August 12, 2009


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1:00 p.m. ET


Chair: Brenda Williams, Olivet Nazarene

Present on the call:   Matt Buttermore (Asst. Coaches); Jon Campbell (Gulf Coast); Christy Clawson (Red River); Ryan DeLong (Midwest); Bob Heersema (Chicagoland); Todd Humphry (TranSouth); Kevin Kitchen (American Mideast); Stew McDole (Recognition Comm.); Katy Meyer (Independent); Anna Monsen (Sooner); Kim Norman (Frontier); Derek Schmitt (Southern States); Trish Siedlik (Midlands); Kirsta Solberg (Wolverine-Hoosier); Nathalea Stephenson (Kansas); Angela Stewart (Cascade); Mary Whitehead (Heart of America); Will Engle (AVCA staff liaison)

Absent on the call:    Jhett Albers (Dakota); Reed Duffus (California Pacific); Tim Edfors (Sun); Candace Moats (Mid-Central); Leo Sayles (Appalachian); Kyle Van Den Bosch (Great Plains); John Yehling (American Midwest/Men's); Ruth Stein (NAIA Staff).


II. AVCA Update

AVCA Staff: Will Engle

  • Check out the convention preview in the Aug./Sept. edition of Coaching Volleyball, as well as the AVCA Convention Web site,, for an inside look at what is shaping up to be one of the best conventions yet.
  • Convention registration will open Wednesday, August 19. Headquarters hotel is the Tampa Marriott Waterside, cost is $135 for single and $145 for double. AVCA also has room blocks at the Westin Harbour Island ($119 for single/double) and Howard Johnson Plaza ($99 for single/double). Registration and hotel links can be found on the AVCA Convention Web site.
  • The AVCA understands this is a difficult budget year so in addition to the hotel discounts available for the convention the AVCA has also negotiated discounts with several transportation providers for the convention including Northwest, Continental and American on airfare, Hertz and Avis on rental cars and SuperShuttle for transportation to and from the airport. Also new this year, the AVCA has contracted with a company called SpaceShare to assist coaches with finding hotel roommates as well as assist in finding other coaches to share ground transportation. Information on the hotel and transportation discounts as well as the SpaceShare program can be found on the AVCA Convention Web site.
  • The Pre-Convention Seminar this year will be "Mastering the Art of Volleyball Recruiting" led by recruiting expert Dan Tudor. The session will be held from 9 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. on Wednesday, December 16. Topics covered will include what the millennial generation wants and why it should matter to you, the seven mistakes you might be making, spiking your prospect's objections every time and the seven secrets to successful recruiting. If you are talking with high school and club coaches please let them know there will be information included in this session on how to get your student-athletes recruited on a more consistent basis and how to attract players to your local program. More information is available on the AVCA Convention Web site.
  • The AVCA Golf Tournament will be held on Wednesday, December 16 at Bay Palms Golf Course in Tampa. The bus will depart at 7 a.m. from Marriott Waterside and will return approximately 2 p.m. The golf tournament includes green fees, cart, warm-up range, transportation to/from the golf course and a buffet lunch. Participants can choose to form their own team or be placed on a team by the AVCA. Prizes will be awarded for winning teams, longest drive and closest to the pin. More information can be found on the AVCA Convention Web site.
  • Two types of scholarships for the Convention - Minority Coaches and Student Membership. Student Membership is a new, electronic-only membership available to students who are interested in the volleyball coaching profession; several scholarship to the AVCA Convention will be awarded this year out of that new membership. Also, ten scholarships to the AVCA Convention will be available to minority coaches this year. More information on the Student Membership on the AVCA Web site under "Membership", and information on the Minority Coaches Workshop and scholarship on the AVCA Convention Web site.
  • AVCA is looking for demonstrators for the AVCA Convention. Participants will receive ½ off convention registration, in the form of a rebate at the end of convention. Slots will be filled on a first-come, first-serve basis, and more information will be forthcoming in early September.
  • Thirty Under 30 award nominations open Monday, August 17, and run through Oct. 2. Must turn 30 after Dec. 31, 2010 to be eligible for the award. Winners will be announced in the Feb./March issue of Coaching Volleyball. Go to the AVCA Web site for more information, under "Awards".



Committee Chair: Brenda Williams

Make sure you're reading your volleyball manual, which will be online beginning next week.  All 2009 deadlines are located in the manual.  Also, an update to the manual - teams who do not report stats for two consecutive weeks are not eligible to be rated.  Please print out and read this year's manual.



Committee Chair: Brenda Williams

Last year we created several sub-committees, and the people who have agreed to captain those committees need your help.  Quick updates:

Webcasting: Brenda Williams

Need to submit a list of webcast matches for your school and conference to both the NAIA as well as the AVCA.

Stat Education: Todd Humphry

Have an SID who is good with volleyball stats come in and talk to the schools in your conference and educate the teams on how to do it, and the importance.

Membership: Christy Clawson

We will be working on renewing coaches as the fall season approaches. Contact new coaches in your conference and point them to the AVCA and NAIA.  Contact AVCA Member Services with any issues on membership,, or contact Todd Probus at 859-219-3562.

Recognition: Stew McDole

We have recognition committees at AVCA/NAIA Regional Level to look at intermediary recognition between conference and national selections.  The first level is the best place for discretionary involvement.  Reporting requirement mentioned by Brenda in regards to rating also impacts the recognition system.  If you fail to report statistics two weeks in a row or four weeks over the course of the season, it will cost a program chance for Recognition.  October 16 is the membership deadline to be eligible to participate in AVCA fall awards programs.  NAIA All-America teams will expand to 14.  Not sure if All-Conference teams are affected.

Best Practices: Brenda Williams

If your conference is doing great things on how to run tournaments, or any aspect of your program and conference is doing things well, we should brainstorm and share ideas, and help to ensure the NAIA is putting its best foot forward.



Committee Chair: Brenda Williams

We want to go back to our original plan on having the HCC be the place where the NAIA can go for questions to answers.  Katy Meyer will be the new NAIA rep on the AVCA Board of Directors and rep to the NAIA HCC beginning in January.

Katy Meyer: Tremendous amount of respect for what Brenda has done, and the quality of coaches on the HCC.  She would like to see us continue to develop good things through communicating and sharing with one another, and continuing to grow the NAIA brand.  Need ways to continue to get the word out on the great offerings of the NAIA, and continue to use the HCC as a source of education about the NAIA.  Katy is looking for more people to help her with this primary initiative in educating on the strengths of the NAIA.  Trish Siedlik and Brenda Williams offered her assistance in this initiative.


Next Call is scheduled for Wednesday, September 9, 2009 at 1:00 p.m. ET.

Call adjourned 1:55 pm (ET)


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