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Some very positive changes for juniors came out of the October meetings of the YJOV. Junior teams will be allowed to wear warm-ups during their warm-up session at the JOVC events. The girls' JOVC has been scheduled so that 30% of our teams will be done with their season by July 1st.l A rule that would limit the role of Assistant Coaches, by not allowing them to stand, will not go forward. While no final decision has been made, there has been considerable support from USAV leadership for an independent junior commission. Molten has developed a ball for our Tiny Tot and youth programs, First Touch.

It is very important for members of the junior community to get involved in their regions and the YJOV of USAV Volleyball and continue to advocate for our members.

We also need to clarify that while the JVDA will be promoting some zonal events as well as hosting a year-end tournament at the request of several member clubs, at no time has the JVDA advocated a boycott of USA Volleyball and in fact all JVDA member clubs are USA Volleyball members."

YJOV Interim Board

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