Wednesday, June 21, 2000


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June 21, 2000

Present:  Sean Byron, John Hutton, Rubin Nieves, Ryan Patton, Mark Pavlik, Al Ronek, Doug Beal and Jim Coleman and Kelly Stosik (Joel Walton not available on this date.)

1. Roll call of group.

2. Committee members gave the feedback from their groups regarding rally score format.
 MPSF (Nieves) - prefers status quo due to possibility of FIVB changing rules in the near future; however, MPSF acknowledged that rally score needs to be implemented.
 MIVA, DIII At-Large (Ronek) - prefers rally score.
 EIVA (Byron) - prefers rally score; split 50-50 among league coaches between best-of-five and game-set-match format.
 EIVA DIII (Patton) - prefers rally score; split 50-50 among league coaches between best-of-five and game-set-match format.
 NECVA - prefers rally score; split 50-50 among league coaches between best-of-five and game-set-match format.

3.  Doug Beal - advocates following FIVB rules.  He believes there is a 0% chance the FIVB will change from rally score.  The FIVB Congress meeting taking place in August is believed to be prepared to extend to the 2004 Olympics the rules that are currently in place.  Doug believes that the USA is handicapped by not following FIVB rules at all levels since juniors now play with the rally score and post-collegiate competition will also use rally score.  He likes the game-set-match format but following the FIVB format would be ideal.  His criticism of the best of five format is that 25 points make the games too short.

4. Jim Coleman - agrees with Doug.  Rally score is here to stay at the FIVB level.  Addressing concerns to the game-set-match "unevenness" in which a 25-, 7- then 15-point game wins could clinch the match, Jim cites the current set system.  The shorter the games the more likely the chance of an upset.  Sets to 15 provide more upset opportunities than one single game to 45.  The rally score system currently used in the World League has shown an increase in 4 game matches, so teams are winning at least one game.  The point was also made that anything which causes a coach trauma generally equals excitement for the fans.  Jim favors the game-set-match format.  His observation is that the crowd stays longer, the time of the match is more manageable, and exciting situations can occur in this format.  As a member of the FIVB Rules of the Game committee he indicated that the game-set-match format currently does not have enthusiastic support from Rueben Acosta (FIVB President).  He does indicate that the two options the AVCA Men's Committee is pursuing are the two that have been proposed and still exist.  These are the most likely to survive.

5. Ruben Nieves suggested we reconvene the conference call in a week with the results from the various regions indicating which format they favor.  Ruben also requested that Mark Pavlik email out descriptions of each option to the committee members for dispersal to their member coaches.

6. Ryan Patton raised the question as to the procedure which the committee would use to arrive at a decision.  The committee agreed that a majority vote of 4-3 would carry the motion.

NEXT CONFERENCE CALL: Wednesday, 6/28 @ 1:30 ET

NEXT AGENDA:  Which scoring format will we recommend to the NCAA Men's Championship committee for use starting with the 2001 championships. (This will include net serve, libero and international pursuit rules.)

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