General Meeting - December 19, 2008


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AVCA Division III General Meeting

Meeting Minutes

December 19, 2008 - 9 a.m. CT

AVCA Convention - Omaha, Nebraska



I.  Introductions and Congratulations

Jeanne Hess offered congratulations to Jenny McDowell from Emory as the DIII Coach of the Year as well as regional Coach of the Year winners. She also congratulated all coaches who made the national tournament.

Jeanne introduced Becky Schmidt from Hope College as the new DIII representative on the AVCA Board of Directors. Becky will begin her term on January 1, 2009.  Becky thanked Jeanne for her many years of service to the AVCA.


II.  Announcements

Jeanne reminded the group that the AVCA would like to have representation on the DIII Head Coaches Committee from every conference. There are a few conferences still missing from the committee including several in the New England Region. Please contact Becky Schmidt if you or someone you know is interested in serving.

Nearly 80% of DIII coaches are members of the AVCA. The goal for DIII membership within the association is 80% so we are right on target with those goals. Coaches are asked to encourage assistants to become members and attend the convention. Membership in the AVCA drives sponsorship and sponsors help reduce the cost of programs and events through the AVCA.

There are openings on the AVCA Education and Publications Committee as well as many other ways to serve the association. Jeanne asked the group to become more involved in the association. She reminded everyone the AVCA is a member driven organization and needs involvement from members in order to be successful.

Becky Schmidt reviewed the results from the Game Management Survey. Click here to access those results.  She noted that one goal of the survey is to use this information to go to Athletic Directors and advocate for more staffing. Becky said the response rate was down from 260 in 2005 to 141 in 2008. She felt timing may have had an impact on the response rate and will look at alternatives in the future.

Roger Worsley discussed the idea of setting August 15 as a uniform start date for DIII volleyball. He said the rationale for this change is the overuse injuries that occur to student-athletes who have only a couple of weeks to prepare before competition begins. Roger requested all coaches get with their training staffs and ask them to track injuries from overuse that can be used as evidence to support the concept of moving the start date to August 15. Coaches seem to be in favor of the idea but administrators are opposed to it due to the increased costs.


III.    NCAA Rules

Cindy Spiro, Leslie Daneghey and Marcia Alterman distributed the rules process outline and rules proposal form. That document can be found by clicking here. Several coaches wanted to discuss specific rules changes and Marcia asked that those discussions take place in the Volleyball Rules Forum later in the convention. Marcia also noted that the rules cycle goes to 2 years beginning in 2010. Thus, at that point the next rules book would be published in 2012.  


IV.    AVCA Executive Director

Kathy DeBoer told the group that membership within the AVCA is at an all time high which is a key to building a strong association. She noted the AVCA will strive to earn these memberships as during tough economic times the AVCA must demonstrate value to coaches. She requested that DIII coaches continue letting the association know how the AVCA can better serve them. 

Kathy also gave an update on collegiate sand volleyball. She noted that during a January meeting DI and DII will be voting to put collegiate sand on the emerging sport list. If it passes the following year would be spent writing rules for the sport. Collegiate sand is not currently under consideration for DIII but could be put up for a vote in future years.


V.      NCAA Championships

Jan Gentry gave a review of the 2008 DIII Championships and also discussed the 2009 championship format. The complete report can be found by clicking here


VI.   AVCA Awards

Danny Miller reviewed the awards process for DIII. The country is divided into 8 regions and each region has its own committee and each regional committee has a chair. The regional committee chairs make up the Awards Committee and this group makes the picks for the All-Americans. Danny noted it is very difficult to compare regions so representation from each region is important. He also mentioned the timeline is very important including coaches meeting nomination deadlines in order for the awards process to be completed prior to the banquet. 


The meeting was adjourned at 10:35 a.m. CT.        

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