Wednesday, May 14, 2008


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The meeting was called to order at approximately 11:40 a.m. (ET).




Present: Trish Knight, Kanoe Bandy, Michael De Hoog, Jayme Frazier, Terry Gamble, Vanessa Schroeder, Mike Trame


Absent: Kim Lester, Kim Lester, Bert Luallen, Jane Peterson, Jane Peterson, Benjamin Staupe


Guest: Ashley Beil, Awards


Trish began the meeting by introducing Ashley and asking her to talk about the Awards program.


I. Awards


Ashley Beil, AVCA Awards Director, sat in on the meeting to introduce herself to the committee and to discuss:

* The addition of two new players to each All-American team next year.

* The High School All-America program.


* Addition of two players: The Award Committee has decided to add two additional players to the TYC First Team and Second Team. (four players total). The question is - who gets the players (NJCAA, California or NWAACC). The recommendation is that, since it is done proportionally and since, currently, there are 12 NJCAA players, three California players and one NWAACC player on each team, that one player each will be given to California and NWAACC on both teams. The Award Committee will have to make the final decision.


* High School All-America: Ashley discussed how the All-American teams will work this year. She also explained about the High School All-American Showcase that will happen on the last Sunday of the Convention. It will consist of the showcase, a skill-challenge and a senior All-Star match, though planning is still ongoing.


This year's High School All-America team will consist of 48 players, 24 on each of two teams. The help the AVCA needs of all the college coaches is to start talking to the high school coaches and get them on board with the program, as they have to be members for their players to be on the team. The goal is to make sure we have the best players will be on the team and in that game.


Trish mentioned that one way to get the word out, and the way she plans to start doing it, is mention it and all of the camps and clinics she is at this summer.


Showcase: Trish mentioned that the NJCAA does not allow its schools to pay the way to the showcase for its athletes. She asked about California and the NWAACC. Neither one can.


II. AVCA Board Meeting


Trish gave a short report about the AVCA Board Meeting, which took place May 4-6 in Lexington, Ky. There were a few key things she wanted to mention:


A. Demographics of the Association

   - 45-65 percent of the people are in organizations. Young people aren't joining. Need to get our assistant coaches involved.


   - Technology - using things like Facebook, MySpace, blogs, etc.

   - Going Green - our members are interested in the environment

   - Globalization and doing clinics abroad

   - VolleyTots - John Sample talked a lot about this at the meeting. Need to get more kids started playing the game at a young age. John has already taken the VolleyTots concept to Puerto Rico. There will also be a DVD created about this.


At the mention of Facebook and MySpace, some of the committee members spoke up.


Trish - need polices on Facebook because bad things can and have happened in the past.


Mike Trame - Could be an interesting topic at the convention.


Terry Gamble - Iowa Western has a policy for Facebook and MySpace. Athletes have to sign contracts and list their info and access info, so coaches can regular check their pages and monitor them to ensure no one is bothering them or looks suspicious.


B. Beach Volleyball in Spring


Trish mentioned that the beach game was one of the two brainstorming sessions held at the board meeting on the last day. She told the committee that it looks like beach is on track to become an emerging sport. She told how Wisconsin purchased sand from one of the AVP Indoor events and built an indoor court for practice for the Collegiate Beach tourney. Now, other teams at Wisconsin use it for practice too.


Jayme mentioned how there are many indoor sand courts in the Northwest now too.


Trish also mentioned how adding the beach game opens up the possibility for specialized athletes, more scholarship opportunities, more coaching opportunities, etc.


More discussions are coming about the beach game in college and in the NCAA.


C. Dig for the Cure


This was another topic at the board meeting. Trish mentioned that anyone using "anything" for the cure in its name in one of their fundraising promotions, that part of the proceeds will need to go to the Sudan G. Kohlman Foundation. They own the rights to that name. They can also give you ideas on how to run a fundraiser too.


Trish believes fighting breast cancer is a good issue for women's volleyball.


Jayme and Mike mentioned that their conference does it in their area.


D. 30 Under 30


Trish announced that Coaching Volleyball magazine will be doing a special feature in a future issue of the magazine, focusing on up-and-coming coaches that are under 30. She requested that anyone who knows someone in this category, to please send their names, school and a little about them to Rick ( to nominate them.


F. Future of Volleyball


Trish mentioned that the second of the "brainstorming" sessions at the board meeting on the last day was a discussion on where everyone thought the sport would be in 30 years. She told about some of the ideas that were discussed as possibilities, including technology, a 13th scholarship, how recruiting might slow down, more matches on television and a few others.


III. Membership


Trish mentioned that Rick and the AVCA had created a list of all of the two-year colleges that were not AVCA members. A physical mailing had gone out to all of them, and she was going to follow-up and call a few a day to see if she could get them to join. She asked the others on the committee to see if they would do that too. Everyone agreed.


Trish also mentioned that she would like to see more assistant coaches join as well.


IV. New Awards Rep


Mike Trame mentioned that Shay Goulding had talked to her about taking over in that capacity. He had agreed. It will still need to be approved by Jill Hirschinger, AVCA Awards Board member.



Meeting adjourned approx. 12:15 p.m. ET


The TYC committee will take the next two months off for summer break. The next meeting is scheduled to be held on the second Wednesday of August  - August  13, 10:30 a.m. CT (11:30 a.m. ET). If anything comes up before then, an email notification will be sent out to all members.


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