March 13, 2007


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Chair: Brenda Williams, Olivet Nazarene

Present on the call: Chris Duenow (Region 1), Todd Lowery (Region 3), Mary Penrod (Region 5), Christy Clawson (Region 6), Bruce Billingsley (Region 7), Mike Gibson (Region 8), Brianne Smedley (Region 13), Glenn Cox (Region 14), Josh Crosier (Men's Rep), Kevin Hudson (Assistant Coach's Rep), Will Engle (AVCA liaison)

Absent on the call: Excused: Jim Smoot (Region 2), Katy Meyer (Region 2) Leo Sayles (Region 12) Peggy Tutor (Region 4), Paul Swanson (Region 9), Israel Negron (Legislative Rep)

Guests on the call: Dennis Janzen (NAIA Volleyball Coaches Assn.), Kathy DeBoer (AVCA Executive Director), Wendy Payne (AVCA Director of Membership & Sales), Todd Hamilton (AVCA Asst. Executive Director)


AVCA Executive Director: Kathy DeBoer
1) AVCA membership is up over 3700, an increase of over 10% in seven months. This, along with a successful Convention in December, has caused positive momentum for the organization.

2) AVCA working to grow connectedness with grassroots - new high school initiatives along with the new agreement with the JVDA to try and reach the club market.

3) Mike Gibson asked Kathy about the use of a softer ball at the middle school level. Kathy agreed that we need to look at initiatives to get kids interested in the sport at an early age.


AVCA Director of Membership & Sales: Wendy Payne

Wendy gave the committee an update on AVCA membership and recruiting initiatives. The NAIA has 157 members, and 80 non-members. Wendy notified the committee that AVCA staff is making calls to expired members and non-members. She also informed the committee that the database is accessible for committee to use to assist in attaining members.

Christy Clawson asked if there was a way to discount coaches that are part-time. Wendy suggested that AVCA staff could look into a first-time discount.

It was also noted that an e-mail was sent out last week trying to get presenters at the 2007 AVCA Annual Convention.



There was some discussion about the new volleyball rules changes. It was noted by Chris Duenow that the more consistent they stay, the better it will be. Lori Thomas from the NAIA will be asked for any rule modifications that the NAIA wants given to the officials. Any exceptions needs to be given to the Rules Committee and listed in our coaches' manual.


Men's Rep: Josh Crosier

We are two to three weeks from the end of the regular season. There appears to be more parity this season. Everyone keep your eyes open for possible programs to get started. We are losing one men's program from our 16 teams, Newman College was going to Div. II but dropped their men's program. The NAIA men are playing a match at the Colorado Crossroads tournament this year to make people aware of men's volleyball on the different levels.



A. Thanks to the efforts of Glenn Cox and the committee, the NAIA 3rd-Team All-Americans are now recognized on the AVCA Web site, and have been sent certificates of achievement. Brenda is going to work on the AVCA Board of Directors to try and get more recognition for the 3rd Team in the future.

B. Mike Gibson sent the committee an e-mail concerning Direct Qualification, a copy of a memo from Lori Thomas. His committee is still working on putting together a new format for the volleyball championship.

C. Don't forget the Adult Open Nationals in Austin, Texas. For more information, talk to Mike Gibson.

D. If you have any legislative questions for Israel, please e-mail them to him. Israel can not be on the call this month, but welcomes your e-mail questions or concerns with NAIA legislation.

E. We are still waiting on a replacement for Region XI.



Committee Chair: Brenda Williams

A. Brenda will be attending the AVCA Board of Directors meeting on May 6-8, 2007 in Lexington, Ky. Any information that you would like taken to the Board for the NAIA needs to be sent to Brenda ASAP. Todd Hamilton, AVCA Asst. Executive Director, noted that the Board would be talking about professional development of coaches. He said that the committee needs to talk with Brenda about two questions for her to take answers to the Board: 1) How are coaches getting their education? and, 2) In what ways would they like for the AVCA to provide them education? Todd also noted additions to the education section of the Web site, under the red tab "Coaching Education".

B. Get AVCA membership information to all coaches in your region, personally invite new coaches to join. Give out AVCA membership information to all high school and club coaches that you come into contact with. Remind your high school coaches of the new AVCA High School All-American program

C. The Head Coaches Committee needs more of your input. I know you all have some great ideas on how we can continue to utilize this committee to better NAIA volleyball, let me hear from you.


Membership Drive - continue to recruit coaches in your region.


Be proactive!!


Provide Brenda answers to the two questions about Professional Development

by e-mail before our next call.




Next NAIA HCC conference call scheduled for Tuesday, April 3, 2007 at 11 a.m. ET.


Call adjourned at 12:03 p.m. (ET)


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