Wednesday, August 5, 2009


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DI Head Coaches Committee
Wednesday, August 5, 2009
11:30am-12:30pm (EST)
1. New Recruiting Task Force update (Erin Appleman/TJ Meagher)

a. Mark announced the appointment of Erin Appleman as chair of the recruiting Task Force and thanked Pete Waite for his leadership and time spent.
b. TJ Meagher - RTF met last week. Several topics were discussed including coaches working with clubs and USAV as well as the issue of early commitments.  The group will come up with ideas to run by the DI membership. The process will work by polling members to see if ideas have merit if the vote confirms that they do then it will run through the AVCA legislative cycle. It was a good first call. RTF was successful in submitting two proposals to DI Legislative Cabinet. August 15 two items will come out from the Legislative Cabinet. The first is the issue of On campus during quiet periods which was endorsed by the Personnel and Recruiting cabinet. Secondly, the issue of College coaches working with club teams and the number of coaches allowed off campus during recruiting. These two items are going through the process. If you or anyone in your conference has any ideas please send them to Erin.

2. Sand Volleyball Update: (Kathy DeBoer)

a. 60 schools signed up to put sand on the override list.  Legislative Council votes in favor of previous decision 64% to send to Jan convention in Atlanta where a one school one vote process will occur. 62.5% of schools at convention would need to vote to override. Not a lot of time has been spent on sand as there is nothing we can do until legislation for governing the sport comes from the cabinets on August 15th. We have been talking with the press regarding sand volleyball, If anyone would like to be the one we refer people to regarding quotes for or against the override please contact Kathy.

3. Status of Proposal for elimination of:

a. Non-Traditional Competition - Kathy - The best tactic to fight cuts in the non-championship segment may be a gender argument. While we don't want non-championship segments taken from men either, and are not saying take it from men and not women, it may be the best argument. Conferences that sponsored this segment did not do it with the intent to discriminate. When you look at the impacted sports, which are single semester sports - softball m/w lacrosse, m/w soccer, m/w volleyball. If you look at this those sports they represent over 30% of women in NCAA athletics and only 11% of men. If you look at the number of competitions you are taking away you are taking away 32 from women and only 14 from men. We may need to review the language. Mark - We as coaches or at least some of us have abused some of the opportunities we have been given by traveling across country. What we are saying is don't get rid of it because we have to keep up with the Joneses and travel all over the place.  Kathy - not saying we should come up with concessions but be ready just in case.
b. Amateurism - What the NCAA is proposing came from, the amateurism cabinet. The proposal from the cabinet is an athlete's status is based on the individual and not the league. This is generated out of the issue that different countries train athletes in different ways. Some countries have apprentice players who receive a stipend of about $150 per month and are at practice but keep stats at games and do not actually play in the games. We want to keep the 24 year old pro out but not deny those who are clearly not professionals. Mark - I would assume it is hard to tell what they actually make? Kathy - as the amateurism clearinghouse is up and running they feel more confident in their abilities. Will all mistakes be eliminated, probably not? However they feel they have the people to do this.

4. AVCA Update (Ross Brown)

a. Send pre-season information to AVCA - Leah Brock has been in touch with SID's to collect team capsules as well as webcasting and TV schedules to promote online. Check with your SID and send to Leah at if they have not already done so.

b. AVCA Convention Update

  • Convention registration will open on August 19
  • Headquarters hotel is the Tampa Marriott Waterside 
          Reservations can be made beginning on August 19
          Cost at Marriott Waterside is $135 for single and $145 for double
  • AVCA also has room blocks at the Westin Harbour Island ($119 for single/double) and Howard Johnson Plaza ($99 for single/double)
  • The AVCA understands this is a difficult budget year so in addition to the hotel discounts available the AVCA has also negotiated discounts with several transportation providers including Northwest, Continental and American on airfare, Hertz on rental cars and SuperShuttle for transportation to and from the airport. Also new this year, the AVCA has contracted with a company called SpaceShare to assist coaches with finding hotel roommates as well as assist in finding other coaches to share ground transportation. Information on the hotel and transportation discounts as well as the SpaceShare program can be found in the convention section of the AVCA Web site.
  • The pre-convention seminar this year will be "Mastering the Art of Volleyball Recruiting" led by recruiting expert Dan Tudor. The session will be held from 9 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. on Wednesday, December 16. Topics covered will include what the millennial generation wants and why it should matter to you, the seven mistakes you might be making, spiking your prospect's objections every time and the seven secrets to successful recruiting. If you are talking with high school and club coaches please let them know there will be information included in this session on how to get your student-athletes recruited on a more consistent basis and how to attract players to your local program.
  • The AVCA Golf Tournament will be held on Wednesday, December 16 at Bay Palms Golf Course. The bus will depart at 7 a.m. and return approximately 2 p.m. The golf tournament includes green fees, cart, warm-up range, transportation to/from the golf course and a buffet lunch. Participants can choose to form their own team or be placed on a team by the AVCA. Prizes will be awarded for winning teams, longest drive and closest to the pin. More information can be found in the convention section of the AVCA Web site.
5.  Next call, Wednesday, September 2, 2009 @11:30am (EST)
6.  Roll Call


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