Wednesday, October 7, 2009


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DI Head Coaches Committee
Wednesday, Oct. 7, 2009
11:30am-12:30pm (EST)


1. Legislative update (TJ Meagher)
a. TJ - I was contacted by a member of the NCAA regarding 2009-21 legislation. The legislation we forwarded to them for constraints on college coaches working on club teams. It went through legislative cycle and was approved. However the NCAA wanted an explanation in the fall. They wanted to know what to do with non-off campus recruiters (GA, Directors of ops, etc.). Programs that have 3 coaches in the gym along with Director of Ops, Video Coordinators, etc.  The cabinet does not believe the proposal will sufficiently address the concerns and will add a burden to institutions so they withdrew the legislation. It was disheartening as 86% of our coaches supported this. They felt it was a good idea but did not want to carry the banner. We can find a conference to carry this legislation forward. We will see a delay with this and at the earliest we are looking at 2011 when this goes into effect.

2. Sand Volleyball Update (Kathy DeBoer, Mark Rosen)

a. Kathy - NCAA cabinets have met and weighed in on the various proposals (please see summary at the end of minutes). I believe we have received the best legislation we could ask for with the current economic climate. The Championship cabinet supports the 8 week season starting after March 1 and ending prior to end of the school year. This is not unusual for parameters with an emerging sport. Legislation will support a minimum of 8 playing dates with a maximum of 18 playing dates. The NCAA gives $28,000 per sport over for institutions with over14 teams on campus. Not a lot of money for adding staff, scholarships, etc. but may be seed money to help get a program going. Money from NCAA comes after the season with proper documentation that you have played the appropriate number of games. Financial Aid cabinet says someone that practices or plays with indoor team counts as a counter on indoor team. This will allow schools that need more numbers for gender equity to add scholarships to sand thus increasing new participants. Personnel & Recruiting Cabinet stated you can add one additional staff member and add 20 additional recruiting days if you have both an indoor and sand team. PLEASE REVIEW DETAILED OUTLINE FROM EACH CABINET BELOW! Recent success of the Olympic teams and the AVP still being around as a professional sport along with the fact that Democratic Administrations typically have more involvement in Title IX issues are major factors right now. Money will be available that will either go to Sand Volleyball or something else like cheerleading, bowling, etc The window will not be open for long.
b. Mark - Comments, none. Mark - The one concern I have is damage to the indoor game and I still feel that is around. I think a lot of the reasons to add sand volleyball, play local, additional scholarships, additional recruiting dates, etc plays into certain regions that have advantages over others areas where sand will probably not be added. I do see positives and benefits. I like the way the game is played. Josh Villanova - we are not in a great weather area and do not have the budget but we should think of it as a volleyball issue and not a school issue. I think it may not help Villanova or Michigan but I think it is a positive for the game as a whole. Mark - large part of the country where baseball is irrelevant because of weather. Wisconsin cut baseball a long time ago because they could not compete. I don't want to run down a path and later on say, woops that was not the best idea. We have to think of unintended consequences. Josh - You are right I worry about a lot of these issues, I just want to make sure as a whole we are thinking on a global scale. MJ - Coming from Minnesota and coaching in another region with similar weather to Michigan, we have to look at this as an opportunity. Professional Baseball, the best player in the AL grew up in Minnesota, where did he get those opportunities? We need to allow kids to have more opportunities the more opportunities we provide to them along with conditioning opportunities are. Rob, St. Marys - I don't know what side I am on right now. I don't think we should compare it to baseball. The amount of field maintenance a baseball field requires is very different from a sand volleyball court; the amount of space needed is very different. It is going to be harder for a Northern School; however it is less expensive for a Northern School to play indoor sand volleyball than for indoor baseball/softball. I just can't see how it hurts indoor volleyball. I still am not on either side yet but I do see how it could help volleyball in general. James, VCU - Question on scholarship count. Can schools offer scholarships at the beginning? Kathy - once a school declares they are going to add a sand volleyball team, which they can do now, but the first season would be 2010-2011 season you would have 3 the first year and then add a fifth and then a sixth over a 5 year period. Anyone who plays or practices on your indoor team is also counted as one of your 12 indoor players. NCAA Financial Aid did put in a limit of 14 counters for the sand team so as money is added and players are added on money you cannot stockpile sand players either. The impact that it will have on the indoor game is that we will have players who want to play sand and not indoor but you will not be facing them in the indoor game. Kevin, UNF - I don't think this is an issue that will hit the top 50 players in the country. A lot of the opposition is coming from the top 3 conferences and I hope we don't take opportunities away because of the fear. Todd - One thing to think about even scholarships, they will be partials and kids will not go that far from home for a partial. Mark - My fear is if you're recruiting against someone from an advantaged region a crossover player is going to go to a advantaged region because of the opportunity. MJ - That happens now, some kids will only go to California schools.  Unknown, Comment - I love playing sand ball and right now we do not have that opportunity for girls. I want to add the opportunity and think we should provide the opportunity. Ray Gooden, Northern Illinois - How much are people talking about this for purely financial reasons? Mark - I think some AD's are worried of the pressure to add when they don't have the money and don't want to spend/don't think we should spend the money. Kathy - the way the cabinets have gone through and gone about the work is good. A group said we should have this in the fall, another said we don't have issues with other athletes crossing over, CC/Track is an example why would we not allow schools short on money to do this? These are the types of discussions the cabinets have had. For administrators, looking at the worst budgets many have had in their careers, spending additional money is a real concern. It may come down to what are we as volleyball coaches willing to do to keep the cost down. If it is raining I believe you can practice sand volleyball indoors, as long as you are practicing doubles. It has to be the sand game. This could some with a small cost or a huge cost depending on what you are trying to do with your team. Mark - I want to clarify my view on this, I don't think it is the worst sport. I made the decision 8 months ago when I did not hear an opposition voice that as the representative to the AVCA on DI I wanted to make sure we have all of the options. I hope this is the best idea, I just want to bring up the opposition ideas so we have the information to make a decision. Alma - I think we may be surprised by the number of player who prefer the indoor game. Kathy - I want to make sure you know your voice and opinions are critical in giving everyone a better picture of the discussion and I respect your professionalism and debate.

