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Mark - Welcome. One quick item that is not on the agenda, the NCAA has decided to use the same cost containment policy as last year for championship travel.                       


1. Scheduling Resource thru AVCA (Sally Polhamus, Mark Rosen)

  • a. What would help coaches with scheduling issues? Sally - A calendar with dates, guarantee information, committed teams, link to email (click on name), the other thing would be a map of the US where coaches could click on a state/region. Could we click on the state name? Anything to help streamline the process would be great. Also need to include multiple years, we look ahead at a minimum three years, four would be great.

2. Jobs resource board info, encourage use! (Sally Polhamus)

  • a. How can we add resumes to the Career Center for those looking for jobs? How can we continue to market this opportunity? The AVCA will investigate the possibility of adding resumes to the site to assist with coaches starting out in the business. AVCA will also work on marketing the Career Center more so that members are aware of the service and its values.

3. Sand Volleyball Update (Kathy DeBoer, Mark Rosen)

  • a. Mark - A few coaches have contacted me to ask a question I do not have an answer for? How did we get to this point with the AVCA driving the issue without a vote on the issue? I don't know how to answer this question? I don't know what the average coach is thinking on this issue? Can we survey the membership? Kathy - I can answer this, Yes we can have a survey if you want. We had this conversation as a board and an executive committee. We have handled this like we did the 13th scholarship. We have been asked by many not to put them in a situation where they have to vote against their own interest. We had a debate and the parameters put together overtime adding 6 scholarships, an additional staff member, a spring season that gives the opportunity for additional media, an additional competitive season, and additional spending on volleyball. By voting on this as a membership coaches had to vote against their own interest or vote against their sport. Mark - my concern is that most issues in life are like that. Kathy - I understand and we felt like five years ago our membership was split 50/50 on the 13th scholarship and when the debate in fall of 2005 was going on the coaches association had to be silent. For that reason we lost that opportunity. Mark - I think we use the 13th scholarship as a correlation and don't think it is the same. Kathy - we were criticized for the 25 point rule and our silence when we were silent because our membership was split 50/50. Kirsten, Creighton - I have had calls on why only one position is being pushed? Beth - This issue has been 4 years in the making. I believe we have sent out emails on both sides. Now the emails are coming out in favor from the AVCA and we have the issue in front of everyone. The message on both sides has been sent out. Mark - It's hard when someone ask what does the coaching community think and we don't know the answer? Can we separate the survey to ask would you add the sport? Do you think it is good for the sport of volleyball? Would we be doing this survey to come up with a position for the association? Chris, VT - if this survey comes back 50/50 would sand volleyball be dead in the water? Kathy - we have tried hard to protect the interest of court volleyball throughout the entire process. Staffing for instance, we wanted an additional staffing position and wanted one person to have over sight, however, a conference is proposing two coaches with separate jurisdiction. We are against that, we want the court coaches to have oversight. Kirsten, I was talking to my administrator and his fear is if the override is defeated we have so many options we could have a sport with no rules. Is this a fear? Kathy - there are options, but not as many as it seems. We have two options for the playing and practice season for instance. The legislative council meets before the override vote. They will send the rules out for comment pending the override vote. If it passes, then any rules that are proposed become mute anyways. If the override is defeated we will discuss rules and have the chance to amend what is out there and vote again in April. Beth - I feel the need to speak up a little more on this issue and defend the AVCA and Kathy a little. This has been a long process. They (NCAA) asked us to vote on the sport, and then set the rules. We are not trying to keep information from the membership. It has evolved and the issue has a lot of arms and tentacles. I have heard the comment we did not know what we were voting on. Well the NCAA process is this way; the rules are not looked at until after the vote (to become an emerging sport). I want everyone to understand we, the AVCA, and Kathy have done everything we could to protect our sport and look at all the issues. We as an executive board have looked at all issues and options. We looked at sand in the fall, it had merit and Kathy talked to administrators about the issues. It is complicated, but we have done our diligence. Kathy - we have pleaded with groups to push this back to 2011 but could not get anyone to listen. This would have given us more time. MJ, University at Albany - Volleyball coaches are the most conservative group of coaches. Look at rally point scoring internationally, it took 25 years. It seems like this is the same way, we never make decisions. As a general observation, it appears when great opportunities exist no one jumps up and listens. Jaime, Morehead State - As a three year member of this group, I get frustrated when coaches in my conference act like they do not know what is going on. We have been talking about this for a while. Kathy - we put a sand court in the Volleyball Marketplace at the AVCA Convention in Sacramento to start conversation, before this was an issue. Mark - Coaches are asking me the same question, how did we get here? It is not new to me but to some people it is. Mark - Are we ok doing a survey? Deafening Silence? Beth - I think a survey is fine, but I do not want it to be a locked in position. The 13th scholarship is a good example; we could not go to administrators and say coaches want an investment in our sport. Mark - I don't think it needs to be a vote, but a survey just to get a pulse of the DI membership. Andy, UCLA - did anyone call you and ask if it was good that we associated with the JVA? Why are we singling out sand volleyball vs. youth volleyball? Mark - I think it was because they feel this affects their lively hood more so than our association with the JVA. Kirsten - I think it is logical that we would want to know what coaches think. James, VCU - one of my concerns is whatever we do here the information that needs to get out is information for coaches to talk to their administrators from whichever side of view you're for. Pete - a survey is a good thing, but I think we should remember Kathy was hired to carry the torch and push a decision when we can't make up our minds.

4. Recruiting Task Force update (Erin Appleman)

  • a. The RTF survey has been sent out. We currently have 98 votes submitted. Please encourage coaches in your leagues to participate in the survey as we will be sending reminders to those who have not taken the survey. They must take it through the link sent to them for tracking purposes.

5. AVCA Update (Ross Brown)

  •    a. Reminder to have all coaches to get awards nominations in on time! - DI Awards open November 23 @ 8:00 am (ET) and close Monday, November 30 @ 5:00 pm (ET).
  • b. Nominations for the Under Armour High School All-America Awards are currently open. The nomination deadline is 5:00 pm (ET) on Monday, November 9
  • c. Convention - Early bird registration ends this Friday, full convention is $345 and jumps to $445 starting next week. Don't forget the preconvention seminar Mastering the Art of Volleyball Recruiting with Dan Tudor and the AVCA Golf Tournament both take place on Wednesday so book your travel accordingly. The Marriott is filling up fast and the Westin is sold out. Also don't forget to stay for Sunday when we have both the NCSA/AVCA Girls' Talent Showcase from 9 am - noon and the Under Armour High School All-America Match & Skills Competition starting at 1 pm.
  • d. Elections - are open, elections


6.    NEXT Meeting, AVCA Convention, Tampa Florida


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