Wednesday, March 4, 2009


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AVCA DI Head Coaches Committee
Wednesday, March 4, 2009
11:30am-12:30pm (EST)

1. Sand Volleyball Initiative: 
a. Any discussion amongst your conference schools?
a. Sally, Winthrop - We are interested in seeing what formats others are using?
b. Mark - Who is playing this spring? Where? What formats?
c. Judy, Alabama - SEC is having a SEC only event. I have not yet seen the format, however, last spring we had 4 or 5 pools with divisions. They are going to modify this structure a little this year. Each school designated a team for the gold, silver, etc. The last event was half sand and half grass, this year's event at Siesta Key will be all sand
d. Kevin, North Florida - We had an event last year at Siesta Key and it was great. We could bring as many teams as we wanted. The April 18 tournament already has over 30 teams.
e. Judy - They are the same weekend, we just wanted an SEC only event similar to last year. We can probably do any format we want. Each school pays $200 or $300 for as many teams as you want.
f. Pete - For those in tournaments, how are you doing training segments?
g. North Florida,- M-W indoor, Thurs-Sun at Beach, week before tournaments we go indoor/outdoor
h. Tim - Southern Conference is having an event at College of Charleston on the beach April 19. Structure is similar to what Judy was talking about regarding format with unlimited teams. We are talking about some scenario where lower seeded teams have 3 players so everyone can participate
i. Judy - We are also participating in a half day indoor and half day outdoor on sand with Auburn, and Mississippi. Training not much outdoor to this point due to weather. After spring break 3 days indoor, 2 days outdoor
j. Andy, UCLA - Pac10 not doing anything as a conference, some schools are participating in event at Long Beach
k. Chris, Virginia Texh - ACC is trying to do both, Florida schools are going to Siesta Key. We are also trying to do something at Virginia Beach but have not had a lot of interest from other schools in ACC.
l. Judy - Regarding format, during pool play we played 2 sets to 21, with elimination during brackets played best 2/3 21 first 2 then 15. Issue was we ran out of daylight. Quality of play at the end of the day was down as the kids were drained but they really loved it. Championship in gold division was only 1 set.
m. Matt, Middle Tennessee - All of the AD's in our conference are in favor, however, the coaches are not. Coaches  see larger work load w/out compensation.
n. Erin, Yale - The Ivy League is for it. We really want a 2010 spring beach tournament. Right now we are  not allowed to go over night. Currently in the spring Ivy League teams can have 12 days only 2 can be competition

2. Recruiting Task Force Update (Pete Waite)
a. Ross will send out comments today, will finalize vote within next two weeks.
b. Compliance point - going to 3000 DI, high school, club, etc. Please pass along to your high school, club contacts, plan is to do it from now until July bi-weekly and then once a month, want to keep people informed of rules
i. Mark - liked the idea, less clutter,
ii. Pete - one topic each time, less clutter

3. Update on meeting with NCAA Volleyball Committee (Beth/Mark)
a. We received more meat last year, lots of talk on dates/times of events. A couple of events competed with conference football championships. We talked about selection show going on much later this year and the reasoning was the NCAA went with ESPNU to have more time and the basketball game prior to the telescast went long. They are looking for more exposure and want a 30 minute spot on ESPNU If possible but also want a good time slot.
i. Beth - if we can get it on earlier and have to go shorter it may be better than 30 minutes late at night,
ii. Mark - We also talked about ESPNU viewership and how they felt it made sense for this selection show.
iii. We were up for finals and semi finals which is good but had a dip in viewership during the scoring mishap.
1. Beth - Kathy and NCAA have been talking about what to do to prevent this from happening in the future. In a 6 minute period we lost about 300,000 viewers, need to stay on top of that.
2. Branding - They are putting together a best practices document.
3. Beth - Spent time on call educating the committee on our issues, we want to hear back from them.
4. Beth - Enhancement of minority participation in volleyball is always going to be an issue.
5. Made a decision to take discussion on selection process out of our general meeting and make it a separate session, only about 13 showed up. Sharon and Maria showed up and want to do it again but we need to increase attendance.
6. Beth - Overall the call was good and beneficial
7. Mark - The relationship was a lot better, last year it felt like our side of table v their side of the table. This year it seemed like more of a collaborative effort. This group picks the tourney teams but also pushes issues for our sport.

4. Updated on Convention Scholarship (Jaime Gordon)
a. Working with AVCA to select scholarship recipients from the AVCA student membership category that will be set up. Money will be raised at the reception at convention as well as at JVDA event in Louisville. Really excited about this new opportunity.

5. AVCA Update (Ross Brown)
a. Spring Conference at Men's Championship will be held May 7-9. Focus is not on Men's coaches but rather on marketing your program and new issues facing coaches as well as on court demonstrations.
b. Camp Affiliate Membership - contact Ashley Beil is you are interested in providing coaches attending your summer camps with AVCA membership as a part of their team cost. This is a great program and a way to add year round value to your camp offerings.
c. AVCA Talent Showcase will be held at JVDA event on Friday, June 26. More information will be available soon on

6. Other business - None

7.  Next call, Wednesday, April 4th, 2009 @11:30am (EST)

8.  Roll Call

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