Educational Forums Offered at JVDA Championships


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The Junior Volleyball Directors Association will be hosting several informational and educational seminars at the JVDA Championships in Louisville, June 27-30.

These clinics are open to all at no cost!

The topics that will be presented offer a wide range of subject matter including:

A JVDA Town Hall meeting to inform and educate club directors, coaches and parents about the goals of the JVDA.

A recruiting round table featuring coaches from Division I, II, III and Community College programs discussing the demands and commitments of all levels of collegiate play. Junior coaches, players and their parents are encouraged to attend to better educate themselves on what the recruiting process really entails and what the expectations will be at the various levels of play.

"So You Want To Be a College Volleyball Player? An athlete's perspective." Featuring guest speaker Maggie Griffin who was a two time Junior Olympic National Champion as well as a two time MVP in the 18 Open Division. Maggie will share her experiences as a member of the University of Nebraska team that appeared in consecutive NCAA Division I National Championship Finals losing the championship in 2005 and then returning the next year to capture the championship trophy. She will take everyone through the incredible highs and the crushing defeats as well as the demands and rigors of playing on a team that was constantly pursuing a national championship. She will give future collegiate athletes a chance to see what being a part of an elite level program is really like.

There will be an exhibition as well as a short clinic for club director's who are interested in developing programs for "Volley-Tots" and "Mini-Volleyball." This session will cover how clubs can begin to incorporate athletes as young as five to six years of age into a motor development program featuring skills that make up the sport of volleyball. It will feature special rules that can be implemented to allow for these young athletes to participate in competitions as well as details on the use of special nets, various balls with various sizes and weights, smaller court size and fewer players on the court. The JVDA recognizes that the ages of 5-11 years is a key period for athletic and motor development. It is also the peak years for kids to participate in team sports which is highest at age 11 and then begins to decline each year after. Volleyball has virtually no presence at this age therefore many athletes who might have an interest turn to softball, soccer or basketball which all have viable models in place for this age group.

Kevin Hambly, a former USA Olympic team assistant coach and currently the associate head coach at the University of Illinois will address the issue of what it takes to play at the Olympic / Professional level. He will cover the physical and mental demands of playing at the highest level in the sport of volleyball as well as opportunities that are currently available all over the world to athletes who choose to pursue volleyball as a profession.

The JVDA encourages all directors, coaches, players and parents to take advantage of these opportunities to better educate themselves in regards to the topics mentioned above. We think this JVDA seminar series will be informative and fun for all.


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