2008 AVCA Convention - TYC HCC Meeting - Dec. 18, 2008


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 AVCA Two-Year College Head Coaches Committee Minutes

@ 2008 AVCA Convention, Dec. 18, 2008

The meeting was called to order at 8:05 a.m. (CT).


Present: Trish Knight, Shelley Forchtner, Jayme Frazier, Terry Gamble, Patty Harrison, Bert Luallen, Regina Mannix, Brian Murphy, Rick Reynolds, Vanessa Schroeder, Tommy Silva, Mike Trame,

I. Welcome

Trish welcomes everyone to the AVCA Convention. Explains the Two-Year College Head Coaches Committee to the coaches in the room that were are not on the committee.

II. Old Business

Discusses a few things that the TYC have been working on.

a. TYC at Convention

    * Recruiting Booth - Trish mentions she still needs a few volunteers to man the booth in the VolleyBall Marketplace during the convention. Gets a couple volunteers

    * She mentions the panel that the TYC will be putting on as well.

b. Banner - Trish tells everyone that the banner she had created is complete and will be in the booth. There will also be CDs in the booth with the recruit information for the coaches.

c. Membership - Trish tells folks that TYC membership in the AVCA is up since 2008 from 188 to 225 - a record for TYC membership. She tells everyone that if any one needs information on membership for themselves or to tell anyone else, to call Rick at the AVCA. If he does not have the answer, he'll know someone who will.

She mentions that an idea that folks had tried during 2008 was to include an AVCA Membership brochure in the information they provide at camps and clinics.

Trish let's folks know about all that Kathy DeBoer has accomplished for the Two-Year colleges since becoming AVCA Executive Director.

Trish has Rick talk about the changes that have occurred to the AVCA Web site.

d. Salary Survey - Trish passes around a handout with the information that came from the 2008 TYC Salary Survey. She also reads a summary about it that she had created.

III. New Business

a. Membership - Trish stared the conversation on membership by asking for thoughts for getting new AVCA members.

    * New ways to get members

       - Do what we can to promote membership

       - Give membership at camps and clinics

    * The excuse heard most of the time on why someone won't join is that "their school won't pay for it.

b. All-Star Game - Regional Formats

    - Mike Trame and Terry Gamble like this idea

      Trame says that maybe they can tie these in with the big club qualifiers. Possibly do a showcase at these since many coaches will already be there.

      Some else explained how they do these all-start games in their area. One idea that stood out was holding practice the night before the qualifiers. More coaches came to the practice then the all-star match.

     Regional Format Ideas/Thoughts - Some points made in the discussion.

      - All-star matches - most of the kids playing in these have already been recruited.

      - "Weaker kids" need to be showcased. However, it could "dilute" the TYC product.

      - Maybe have a club run a showcase with TYC athletes. It is a money maker. - Trish

      - Thinks this is a good idea. Run showcases in conjunction with clubs. Mike Trame

      - Have to be careful what we showcase. We're trying to determine how to promote the level right below our top tier of kids - the 2nd level kids. - Terry

      - The level of school looking at this level of kid can't afford to travel to these types of events. We started filming these and then sending them out to coaches to watch. Regina Mannix

      - Maybe instead of at the qualifiers, go to start of Power Leagues. It is earlier in the year. - Trame

      - Could still be a problem because the kids will still have to pay their own way. Might not be able to afford it. - Bert Luallen

      - Someone asked about possibly holding one at the Jr. Championships

      - Good idea, but have to watch who works with the kids. Jr. Coaches can't. - Terry

      - Good idea to do it around TYC Championships. Will look into it more. - Trish

      - How about a showcase at the NAIA championships? - Bert

      - How about at the DII Championships. Terry/M. Trame

      - DII Championships could be good. However, timing might be an issue as you don't know where it will be held until the Elite 8 are determined. That might now leave enough time to react and set it up.

*** Kathy DeBoer steps in and says a few words to the TYC Head Coaches committee and the other in attendance. Thanks them for the work they are doing and looks forward to working with them more next year.

c: NAIA Gap Rule

Trish was asked by Sue Sinclair (when Sue handed over TYC chair duties to her) to have the NAIA come into the general meeting to discuss the Gap Rule. However, the NAIA meeting is being held at the same time as the TYC meeting, so they could not come. But, they did give Trish info about the rule to talk about, which she did at this time.

d. NJCAA 25% Rule

   Terry mentioned that next year that NJCAA Division I schools have to play 25% of its matches against other DI schools. He wants to know if playing California teams will count as a match for that 25%?

   The problem with this rule, according to Terry and other DI schools in the room, is that now all DI schools have DI schools close by. It is going to cause a hardship for a lot of the schools, forcing them to travel more than their budgets might allow.

   Mike Trame mentions that by playing in two DI tourneys, you might be close to that 25%.

   Terry says that it is a problem of economy. Will schools be able to travel that much? Asks who do we have to approach about this rule? In particular, if matches vs. California teams can count as a DI match.

e: Rule About TYC Athlete Having to Sit Out a Year

    - Mike Trame brings up the USA Today article that was mentioned in a previous meeting, which states that the NCAA is looking into a rule that would require TYC athletes to sit out a year if/when they go to a four-year school.

    - Trish says that she talked to a few people and this rule probably will not get through at all.

f. International Students

   A discussion came up about international students. Terry mentioned that Puerto Rican athletes can make a million dollars in club leagues, then remove themselves completely from the club and come to the U.S. and play in Division II. This needs to be looked at.

IV. Any Other Issues

Trish asked if there are any other issues anyone would like to bring up? Some items came up.

Regions - How are they developed?

                  - Trish talked about redistricting and how it was done.

                  - Terry mentioned that it is a very political process, then explained what he knew about it.

At Large Bids into TYC Tourney

Trish explained a little history about how this happens.

Combining DI and DII Championships

Short discussion was made about the possibility of combining these two events into one location on the same weekend.

Trish asks if there's anything else. No...

Rick Reynalds motions to adjourn.

Terry Gamble seconds the motion.

Meeting adjourned - 9:20 a.m.


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