Tuesday, June 6, 2000


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June 6, 2000

Present:  Sean Byron, John Hutton, Rubin Nieves, Ryan Patton, Mark Pavlik, Al Ronek (Joel Walton not available on this date.)

1. Introduction as to the who, why, when and how of the group.  This committee will serve as a liaison to the AVCA and men's NCAA coaches.  It will provide a flow of ideas and information to both groups with the goal of improving the men's game and the men's coaches involvement with the AVCA.

2. Discussed rally score format.  Will discuss with the individual constituent groups the game-set-match (Coleman's notes), best-of-five rally score, and five-game rally score format.  The 25-point game may or may not be the right target score (possibly 30 or 31). Also talked about keeping status quo until FIVB announces a change.  A concern from all constituent areas involves making a major change to the game this fall then making another change within two years.

3. Future agenda items will include:

a. Rules Standardization
i. libero
ii.net serve
iii. scoresheet
 b. NCAA Championships
  i. Bracket Expansion
 ii. DIII Championship
 iii. Travel Party to 22
 iv. Roster to 13 w/ non-changeable libero.

 c. AVCA
 i. More involvement by men's coaches
 ii. Incentive to attend convention
 iii. Incentive to attend championships

 d. DIII
 i. Molten Championships
ii. Assisting part-time coaches
iii. Program instability
 iv. Eliminate training disadvantages

 e. Miscellaneous
 i. Developing a detailed coaching community description this fall.
 ii. NEXT CONFERENCE CALL: Wednesday, 6/21 @ 1:30 ET

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