JVDA Receives Donations from Showcase Events


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The JVDA would like to offer a special thank you to Club Fusion and the Great Lakes Volleyball Center for their generous donation of $62,000 from the proceeds of the JVDA showcase events that were held March 28-30 at the Chula Vista Resort in Wisconsin Dells and the Great Lakes Volleyball Center in Aurora, Illinois.

"On behalf of Club Fusion, we would like to thank all of the clubs, (coaches, players, parents) that attended this past weekend's JVDA Showcase event. Attended by approximately 100 collegiate coaches this event achieved its objective by providing a great venue for all volleyball athletes to be seen and recognized.

We are proud to make a donation to the JVDA to help jump start an organization we are committed to and support with our time, energy, and resources.

The JVDA has organizational objectives that Club Fusion believes will be very beneficial for the future of our great sport of volleyball."
- Bill Milborn & Wayne King, Club Fusion Directors

"We were happy to provide a venue for the JVDA Classic for 15's & 14's age group. The level of play was exciting with many high level quality matches. We also want to thank all the teams and the parents who made the event even more special. We believe very strongly in the goals and objectives of the JVDA and are excited about the direction that the organization is heading.

We are more than happy to make a donation to assist the JVDA and wish the organization continued success. We are more than happy to assist in any future endeavors."

- Rick & Cheryl Butler, Great Lakes Volleyball Center

The JVDA has also received a separate donation of $22,000 from a JVDA member led organization who wishes to remain anonymous.

"The JVDA is very appreciative of the generous support from Club Fusion and the Great Lakes Volleyball Center stated JVDA President, Rich Zeciski. We will begin immediately to put the funds to good use in the areas of project and resource development. We are also grateful to our other supporters who have been so generous with their time, effort and financial backing. We are very lucky to have such dedicated and committed members who believe so strongly in the JVDA mission."


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