JOVC Open Qualification Proposal


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JOVC Open Qualification Proposal
December 2007


* Expand Open Division to 64 teams. (National & American bids come from traditional region events)
* Nine Zonal events would be held across the United States to qualify the majority of the Open field. Teams would play in a zonal that was in as much geographical proximity as possible. All teams would only be able to play in their zone. The JVDA is proposing 9 zones that would be run by the entities that currently run qualifiers.
* The current established leagues that consistently qualify and win medals in the open division would be granted Open bids. If a team qualified in their league and later at a zonal championship then the bid would trickle down within the zone.
* There would be a fairly sizeable at-large pool at the beginning, but as new leagues were developed or existing leagues strengthened, those bids would be awarded to encourage high level play across the country.

This proposal is based on a combination of three qualification routes, League play, restricted travel zone competition and an At-Large pool. JOVC competition would be 16 pools of four, 3/5 played over Day 1 and morning of Day two. Second round would be eight pools of four (32 up 32 down) on Day two and Day three. Then brackets of eight based on pool 2 results (possible lower flights play first round of bracket on day three, although this would eliminate teams on day three) Gold/Silver play three matches on Day four.

One question that has come up is would all leagues be exactly the same? I think that there should be some geographical leeway to take into consideration area issues such as weather, travel distances, etc. Some of these leagues might be three sessions some might be four sessions. They should be approved or sanctioned but with some flexibility. Leagues will most likely produce the strongest entrants and develop elevated play form top to bottom. If a team obtains a bid through a league and then obtains one in their zone, then the bid remains in the zone too trickle down. This proposal only addresses the Highest Division (call it Open if you must), existing bids to traditional regions would remain the same.

If 12's, 13's and even 18's were moved to an earlier date this would allow for a development of a special event designed and tailored to their needs. This would also allow for expansion of the intermediate age divisions at the JOVC.

League Competition: 10 Bids (Bids based on Historical Strength)

Use of existing leagues (3-5) structures to award open bids (list A). These existing league events have consistently yielded multiple teams that have secured Open bids through the present qualification system. The number of league bids could shift based on actual on court performance in the National Championships (32 up 32 down results) this evaluation should be done by an independent committee every two or three years.

   * It is hardly arguable that the existing leagues have provided many of the successful teams and programs that have attended JOVC of a number of years. Those clubs would point to leagues as an integral part of their competitive development, quite possibly the most telling.

   * Initial alignments were based on Open qualification by traditional regions, taking into account medals awarded and gold flight performances. This information is on page 3. This table shows average bids per year per age group and gold flight for the last three years. (Archived information from USAV website)

The Development Structures are leagues that have just started recently and could qualify for an initial single bid upon evaluation by an appointed or existing group. These bids would come from the At-Large pool.

   * These may not be the actual nomenclature of the existing leagues but they do show geographical representation. There may be other leagues already in place that would warrant bids allocation.

The Future Structures are areas that need to be developed. Groups that would form these structures would apply and be approved for single bid status. This could possibly be awarded after one or two seasons of operation. Presently these bids could come from the At-Large pool of bids.

   * These are areas that should be looked at for league development.

   * Bid allocation would come out of the At-Large pool.

   * Leagues should not be hamstrung by in depth regulation. It geographical area has its own unique issues. Some areas could finish later than others. Some areas might be longer or shorter. We feel that a minimum of four playing dates (single or multi-day weekends) would be a sufficient minimum requirement. Each league would design its competitive needs (Travel distances, climate considered and existing competitions would then be allowed to still flourish)

At-Large Pool

At first, the At-Large pool may seem slightly larger than needed. This number would shrink with the development of league structures as it would supply bids to those entities awarded league status. This number also allows for possible adjustments to geographical areas, or (short term) unusually strong qualifiers.

A. Existing Structures           

B. Development Structures

C. Future Structures  

SoCal Power League (2 Bids)

Central Atlantic League

Southeast Atlantic League

NorCal Power League (2 Bids)   

St. Louis Power League

Plains Tour

Tour of Texas  (2 Bids)

PNW Power League   

North Central Tour

Central Zone South (2 Bids)            



Great Lakes Power League (2 Bids)



Zone Qualification: 42-44 bids Zones Varied Allocation based on Historical Strength

* Bids (Zone or League) could shift based on performance statistics (each 2 or 3 years or after the Olympic quad) using the 32 up 32 down on court results.
* Initial zones were constructed based on information on the following page from archived information from the USAV website.

Click here to see detailed zone information



Medals Awarded

(All medals last 3 years)

Eastern Qualifier                    

5 Bids


MD, NJ, DE, VA, DC, PA, OH, ME, NH, VT, MA, CT, RI, NY                         






Southern Qualifier                  

5 Bids 


FL, GA, SC, NC, TN, AL, MS, KY, PU  






Lone Star Qualifier                 

5 Bids


LA, AR, OK, TX, AZ                






Mideast Qualifier                                

6 Bids 


IN, IL, MO, Lower MI               






Northern Lights Qualifier        

5 Bids 


SD, ND, MN, IA, WI, Upper MI.






Crossroads Qualifier             

4 Bids 


KS, NE, CO, WY, UT, NM                    






SoCal Qualifier                       

6 Bids 


NV (So of Reno) CA, (existing)                        






Far Western Qualifier



NV, (Reno and north) CA (existing), HI

4 Bids 





PNW Qualifier            



WA, OR, ID, MT, AK                            

2 Bids 





Total Bids







12 BIDS           








Total Bid Allocation

64 Bids

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