October 10, 2007


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ACC Coaches Committee Call

October 10, 2007, 12:00pm


1. Updates from the Chair


Dig for the Cure-Many volleyball programs are recognizing breast cancer awareness month by participating in Dig for the Cure, a volleyball specific program, was stared by Lisa Marston several years ago. Dig for the Cure raises money for the Susan G. Komen Foundation. This year several teams around the country are participating in the program. There is information on the AVCA Web site and that we'd like to do more to help organize participation across the country. For more information on Dig for the Cure (http://www.digforthecure.org/). Several coaches shared ideas for Dig for a Cure in order to generate more ideas for their promotional nights.


Volleyball Rules Survey-The volleyball rules online survey is out and takes no more than five minutes to complete. Kerry Carr (rules committee) asked everyone to please fill out the survey and requested that they encourage coaches in their conference to do so as well. The survey is very important to the rules committee in making decisions about changes. The three major topics of the survey include eliminating (or modifying) the double hit call, 25 point matches and a new warm-up proposal.


Please be reminded that coaches are encouraged to submit proposals to the committee. Kerry said they do review each and every proposal and encourage submissions.


Salary Survey-Karen Weatherington mentioned to the assistants to remind their head coaches that the salary survey will be distributed to Division I coaches by the end of this week. The deadline to complete the survey is October 19. The survey is very similar to last year's version and full participation is encouraged. The information will help the ACC in moving forward with a foundation for their survey.


AVCA Talent Showcase-Mark McCloskey and Karen reminded the committee about the new AVCA Talent Showcase. The Showcase is an opportunity for uncommitted and unsigned junior college and high school juniors and seniors to showcase their talents in front of coaches. The event will be held on Sunday, December 16 in the Hall C of the Sacramento Convention Center. Warm-ups being at 8am with the event continuing from 9am-12noon. The dead period has been modified to allow evaluation on this day.


Recruiting Task Force-Tonya Johnson mentioned that the task force met on October 2 via conference call. Pete Waite reported that the group reviewed the accomplishments of the task force in the past. The task force is very receptive to any suggestions that coaches would like to bring forward. He asked that if anyone had suggestions or changes regarding recruiting to please email him. He noted that the task force discussed the recruiting calendar in some detail. The committee will be getting suggested changes and some sample calendars in the near future. Division I coaches will have an opportunity to discuss the issue at the AVCA Convention. Tonya Johnson and Kalani Mahi serve as Asst. Coach Representatives on the committee and welcome your input and feedback on the issues.


Committee on College Coaches Involvement with USA Programs-This committee is going to discuss appropriate guidelines for coaches that wish to participate with USA Volleyball Programs. The group will also discuss ways to educate more coaches about the process. Beth's conversation with Doug Beal indicates that USA Volleyball very much wants college coaches involved in their programs. However, they understand that guidelines would be appropriate for the coaches.


2. Assistant Coaches Survey Committee


Sarah Bernson, MJ Engstrom, and Mika Robinson are spear-heading the committee and looking for more participants to help complete and distribute the survey. They will reconvene the conversations and work on the survey. They will reconvene the conversations and work on the survey as seasons comes to a close and make a strong push for progress in December. They hope to submit their research proposal to the AVCA for assistance in the spring.


3. Election Results


Karen Weatherington thanked the constituency for their support in her reelection and will do her best to continue move the voice of the ACC forward.


4. New Business


The next call will be in November along with an informational email to coordinate ideas for the assistant coaches meetings at convention. The summary of research from the recruiting task force is attached.


5. Roll Call


The Big 10 and the ACC were excused from the call. The SWAC, Ohio Valley were absent from the call.


Karen Weatherington

ACC Representative


Thank you for your membership in the AVCA!

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