February 6, 2007


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Chair: Brenda Williams, Olivet Nazarene

Present on the call: Jim Smoot (Region 2), Katie Meyer (Region 2), Todd Lowery (Region 3), Mary Penrod (Region 5), Christy Clawson (Region 6), Bruce Billingsley (Region 7), Mike Gibson (Region 8), Brianne Smedley (Region 13), Glenn Cox (Region 14), Josh Crosier (Men's Rep), Kevin Hudson (Assistant Coach's Rep), Israel Negron (Legislative Rep), Will Engle (AVCA liaison)

Absent on the call: Chris Duenow (Region 1), Leo Sayles (Region 12) Excused: Peggy Tutor (Region 4), Paul Swanson (Region 9)


Committee Chair: Brenda Williams
As of January 9, 2007, 144 head coaches were members of the AVCA, with 245 volleyball teams in the NAIA (59%). That number is now up to 150 head coaches, bringing the percentage up to 61. Since February 2006, the NAIA membership has grown from 51% to 61%, a number by which the Head Coaches Committee can be proud. Wendy Payne, AVCA Director of Membership, is setting up a membership drive for all types of volleyball coaches, so be looking for more information from her in the near future.

Brenda asked that the HCC be kept in the loop with what is going on at the AVCA in terms of membership, and that the Committee continue its efforts to increase membership.


The NAIA Web site now offers a place where member schools can list their open dates. In the past, mass e-mails have been circulating, causing trouble for many coaches. The NAIA now offers this place on their website for open dates, and it has thus far been met with success.



It has been requested that the AVCA include the NAIA Third Team All-America on its Web site. Kelly Stumph, AVCA Manager of Awards has been in contact with Brenda and Glenn Cox and has agreed to post the third team on the internet. Kelly also told the Committee that the reasoning in the past for the third team not being posted is that the membership ratio is taken into consideration. With the increased ratio mentioned earlier, coupled with the opportunity for incentive for more members, the AVCA will now post all three All-America teams on its Web site. This should be used as further incentive to try and get coaches to join the AVCA. They will also look into providing certificates in the future.


V. committee replacement
Region 11 is still in the process of replacing Susan Clements on the Head Coaches Committee. As soon as a new Region Chair is selected that person will be invited on our calls also.



Championship Committee liaison: Mike Gibson

Mike e-mailed the Committee the final proposal for the Championship format put together by the task force. As coaches, we need to get the proposal to our Athletic Directors, lobbying for changes. If it's what we want, let's push it, and show them we are serious about unifying behind and lobbying for our proposal.

Brenda iterated kudos to Mike and his committee for all of their hard work.



Men's Rep: Josh Crosier

Encourage members to check out men's volleyball in your area, and give support to the sport as it continues its efforts to grow.



Mike Gibson told the Committee that we still have a representative on the USA Volleyball Board, and will until they restructure in 2008. He also plugged the Adult Nationals, to be played this year in Austin, Texas the last weekend in May and first weekend in June. He recommended taking your team to be a part of the 60-70 team display and to be a part of the atmosphere. Brenda added that it shows your student-athletes that there are volleyball opportunities after college.


Brenda told the Committee that the next AVCA Board of Directors meeting is May 6, so anything that the Committee or anyone else wants Brenda to take to the meeting on behalf of the NAIA, get it to her as soon as you can.


Israel Negron told the Committee that legislature to be voted on at the NAIA Convention is to be released within the next 10 days or so.


The meeting date of the next call has been moved to March 13 from March 6, due to Brenda being on a mission trip to New Orleans the week of March 6.


Membership Drive - continue to recruit coaches in your region.


Be proactive!!


Lobby your Athletic Directors the Competition Committee proposal.



Next NAIA HCC conference call scheduled for Tuesday, March 13, 2007 at 11 a.m. ET.


Call adjourned at 11:33 a.m. (ET)


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