Wednesday, August 13, 2008


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Note: The June and July meetings were canceled due to summer break.


The meeting was called to order at approximately 11:40 a.m. (ET).




Present: Trish Knight, Terry Gamble, Kim Lester


Absent: Kanoe Bandy. Michael De Hoog, Jayme Frazier, Bert Luallen, Jane Peterson, Vanessa Schroeder, Benjamin Staupe, Mike Trame


Guests: Todd Hamilton, Kathy DeBoer, Amanda Brungs


Welcome: Trish opens the meeting and welcomes everyone back. Let's Kathy speak first.


I. Topics Discussed by Kathy


Kathy welcome everyone back for the new season. She then had a few topics to discuss.


1. Talked about working with the TYC's on a membership drive this fall.


2. Asked for help in how to help get the info out to TYC head coaches about Sand Doubles. While the schools might not be interested in pursuing that discipline right now, the goal is to keep them informed on what is going on with it. Kathy also explained why the term "sand" was chosen by the NCAA instead of beach. In that way, all schools, not just coastal schools, will feel that they can become involved with the sport.


In regards to this, Trish mentioned that she has emailed and started talking to the NJCAA about this.


Kathy closed by wishing everyone best of luck with the upcoming season.


Trish then asked Rick to give an AVCA Update...


II: Rick's AVCA Update

A number of topics were discussed...


1. Introduction of new AVCA Staff member - Introduced Amanda to the TYC committee. Amanda will be assisting Ashley Beil with membership and awards. The two of them will now do both things together.

Contact Info:

* Amanda Brungs - or 859-219-3520

* Ashley Beil - or 859-219-3556


2. Convention - Mentioned that convention registration should go live on August 25 at 1 p.m. eastern. Also, spoke about some of the new features this year: Texas Hold-em Tournament, silent auction and Miles Brand speaking at the josten's Coaches Honors Luncheon.


3. AVCA Future Star Sunday - Discussed this new feature for the convention, which will happen on Sunday after the NCAA final. This will consist of two-waves of the AVCA Talent Showcase for HS juniors and seniors, and TYC college players. The Sunday will end with the inaugural Under Armour High School All-America Match.


4. Minority Coaching Opportunity - Discussed the availability of a possible scholarship opportunity to the convention for minority women who are interested in coaching at the NCAA level. If interested, contact Jason Jones for more information.


5. Elections - The AVCA election season is about to begin. This year the President-Elect position and the DIII position will be open. Please send in nominations if you know someone who might be a good candidate.


6. Thirty-Under 30 Award - This is a new award for AVCA members. It will honor young up-and-coming coaches under 30 years old. If you know of anyone who should be nominated, go to the AVCA Web site and click the link on the front page.


7. Demonstrators for the Convention - The AVCA is seeking a minimum of 25 demonstrators for the on-court educations sessions at this year's convention. An email will be sent out on August 25 telling how to apply. Demonstrators must be available each day (Wed, Thurs., Fri. and Sat.) of the convention, though they might not have to "demonstrate" on every day. They just need to be "available." In return, the demonstrators will receive 1/2 off of their convention registration fee and a free-pass to the Pre-Convention Seminar (though, some of the demonstrators might have to work it.)


Trish mentions that kids who are still playing cannot participate as a demonstrator.


Rick closes by letting everyone know that more information for all of this will be forthcoming in At the Net and on the AVCA Web site.


III. Miscellaneous


Trish brought up a few other items...


1. She asked that some AVCA membership brochures be sent to her by Sept. 5 to hand out at an upcoming clinic. Todd mentioned that the AVCA has a few boxes of a statistic's book, which she could also hand out. She asked those be sent as well. Terry Gamble also requested a box of the books.


2. Trish talked briefly about the TYC at the convention this year. More will be discussed in follow-up committee calls on this subject.


3. Trish mentioned that a number of people on the committee were having trouble making it to the call at the current time. So, she asked everyone to send a requested day/time to her and she'll try to arrange a time so that everyone can attend.


With no other topics to discuss, Trish adjourned the meeting at approx noon.


The next meeting is scheduled to be held on the second Wednesday, September 10, 2008, 10:30 a.m. CT (11:30 a.m. ET). However, this time could change. Info will be emailed out to the committee.


Call In Info:

Phone: 866-205-5235

Password: 7761056



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