Wednesday, April 1, 2009


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Division I-HCC-April 1, 2009

1. Economic Reaction: Where can money be cut without affecting the student athlete?

  • Ways to cut costs
  • If funded on own, should be able to go--Issues on rulings on Title IX
  • Spring travel/competition
  • Lose chance to develop and compete
  • Can cut travel/overnight costs
  • Limit it without eliminating
  • Cutting number of dates used
  • Reducing # of contests during regular season
  • Increase matches and decrease costs by playing in a series format (Conference USA doing this)
  • Cluster format: tri-matches; bring 2 schools into 1 other school (3 total)
  • Reduce amount of time in recruiting calendar
  • Eliminating media guide printing (strictly electronic)
  • Cut positions and professional development-hold back some camp money instead


2. Recruiting Task Force

  • Voting through AVCA link
  • Still need help getting people to vote from conferences
  • Have to get a certain percentage of votes
  • Currently at 161 votes. Needs to be 80%; currently at 51%
  • Rules/Education Emails: important especially to high school and club-education to those who don't have it


3. AVCA Update

  • Spring Conference
  • JVDA Event & Talent Showcase
  • AVCA Social Networking on Twitter and Facebook
  • Tampa speaker application deadline
  • AVCA Career Student & Student Membership
  • Tips & Techniques for Power Tips and Coaching Volleyball
  • Tracy McWilliams @ TX State named as the new Assistant Coach Rep on the AVCA Board of Directors


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