Wednesday, September 2, 2009


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DI Head Coaches Committee
Wednesday, Sept. 2, 2009
11:30am-12:30pm (EST)

1. Legislative update (TJ Meagher)

a. One time transfer exemption, 2009-65

     TJ:  This proposal came from the Mountain West Conference the idea was looked at by AVCA membership last spring and the vote was 60% against, 40% for. We have reached out to the Mountain West regarding pulling the proposal. I believe they have an interest in seeing how the council views the request. Beth Launiere: At our conference meeting in December the Mountain West coaches talked about this and obviously the coaches as a whole were not in favor. The conference will pull the legislation prior to the vote but will wait until after hearing feedback. TJ: As a reminder while the AVCA can provide feedback, any conference can submit legislation. Interesting to see how the council views this and hear what others have to say on issue.

b. Non-championship competition, 2009-79

     2009-79 is sponsored by the SEC and looks to reduce playable dates from 4 to 2 and eliminate air travel as a possible medium in getting to a competition. Kathy DeBoer: I spoke with the SEC regarding cutting the opportunities our teams have in the non-championship segment. They had an AD meeting a couple of weeks ago and decided they will back off of the reduction part of the proposal but would not budge on travel. The legislation will need some clarification from places where ground travel is not an option (ie. Hawaii). One option may be the closest 5 DI schools. Pete Waite - Our school requires that if they go on a spring break flight the student must pay for the flight.

c. Foreign Tours, 2009-87

     2009-87, is sponsored by the Pac 10 Conference and would eliminate all foreign tours and competition. The question that keeps coming up is if the money is not coming out of University (rather from fundraising, donations, etc.) can it go on? Remember, donations cannot be earmarked for a specific cost. People can give money for new scoreboard, new floor, etc. but cannot drop money and say go to South America and see how it goes. The money is still technically coming from the institution. MJ Engstrom: Seems like most foreign trips are paid for by fundraising, this seems ridiculous. Money is for a specific item and donors would not give money otherwise? Alma Kovaci: What if the trip is sponsored by the University Department of Foreign languages? TJ: That's interesting, the intent is to stop spending money on sending a team overseas to train. If the school is sending an individual as a representative of the school and it could be approved by compliance as well as the NCAA maybe. It cannot be black/white unfortunately. Should be a lot of discussion on this issue. This will run the process, talk to your Ad's and Conferences. Kathy: That's the key; remember to talk to your AD about this. If the cost to the institution is minimal at best.  Jaime Gordon: Is this coming from Volleyball? My understanding is this is coming from men's and women's basketball which are not in a similar situation, most of their money comes from the institution. Kathy: This came from the Pac 10 along with not staying in a hotel the night before a home football game. Maybe we can have someone amend this? Chris Riley: Is this the same as basketball events in Cancun or Puerto Rico during the regular season? TJ:  this is normally outside of the normal playing schedule, such as spring trips. Kathy: Remember this is a competitive advantage as well and may be a rationale. Mark - Definitely something to consider.

2. Sand Volleyball Update (Kathy DeBoer, Mark Rosen)

Kathy - Nothing really new to report on however as a reminder we have four proposals in the hopper. One in the personnel cabinet that says if you have indoor and sand teams you can add 1 coach. The item with the recruiting cabinet says if you have an indoor and sand team you can have recruiting 100 days. Financial Aid cabinet proposal says if you have a sand team you can add, over a period of 4 years, 6 equivalencies with new money to sand. If they play indoor as well then they are a counter towards your 12. 6 equivalencies and 14 counters for sand. Finally 8 minimal competition dates to be counted as a sport with 16 as a maximum with parameters. Next date to keep in mind, Sept 15/16 the championship cabinet meets. DII is moving along with much of the same legislation except DII recommends five scholarships as opposed to two. DI override vote will take place in January as a one school one vote format at the NCAA Convention. Mark - The Big Ten has had some discussions regarding regionalization due to weather. One option we have discussed would be for two sports to run in fall, indoor and sand. In the fall anyone could add it and it would bring in truly new athletes. The sport would progress slower but would do so on its own.

3. Recruiting Task Force: (Erin Appleman)

Only one email regarding items to look into. Our next call will be in two weeks please let one of us know if you have any issues you would like us to look at.

4. AVCA President:

Candidates are needed, please contact Ross Brown at if you would like to run or would like to nominate someone to run.

5. AVCA Update (Ross Brown)

a. Convention - registration is now open for the 2009 AVCA Annual Convention. Make sure you take a look at the preconference training option for this year as it has a focus on recruiting.
b. 30 Under 30 awards - Nominations are now open. The award, now in its second year has become very popular and we are looking for the top young coaches in the game. Please nominate those you feel are qualified.
c. Student Membership - The student membership is now live on our website and the response has been positive. We currently have nearly 20 students signed up. Please remember those applying for the Coaches 4 Coaches Scholarship program must be Student Members. The scholarship will provide conference registration and housing for 6 student members to attend convention.
d. Minutes - If you are looking for past minutes from our calls please remember they can be found online at then visiting About AVCA, Committees then Division I.

6.  Next call, Wednesday, October 7, 2009 @11:30am (EST)


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