3. Recruiting Task Force proposals (Erin Appleman)

a. We wanted to come up with questions to poll the AVCA group and coaches group to figure out what we are going to ask. One is coaches coaching USAV HP teams, should it count towards 80 days? The other dealt with dead period during NLI. The third was everyone talks about slowing down the process but no one has a solution. Someone mentioned to me that soccer came up with some items and we can go off of that. We will be sending out the poll in late October.

4. AVCA Update (Ross Brown)

a. President Elect - Still accepting nominations, please get those in this week.
b. AVCA Convention - register now, hotels starting to fill up, pre-convention seminar and golf outing
c. Talent Showcase is live, this year pre register for the event for a partial list of attendee information before the event December 20
d. Under Armour All America Awards - please remember to contact HS coaches of your recruits to encourage them to nominate your recruits
e. Awards Season is approaching, must be a member to be eligible for awards
f. Play of the Week - over 8,000 votes in week 1, submit highlights and market the competition on FB, Twitter, etc.
g. JVA - mark your calendars for the JVA World Challenge in New Orleans

5. Reminder to have all coaches as members for awards program
6.  Next call, Wednesday, November 4, 2009 @11:30am (EST)
7.  Roll Call       

Sand Volleyball Talking Points
Adding an Emerging Sport in Recessionary Times
October 5, 2009

Various NCAA Cabinets have put together a template for Sand Volleyball that will allow the sport to emerge in a reasonable and cost-effective way if current coaches and players are the primary participants.

a. Championships Cabinet:
i.  Limited season to a 1st Thursday in March start and then eight weeks total or the end of the school year whichever happens first. This is two weeks longer than current non-championship segment.
ii. Minimum number of playing dates to count as a sport is eight, only four dates more than current non-championship segment.  Maximum is 18 including fall.
iii. The NCAA gives Division I schools $28,000 annually for each sport they sponsor beyond fourteen (14).  While this certainly will not cover additional scholarships or new staffing, it will cover new balls and a few additional playing dates if competition is local.
b. Financial Aid Cabinet:
i. Any Sand Volleyball player on aid becomes a counter (one of your twelve) as soon as she either practices or competes on your indoor squad.
ii. While most schools do not have money for new scholarships at this point, those that do will take players out of the indoor pool, but cannot stockpile more than twelve on their indoor team.
iii. Those schools needing more scholarships for gender equity purposes can add up to six equivalency scholarships for sand volleyball
c.   Personnel/Recruiting Cabinet:
i. Schools with both sports may have an added staff member.  The additional staffer can be a volunteer or part-time person just like the current limit of three.
ii. Schools with both sports may have 100 days of recruiting.      

This legislative package allows schools to add a sport with little or no new money if they 1. want to add a sand volleyball team, 2. have existing student-athletes that want to play-whether club or varsity, 3. have an indoor coach or volunteer willing to train them, 4. can find a place to practice, and 5. are satisfied with local competition-either indoor or outdoor. Smaller DI programs and mid-majors will have an easier time adapting to this low-budget model as they already live it with their indoor programs and may be the best place for Sand Volleyball to start.    

This is the best set of options we could have hoped for given the current economy.  The emerging sports process is a 10-year exercise so we do not need to rush to add programs, scholarships or new coaches.  Forty programs are necessary before the NCAA will consider funding a championship. 

Your administrators will make a decision in the next month or two about whether to vote to override putting Sand Volleyball on the emerging sports list.  If you have an opinion, now is the time to share it.


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