October 13, 2009


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AVCA Assistant Coaches Meeting
Tuesday, September 13, 2009
12:00 pm EST

I. Welcome - Keynote Speaker - Terry Pettit, Director of Terry Pettit Coaching Enhancement

  • Former 3x National Coach of the Year for Nebraska, winner of 21/23 conference titles, top 10 nationally in last 16 seasons, 7x Final Four appearances, 1995 National Champion, 36 all Americans (1st in Nation), 19 consecutive NCAA Appearances, 694-148 (82%) record at Nebraska, 23 Year Average: 30-6(and the list goes on and on!!!) www.terrypettit.com
  • Terry spoke about his most recent thoughts and interactions with assistant coaches. He noted two of the most important things about being an assistant coach:

                  o Work towards becoming extraordinary at something. Find something to be the best at and your value will increase. You take the initiative and tell your head coach what you want to be the best at.
                  o Have good presence everyday. Have the type of presence of where you want to end up and carry yourself in that way.

  • Terry also provided some other thoughts that he felt would be important to assistant coaches:

                  o Issues are the same across all sports and are re-occurring. You are never standing still as a coach.
                  o The challenge you face as a coach is to not become like some of your players; not self-motivated.
                  o Coaching in general has become better because you have become more experienced.
                  o Make sure you have a hobby and don't let yourself become stagnate. You're dead when you're comfortable. Who or what is making us uncomfortable and challenging us to get outside our comfort zone?
                            Important to have a passion that takes you away from the game. This will help you come back and see problems differently.


II. Kathy DeBoer - Current Sand Volleyball Issues

  • Next vote will be one school, one vote to keep sand volleyball on the emerging sports list. From there, each conference representative will vote on the following:

o Playing/Practice Season (#2009-83)
o Financial Aid Regulations (#2009-70)
o Personnel/Recruiting (#2009-19, #2009-39)


III. Reports and Announcements

  • Awards Packets sent out and available on AVCA website. Please make sure your head coach has a copy and is aware of the October 16th membership deadline to be eligible for postseason award programs. Link to Divisional Awards Pages to find Awards Packets:
  • Early Bird AVCA Convention Registration -- Deadline November 6th
  • Convention Headquarters Hotel: Tampa Marriott Waterside (filling up fast)
  • Pre-convention Seminar: "Mastering the Art of Volleyball Recruiting" with Dan Tudor December 16, 9 am - 4:30 pm.
  • AVCA Golf Tournament - Dec. 16th at Bay Palms Golf Course (7am to 2pm)
  • NCSA/AVCA Talent Showcase December 20th...pre-registration for coaches attending the event is now open. Registrants will receive information on all the participating athletes prior to the event. Contact information of the athletes will not be available until the actual event, but all other fields of the registration will be sent to those coaches who pre-register. The link can be found by clicking here.
  • Encourage fellow assistant coaches to sign up for membership to be eligible for National Coach of the Year award.
  • AVCA Coaches for Coaches Scholarship Application - Deadline Friday, October 16th. Coaches can also donate to the Coaches 4 Coaches Scholarship Fund through the Merchandise section of the AVCA Product Store.
  • Demonstrator Applications for Convention - accepted through Friday, October 16th

i. Demonstrators are on a first come first serve basis, and includes Pre-Conv. Seminar entry and a rebate for half of the full convention registration fee.


IV. Legislative/HCC Update
• 2009-21: Constraints on college coaches with club teams...proposal was withdrawn after lots of hard work on it...cabinet sees club involvement as an area of concern but felt proposal didn't address all the problems...now 2011 will be the earliest a change could occur to this area

V. Committee Updates

  • AVCA Magazine/Publications - KUDOS to this committee!! GREAT JOB on the article this past month. Keep up the great work!!
  • Sand Committee - Kathy DeBoer addresses in current issues
  • Recruiting Task Force -- Jill Wilson (notes attached)
  • Convention Social - Howl at the Moon!! - Laura Kuhn (Miami) will be in touch with specifics. Gathering what night words best for everyone.
  • Convention Demonstrators - Deadline October 16th...this Friday!!
  • Branding - exciting new ACC logos are being finished and will be able to view and provide feedback via email and on the next call.  Great job branding committee!!!


VI. Additional Items/Miscellaneous

  • Video still being accepted. Encourage all conference members to help donate drills as well...video and/or hard copy...below is the information...if this type of file doesn't work for someone, the AVCA can work on translating a different file into what they need. Just encourage submission please.
  • Videos for the drills: The FTP site is where you will upload your video drill to. The website is:
  • Login:avcauser
  • Password:avcauser
  • How to: Go to the link, enter the login information, and open up the folder.  To drag and drop the videos into the folder, you'll want to click on the ‘Page' icon, and then select ‘Open FTP site in Windows Explorer' and it will open up a regular folder and then you'll just drag the videos in there.  They should be an .flv file type.


VII. Next Call

  • Tuesday, November 10 at 12:00 pm EST

VIII. Roll Call

  • Not present on call: Big Sky, Conference USA, Division II, Horizon, Independent, Ivy League, Missouri Valley, Patriot, Southwestern, Summit, Western Athletic.



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