October 29, 2003


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Roll Call:
Sarah Weier, AVCA Legislative Rep
Bill Kauffman, AVCA staff liaison
Denise Corlett, Stanford - Division I
Eddie Matthews, Methodist - Division III
Danny Miller, Averett - Division III
Phil Shoemaker, Alaska-Fairbanks - Division II
Denise Van De Walle, Bowling Green State - Division I
Kim Vinson, Cameron - Division II

Not on Call:
Joel Walton, Ball State - Men's

Expectations & Members:
The purpose of the AVCA Legislative Committee is to educate the membership of the legislative issues. In addition, the Legislative Committee is designed to help communicate the most recent legislative issues and proposals to the entire membership. When appropriate, the Legislative Committee will develop legislative proposals to be submitted to the NCAA.

The committee is expected to meet monthly by teleconference and then in-person during the membership convention. The committee consists of one coach representative from each division including Division I, II and III as well as a men's team representative and an at-large representative. In addition, the committee will have one administrative representative from each division including Division II and III. Together, these individuals will work together to communicate, education and propose the legislation to the membership.

Specific Initiatives:
* Communicate to legislative representative concerns of each division
* Educate the membership of the legislative issues and changes within each division
* Work with legislative representative preparing and writing legislation

Anything to add to the expectations from the attachments
In the past, the committee has been made of coaches. The board made a big push to add administrators for contacts and access to NCAA. Sarah is clued into the Division I legislation, but not necessarily with Division II and III. This is way the board has expanded this committee. Administrators' role will be for access to NCAA and working on legislative proposals.

Sarah will pass on legislative items that come up on Division HCC calls. One of the big things on the table now is the Division III Reform package.

Objectives for the year:
The AVCA Legislative Committee's main objective is to work with all levels of volleyball to ensure members' voices are heard at the appropriate governing body. The committee will discuss legislative proposals, help formulate ideas into proposals and forward such information out to the AVCA membership.

There may not be significant talk on objectives on each conference call. Sarah is looking for any items to bring to the table as the legislative committee can provide broad, long-term objectives for the AVCA members.

Convention attendance:
Convention is not mandatory, but Sarah would like to see as many there as possible. The legislative committee does have a meeting time at the convention.

Updated Legislative Proposals (I, II, III):
On the AVCA web site, Bill has done a great job of adding new legislative items for all three divisions. Sarah wants to review the legislative items to provide and educational forum for the members.

Phil was wondering if the legislative proposals can list whether it is Division I, specific conference or NCAA-wide. Sarah said she will do a better job of distinguishing the proposals.

Some times it may not seem like Division III legislation may not have anything to do with Division I, but it is always helpful to see what the other divisions are looking at.

Phil asked if there is anything that the committee should be sensitive to - volleyball issues or student-athlete issues. Sarah mentioned she has left out proposals that include sport-specific items not involving volleyball - just sport-wide or those that involve volleyball. It is important to know the direction of other sport legislation is involving. Denise asked about items that are "date effective".

Any time the management council does not pass a proposal, the legislation basically dies on the table.

Denise asked if the committee's task is to look through the proposals and pass on the key ones to the HCC committee and other groups. This could develop AVCA positions on the proposed legislation. Denise said many of the coaches do not even look at the proposals until it too late. Sarah thought this was a good idea, and a lot this could be done via e-mail. This committee has some time on the current proposals.

Specific proposals on day off after travel and foreign travel were brought up. The day off proposal is losing speed. The foreign travel has some key questions such as grandfathering in those schools which have already paid for the travel, etc.

Many of the Division III legislative proposals come through the Management Council and President Councils, very few at conference level. Mainly, the Management Council is the presidents of the conferences, which forms a basis of the legislation.

Identify important and non-important proposals, then the legislative committee disseminates the information to the head coaches call for specific divisions. This way it narrows down the massive information. Let's start with exchanging e-mails to get the information through to the committee.

Post Responsibilities:
* Each division rep (coach, administrator) is responsible to go through the legislative proposals to determine which ones are more pressing than others. Communicate this to Sarah as soon as possible.
* Sarah will communicate to each HCC rep that there will be legislative issues to put on the agenda for the December HCC calls.
* Sarah will create a document for each division that outlines the more pressing proposals to be ready for the next conference call (November 26th).

Next Call: tentatively Nov. 26 at 10:30 am. CT (may move up to 10:15 a.m. CT)

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