February 7, 2006


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Roll Call
Bruce Billingsley - Saint Ambrose University - Region VII
Glenn Cox - Savannah College of Art and Design - Region XIV
Chris Duenow - Concordia University (Ore.) - Region I
Mike Gibson - University of Michigan-Dearborn - Region VIII
Katy Meyer - Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University - Independent (Region II)
Dave Moody - Dickinson State University - Region III
Mary Penrod - Evangel University - Region V
Kaddie Platt - Houston Baptist University - Region VI
Harvey Sanders - Newman University - Men's Rep
Brianne Smedley - Berry College - Region XIII
Jim Smoot - Westmont College - Region II
Peggy Tuter - Park University - Region IV
Brenda Williams - NAIA AVCA Board Rep
Bill Kauffman - AVCA staff liaison


Welcome and Introductions - Brenda Williams
Brenda welcomed the AVCA NAIA HCC Committee to its first-ever conference call. She mentioned the benefits of this monthly call and thanked everyone for serving on the committee. The committee introduced themselves.

General Update - Brenda Williams and Peggy Tuter

Need to finalize committee structure

Term Limits - The Two-Year College HCC changed its term limits from four years to three years. Brenda expressed concern in coaching turnover within NAIA and that three years probably would be best.

Start date of committee members - staggering to avoid massive departures. She asked the committee if they would like her to set up the term rotations/limits.

Regional Restructure - The committee still does not have representatives from Regions 9, 10, 11 or 12. Brenda asked the committee's help in finding individuals in these four regions. She also informed the committee that the NAIA is looking at realignment, and this could affect the region structure on this call.

Committee Responsibilities

Brenda went over the committee responsibilities that the group went over at the AVCA Annual Convention.

She expressed her concern that the committee must do a great job of distributing the information from the HCC calls to their region members for the calls to be a success.

University's Linked to AVCA web site
Brenda asked that each NAIA coach check to see if their school is linked on the AVCA web site. If not, contact Bill Kauffman (bkauffman@avca.org) to request a link request agreement form.

AVCA Membership Drive - Brenda Williams

The committee has set a goal of 75 percent membership in the AVCA by its NAIA head coaches. Please check the membership list to see who can be asked within your conference and region. If you need AVCA membership material sent to you, contact Brenda or Bill. Brenda reminded the committee that they must be an AVCA member in good standing to be part of the committee.

Bill will develop new NAIA membership list for the committee as part of the membership drive.

Brenda mentioned that many of the NAIA coaches do not know all the benefits and the need to reach 75 percent to increase awards distribution (i.e. AVCA All-America 3rd Team and honorable mention). The AVCA provides professionalism, awards, possible inclusion on CSTV and this HCC call. Kaddie asked what some of the student-athlete recognition opportunities. Brenda also asked the NAIA members to give feedback as to what benefits are best for the NAIA. Brenda discussed all the benefits from the AVCA membership brochure.

Former executive director Katherine McConnell did a great job in getting all groups working together. Brenda informed the committee about the start of new executive director Kathy DeBoer and the AVCA is very fortunate to have her leading the organization.

Brenda mentioned the committee the AVCA may look into tiered-pricing for NAIA members. She mentioned the AVCA has kept the membership levels down for head coaches because they understand the situation with many schools not paying the membership dues. Chris mentioned that if coaches are paying out of pocket, it can be used as a tax write-off as professional development. In the past, Katherine McConnell has sent out a letter to NAIA coaches the importance of being involved with the professional organization. Kevin at the NAIA office has said he will send a similar letter. Brenda will talked to Kathy DeBoer and Kevin about sending a similar letter to both athletics directors and presidents of AVCA non-member schools.

New Business - Brenda Williams

Competition Committee - regional and national tournament formats, ideas for event management at all levels, rules of the game, statistical education

Recognition Committee - This committee includes All-Region, All-American selection process, rankings, awards, coaching milestones, Scholar-Athlete process, Hall of Fame (NAIA), Leaders in Volleyball, Archives. Brenda mentioned that the NAIA needs to nominate possible Hall of Fame members and Leaders in Volleyball (USAV), in addition to the AVCA Hall of Fame.

Mike Gibson discussed the recognition committee. The committee used to be eight years, but now it is down 3-4 years. He expressed concern because some areas of the country have no representation on the national level. Some questions have come up that no national model has been developed in response to how some regions are struggling in the process. He mentioned what the committee really is looking at is more voices and interest in the recognition process.

Brenda mentioned to submit names for these committees to Mike Gibson (mikegib@umich.edu).

Brenda mentioned that this HCC committee should set up a proposal or two regarding how to run a good regional and national tournament to send to the competition committee. Otherwise, the NAIA will continue to seek out opinions that may not be the overall interest of the coaches.

Bill suggested adding to the HCC committee an assistant coach member.

Brenda explained adding NAIA men's coaching honors such as National Coach of the Year is an issue due to lack of schools participating, along with membership percentages. She also discussed the committee's desire to continue helping grow men's volleyball in the NAIA.

Brenda asked what the best method to utilize the AVCA NAIA HCC conference calls to benefit the members and the relationship with the AVCA.

Brenda asked if the first or second Tuesday of the month works best. There is a concern in March because so many are on Spring Break. The best time would be March 7 at 10 a.m. CT.

She asked for the committee to come up with ideas to make the membership drive successful, along with names to Mike Gibson on the recognition and competition committee.

Next Call: Wednesday, March 7 - 10 a.m. CT.

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