a (silent) guest coach

§ Deb Kiick - also does a faculty appreciation night - the SID makes an appointment with faculty members and takes a picture of them with a student-athlete - this picture is included in the game program with the student-athlete saying what they like best about that faculty member


B. Awards - Kandis Schram filled-in for Danny Miller and gave a brief report on the convention discussions regarding the All-American selection process. The discussion continues to center on whether the selections can be pushed back in order to get the conference results included in the selection process. Deb Zellers suggested that perhaps the committee could be expanded to include a few alternates who would replace a coach on the committee who makes the national tournament and doesn't have the time to participate. The alternatives would then serve on the committee in future years after this "training" period. Danny provided an e-mail update after the meeting which can be found by clicking here. Jeanne will attempt to get Danny Miller on the April conference call for more discussion.


C. Education - Becky Schmidt gave a report on the education discussions at the convention

which included the following suggestions:


§ Addition of more drill ideas on the AVCA Web site

§ Teaching progressions

§ Links to educational resources on other Web sites

§ Regional coaching clinics

§ Providing a history of the game for younger coaches

§ Encouraging more Division III coaches to be speakers at the AVCA Convention

§ Better clarity of seminar descriptions at the convention to help attendees gauge level of session


The committee was asked to send any information or ideas that they would like to see included in the upcoming Education section of the AVCA Web site to Education and Publications Committee Chair Cecile Reynaud at reynaud@coe.fsu.edu or Jason Jones at jason.jones@avca.org. It was also noted that anyone who is interested in being a speaker at the convention should submit their seminar idea on the application included in the "Invitation to Present" document. That document will be e-mailed to all members and posted on the AVCA Web site within the next two weeks.


Coaches should have been sent information on several rules changes that are currently being considered by the NCAA. The committee was asked to contact their conference coaches and remind them to review these changes and discuss them with their athletic directors if they have strong feelings about a change. Comments must be submitted to the NCAA within the 60-day comment period that is currently underway.


III. Top 3 Things DIII Coaches Want from the AVCA

Jeanne asked the committee to brainstorm on the top three things that Division III coaches would like to see from the AVCA. Some of the suggestions included:


§ Remind the AVCA that DIII coaches make-up the largest number of coaches in the association and should have a larger influence

§ Possibly fly DIII All-Americans to the AVCA Convention for recognition ceremony - would probably impact dues structure

§ Web casting DIII Match of the Week - may not be top priority but is important

§ Enhancement of the AVCA Web site for education and promoting DIII volleyball

§ Promoting attendance among members for one week - offer a prize to the winning school


Jeanne asked the committee members to go back to their conferences and ask those coaches what they want to see from the AVCA. Jeanne will compile this information and submit it to Bonnie Kenny. All suggestions should be submitted to Jeanne by March 12 to jhess@kzoo.edu.



The meeting was adjourned at 11:58 a.m. ET. The next meeting is scheduled for Monday, April 16 at 11 a.m. ET.



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