November 26, 2003


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I. Roll call
Eddie Matthews - Methodist
Phil Shoemaker - Alaska-Fairbanks
Denise Van De Walle - Bowling Green State
Kim Vinson - Cameron
Joel Walton - Ball State
Sarah Weier - AVCA Legislative
Bill Kauffman - AVCA Liaison

Not on Call
Denise Corlett - Stanford
Danny Miller - Averett

II. Convention: 6:30-7:30 p.m., Friday, December 19th

Not mandatory, but good idea to discuss things in person from items that came from each division's general meetings.

III. Legislative Process (supplements)

* Division I really scaled down
* Division II and III Legislative Cycle - Phil does not see any red flags. Sarah said this is something to let our coaches know what stage the legislative cycle is in at the time.

IV. Division III Legislative Proposals-develop AVCA positions (supplement)

Sarah commends Division III for the comprehensive proposals. Eddie mentioned legislation eliminating Division III schools providing scholarships to play at Division I level. There are nine schools in this situation, and does affect one men's volleyball program. This is significant legislation as there are only around 40 or so men's volleyball programs at the Division I-II level. Joel said it could affect the automatic berth for the EIVA into the NCAA tournament. Joel said if the founding members of the conference changes, it could eliminate a grandfather clause allowing fewer schools for an automatic berth. Sarah will forward legislative proposals to Stephanie Schleuder and Jeanne Hess.

V. Division II Legislative Proposals-develop AVCA positions (supplement)

A lot of proposals that affect student-athlete welfare and not particularly volleyball. Sarah started discussion on proposal 1-3 on playing and practice seasons-first date of practice-championship segment. Kim said she likes the idea of knowing exactly what day the practice season starts each year. Phil has concerns about the 17-day proposal and cutting into it. Coach can not force a student-athlete to come in shape. This year 17 days would have started on Aug. 11. This proposal will get some discussion on the NCAA floor in January, not just in volleyball. The proposals are heavy on student-athlete welfare, and concern was brought up with legislative to eliminate the ability to have student-athletes show up in condition and ready to practice. The student-athletes want to or not show up in shape on their own, and making it voluntary is hard to believe it will exist. One other proposal brought up was proposal 2-38, legislation relating to voluntary athletically related activities. It seems the basic feeling is to generally oppose this proposal. Division II already has eliminated one legislative item related to volunteer activity because it was a joke. Generally, Joel thinks the student-athletes want the extra instruction. Kim mentioned it might be good to address number 2-18 as it will be labor intensive. It will get a lot of support.

VI. Division I Legislative Proposals-develop AVCA positions (supplement)

Sarah will send out to Denise the proposals shortly and share with the rest of the committee. Legislation was amended on the foreign tour proposal. There are strict requirements for it now. Another proposal is the travel day as your day off. Some talk has come out on legislation pushing the signing date back to February.

Post Responsibilities:

* Sarah will revise the legislative charts and send them to the respective representatives. (Also she will send on to the HCC reps-to be discussed on the teleconferences or in-person meetings).
* The reps will be available for the head coaches committee calls if necessary (or in-person meetings at the convention, if necessary) to review the legislative charts.
* Follow up with Sarah if there is a request to have her present during any of the divisional meetings at the convention.

Any comments feedback from the notes. Job well done.

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