August 5, 2009


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ACC Coaches Committee Call Minutes
August 5, 2009-12:00 pm (ET)

The meeting was called to order at 12:00 p.m. (ET) by AVCA ACC Liaison, Amanda Brungs.

I. Welcome and Keynote Speaker Presentation (Celia Slater, Executive Director of the NCAA Women Coaches Academy-"Coaching Values")

  • Celia Slater
    Executive Director, NCAA Women Coaches Academy
    WinStar Foundation
    1090 McCarty St.
    Dunedin, FL 34698

2. Not only are you trying to operate on what you value, but also what your head coach values.
3. Celia encouraged to build relationships with yourself and do some self reflection.

  • What are your highest values around your career?
  • What are your highest values around coaching?
  • What are your highest values around your team?
  • Create brainstorming lists and prioritize each of these

4.  Be in touch with what is most important to you at this point of your life.

  • This will help you deal with coaches, players, recruits, athletic directors, etc.
  • You will learn to not be reacting, but proactive of where you from at this point in your life.

5. Always bring you back to your highest values.  Let values serve as your compass.
6. This is the perfect time to refocus and re-center!
7. Ask yourself and your head coach, "What values does your team want to reflect?"
  • It's what you do that says what you value
8. Coaching is all about building a community!


II. Reports & Announcements-Tracy McWilliams Smith (Chair)
1. Welcome New Members:

  • Mike Moffitt - Independent
  • Mitch Kallick - Big West
  • Ryan Goodwin - Ivy League
  • Dave Zelenock - Mid-American
  • Moritz Moritz - WAC
  • Abby Showers - Ohio Valley
2. Vacancies 
  • Men's, Metro Atlantic, Northeast, NAIA
3. AVCA Annual Convention Registration Opens: August 19 at 9:00 am ET
4. Convention Headquarters Hotel: Tampa Marriott Waterside ($135/single, $145/double)
  • AVCA also has rooms at the Westin Harbour Island ($119 single/double) and Howard Johnson Plaza ($99 for single/double) Distance is maybe a two minute walk (Westin Harbour Island) About a mile or so; free shuttle service (Howard Johnson)
  • AVCA has negotiated discounts with several other transportation providers including Northwest, Continental and American on airfare, Hertz on rental cars and SuperShuttle for transportation to and from the airport. SpaceShare will assist coaches with finding hotel roommates and finding other coaches to share ground transportation with.
5. Pre-Convention Seminar: "Mastering the Art of Volleyball Recruiting" with Dan Tudor: December 16, 9am-4:30pm.
6. AVCA Golf Tournament -- December 16 at Bay Palms Golf Course (7am-2pm)
  • Includes green fees, cart, warm-up range, transportation to/from the golf course and buffet lunch. Participants can choose to form their own team or be placed on a team by the AVCA.
7. AVCA Talent Showcase: December 20
8. Video Drills Due: September 9th (see details below)
9. Next call: Wednesday, September 9th, 2009, 12:00 pm EST
10. AVCA Membership Programs:
  • Student Membership $40
  • Member Appreciation Month - this August!

11. Demonstrator applications for Convention will be available in September (check AVCA website) 

  • Demonstrators are on a first come first serve basis, and include Pre-Conv. Seminar entry and a rebate for half of the full convention registration fee.

III. Active Business-Tracy McWilliams Smith
1. Coming December 17th, 2009: National Assistant Coach of the Year Awards

  • One per division: DI, DII, DIII, NAIA, TYC, NCCAA and Men's DI-II, DIII
2. Sub Committee List - please see the list and let Tracy know ASAP if you need to be added
3. Contact List - please send Tracy all corrections. Apologies for errors.
4. Committee Structure (see attachment) - please get to know those in your zone!


IV. Old Business
1. Salary Survey-Sarah Bernson (Ivy League)

  • Complete! Please DO NOT distribute to conference schools at this time. Those who participated in the survey received it and it will become available to all AVCA members at the Convention.
V. Legislative Issues/HCC Update-Tracy McWilliams Smith
1. August HCC is occurring at the same time as our call. Agenda items being covered include:
  • RTF update, Sand update, status of proposal for elimination of non-traditional competition and foreign tours, AVCA update.
  • There hasn't been anything seen in writing yet, but these are proposed ideas that have been gathered from hearing things from coaches:

                  1. Non-Championship Season: 2 proposals that are known 
                        a. Pac-10: Eliminates all competition in non-traditional season and puts a hold on foreigntrips with no timeline in sight. 
                        b. SEC: Cuts non championship season in half and specifies that you have to drive.

  • Kathy is preparing a position paper on the changes on non traditional season. Her argument is not by intent and says that this will unintentionally impact the competition for women by more that two times. Of the single season sports, woman sports are more prevalent.
  • AVCA position: We do not want a reduction in competition opportunities for both men and women, but understand that business as usual will not happen.


VI. Committee Updates
1. AVCA Magazine/Publications

  • Committee has secured space in AVCA magazine for publications. It is a 1 page column and will begin with the Oct/Nov. issue. 950 words +/- and 1-2 pictures can be incorporated. Deadline for first article is Aug. 12.
2. Sand Committee


3. Recruiting Task Force (Jill Wilson, SEC)

  • Had first call last week. Erin Appleman (Yale) is chair and they have TJ Meagher at the Compliance representative. There were two main issues discussed.
               1. Restricting the dead period around signing period to seniors. 
               2. College coaches coaching club: Both paid/unpaid coaches count as one of 2 recruits. Any competition days are counted toward 80 days. (this will be looked at in Jan. 2010)


4. Convention Social (Laura Kuhn, Atlantic Coast)
• Working something out with Howl at the Moon in Tampa

VII. Additional Items/Other
1. Videos for the drills: The FTP site is where you will upload your video drill to. The website is:

  • Login: avcauser
  • Password: avcauser
  • How to: Go to the link, enter the login information, and open up the folder. To drag and drop the videos into the folder, you'll want to click on the ‘Page' icon, and then select ‘Open FTP site in Windows Explorer' and it will open up a regular folder and then you'll just drag the videos in there. They should be an .flv file type.
VIII. Roll Call
1. Not represented on call: 2 Year College, Big 12, Horizon, Independent, Ohio Valley, Southwestern, West Coast


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