March 7, 2006


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Roll Call
Susan Clements - Georgetown College (Ky.) - Region XI
Chris Duenow - Concordia University (Ore.) - Region I
Mike Gibson - University of Michigan-Dearborn - Region VIII
Kevin Hudson - Lee University - Assistant Coaches
Katy Meyer - Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University - Independent (Region II)
Dave Moody - Dickinson State University - Region III
Mary Penrod - Evangel University - Region V
Leo Sayles - Bryan College - Region XII
Harvey Sanders - Newman University - Men's Rep
Brianne Smedley - Berry College - Region XIII
Jim Smoot - Westmont College - Region II
Peggy Tuter - Park University - Region IV (Judith Gipp proxy)
Brenda Williams - NAIA AVCA Board Rep
Bill Kauffman - AVCA staff liaison

Bruce Billingsley - Saint Ambrose University - Region VII
Glenn Cox - Savannah College of Art and Design - Region XIV
Kaddie Platt - Houston Baptist University - Region VI
Paul Swanson - Mount Vernon Nazarene - Region IX and X

I. Welcome - Brenda Williams

II. It was stated the mission of this committee is to increase NAIA coach's memberships to the AVCA. With this increase in membership it will give the NAIA additional benefits for our coaches, players and universities. Some of those benefits are having a greater voice in the sport of volleyball as a whole, having a professional organization that can provide us with educational and professional development opportunities, and getting assistance to help promote NAIA Volleyball to more audiences through media outlets.

III. Chair Report - Brenda Williams
• February minutes were approved by e-mail and distributed to NAIA coaches
• We have completed the task of finalizing our committee by adding a rep for each region and adding an Assistant Coaches representative. The committee now has 17 coaches representing the NAIA Head Coaches committee.
• We have finalized the structure of the HCC and set down terms
• Brenda will bring two proposals to the AVCA Board of Director's meeting in March. She has asked the AVCA (Mark McCloskey) to develop a membership incentive program to help the AVCA NAIA HCC members solicit new members. Bill Kauffman informed the committee of a DVD for statistical crews.
• Brenda reminded the committee to check to see if your university is linked to the AVCA website. If not, you can request a form from Bill Kauffman at the AVCA
• The AVCA-NAIA membership directory was forwarded to the committee, Brenda urged the committee to check region memberships
• Brenda will also ask the AVCA Board about being able to recognize our Men's Coach of the Year.
• Brenda will be meeting with the AVCA Board of Directors March 19-21 in Denver

• All HCC reps contact all coaches in your region to introduce yourself and let them know what we are doing, give them the AVCA website to see our committee structure and minutes. Note: if you are not your NAIA Region Chair please be sure to contact your chair and keep them informed, they can be one of your greatest assets.
• Find all non-AVCA member coaches in your region, make a personal phone call or e-mail to let them know about our membership drive. Check and see why they are not members, remind them that if their school does not pay for membership they can use it as a tax write-off for professional development. Let Bill Kauffman know how many brochures you need.
• Your goal is to get your region to 100% membership. We want all region reps to report on their region membership on the next call. The closer to 100 percent, the more benefits the NAIA will have.

New Business

• Steve Baker, President/CEO of the NAIA resigned for personal reasons, Mr. Jim Carr is the interim. The NAIA office feels very good about Mr. Carr taking on this role at this time. He has had major hands on work with the National Office and many years of experience in the NAIA. With Mr. Carr they feel they can continue working towards the goals that have been set.
• NCAA Rule Change Proposals are on the AVCA website, they have not been passed as of yet but be aware, those changes will also affect us. Chris Duenow reminded the coaches about the NCAA rule change regarding attack line extensions, which would require time and effort by the institution to paint/tape and/or resurface the court. It would be nice to have the committee come up with some other options on how to do the lines, whether temporary or permanent.
• Lori Thomas wants us to remember the Champions of Character activities and the new Buffalo Champions of Character Award. See the NAIA website for more information
• Lori also stated we could use some volunteers for nationals at Columbia. The NAIA will be working in two facilities and could use your help if you are planning on attending if your teams do not make it in.
• Dawn Harmon, NAIA SID, will be meeting with Brenda in April to discuss ways to put everyone on the same page with stats (Dakstats?)

** NAIA Regional Re-Alignment Mike Gibson
The committee looked at regional re-alignment with three scenarios: 1.) stays the same with 20 teams; 2.) two different regional formats; 3.) 16 and 20 team model. Every model includes pool play. The format that seems to meet most of the goals is the conference model with conference winners advancing to the national championship. It puts more emphasis on the conference championship and makes that tournament important. This would be a 32-team national tournament model with maybe 23 conference berths. This format would add a day to the tournament putting it at five days. The regional concerns are that the same match-ups from conference move to regionals and becomes redundant. These changes could come as early as 2007, but they are not necessarily pushing it fast as some championships have been awarded on past criteria.

** Glenn Cox - Reg. XIV - NAIA Scholar Athlete Award
Asked the question of why we have to have minimum standards for the NAIA Scholar Athlete Award. The award has a minimum of 50 percent of games played (not matches) and they have to meet one stat requirement (this was decided and changed just two years ago at our business meeting at the convention). In the past, it was discussed to keep some minimum standards. Before, eligibility was based on matches played and not games played. The generalization was to award students that contributed to the match and not spot play and just on the roster. Brenda urged if anyone wants change, take it to the regional committee for vote.

** Chris Duenow - Reg. I - Computer Stats
Chris would like to see us propose to the VCA that we need computer stats done at all NAIA competitions by a trained stat crew or SID (due to financial implications and lack of support staffs he doesn't see the NAIA mandating this yet but we do need to find a way to get this done. Katy Meyer suggested that we do a survey through this committee asking how our member schools handle stats and support crews at their universities. Chris asked that the survey includes whether schools do basketball computer stats and no volleyball stats. Chris will head up the stats survey construction. Katy suggested this could be a positive way to influence membership as only AVCA members can answer. It shows the NAIA AVCA members have a voice.

Coaches Clinics
Discussion occurred about the lack of real volleyball at the middle school level. Players are not playing real volleyball. Chris suggested having college coaches tap into the middle school market and do coaches clinics as many of these coaches will not pay $300 to go to a large market coaches clinics that cost hundreds of dollars.

• Mike Gibson will work with the Competition Committee
• Chris Duenow will set up a committee, working with Bill, a statistical and support crew survey.

V. Next Conference Call - Tuesday, April 4 at 10 a.m. CT.

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