March 5, 2008


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Chair: Brenda Williams, Olivet Nazarene

Present on the call: Kim Norman (Frontier), Jim Smoot (Golden State Athletic), Katy Meyer (Independent), Christy Clawson (Red River Athletic), Mike Gibson (Wolverine-Hoosier), Paul Swanson (American Mideast), Glenn Cox (Florida Sun), Jon Campbell (Gulf Coast Athletic Conf.), Ryan DeLong (Midwest Collegiate Conf.), Kyle Van Den Bosch (Great Plains Athletic), Derek Schmitt (Southern State Athletic Conf.), Josh Crosier (Men's Rep), Will Engle (AVCA liaison)

Absent on the call: Excused: Todd Lowery (Independent), Peggy Tuter (Midlands Collegiate Athletic), Mary Penrod (Heart of America Athletic), Bob Heersema (Chicagoland Collegiate), Todd Humphry (TranSouth Athletic), Leo Sayles (Appalachian Athletic), John Yehling (American Midwest Conf.),Candace Moats (Mid-Central College Conf.), Kevin Hudson (Assistant Coaches), Israel Negron (Legislative Rep)

Committee Chair: Brenda Williams

Brenda reiterated how we want every conference and each independent represented on the Head Coaches Committee. We are still in need of seven conferences, and now need to find a replacement for Brianne Smedley, who took a job at the NCAA Division II level.


Tachikara Representative: Chris Morton

Chris told the committee that the NAIA and Tachikara have entered into a new deal, and that Tachikara is updgrading the design and construction of the NAIA ball. Tachikara is providing the official balls for the conference and national championships, and coaches have the opportunity to purchase balls for a discounted rate for the regular season. Tachikara has also made available a $250 reimbursement check to qualified programs for travel to the national tournament. In order to be eligible as a qualified program, you must purchase your team's balls through Tachikara directly, and not through a provider.



AVCA Director of Operations: Jason Jones

The NAIA is interested in coming up with an AVCA Webcast Match of the Week schedule in 2008, similar to the one produced by NCAA Division III in 2007. Jason Jones, AVCA staff member, gave the committee a run-down of the steps needed to be taken once the interest survey has been finished, which it has. Jason told the committee that a subcommittee was formed to pursue the topic, with one chair and four other members. After the survey, the subcommittee searched out which teams could contribute to the Match of the Week schedule, made a list of matches being webcast, and then decided to go with either only the quality webcasts or a large quantity of webcasts, regardless of quality. The subcommittee then put together a regionally diverse set of five games for the 2007 season. Kim Norman of Westminster has agreed to head that committee, and will work with Brenda and Will on the next steps for the NAIA.


Committee Chair: Brenda Williams

As of February 29, 2008, the NAIA was at 56.9% of membership in the AVCA. As always, our goal is 75%. Continue to contact schools in your conference regarding benefits of AVCA membership.

Men's Rep: Josh Crosier

Men's season is one month away from conference tournament play. Check out for up-to-date information on NAIA men's volleyball.



Committee Chair: Brenda Williams

NCAA proposals were passed by the PROP committee last week. Question posed to the committee was ‘should the NAIA change for no other reason than to keep consistent and simple with everyone else - high school, club, international and NCAA?' We don't want the NAIA to be ‘on its own island'. Also, it's hard not to keep rules across the board when the NAIA doesn't have its own officials. Many committee members wished to better understand the process so as to better have input in decisions in the future.



Championship Committee: Mike Gibson

Mike is still working with Ruth Stein of the NAIA to iron out issues with direct qualification. He wants to set up a conference call in the near future to hash out some lingering details.



Reminder that the home team is now responsible for keeping statistics for both home and away teams. Contact Chad Waller of the NAIA office for more information.


1. AVCA membership drive - find out why coaches are not becoming members.

2. Get names from the conferences that need representatives on this committee, if they are in your old region please make a call to that conference.

3. Give Mike Gibson information on Conference Best Practices.

4. Give input on 25-point sets from spring matches.

5. Remind your conference coaches that we are all supposed to keep statistics for both teams at home next fall - get this information to their support staffs and athletic directors.


Next NAIA HCC conference call scheduled for Wednesday, April 2 2008 at 11:30 a.m. ET.


Call adjourned at 12:33 p.m. (ET)

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