Wednesday, September 13, 2000


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September 13, 2000

Present: Sean Byron, John Hutton, Rubin Nieves, Ryan Patton, Mark Pavlik, Kelly Stosik, Maggie Mohrfeld (Al Ronek not available on this date.)

1. Roll call of group.

2. NCAA Update

a. Best of five to 30 (fifth game to 15) adopted for 2001 Championships.
b. Multi-game libero adopted.
c. International pursuit adopted
d. Net serve rule adopted
e. NCAA entertaining bids for 2002 championships from Penn State University and from the cities of Cleveland, OH; Tampa, FL and Gainesville, FL.
f. The Spalding contract with NCAA expires in 2002. Molten has indicated they will aggresively pursue the volleyball contract.
g. The NCAA committee will meet in Long Beach in mid-October for a site inspection and additional business.
3. Achieving a Consensus
a. Attempt to provide information to the respective associations by their fall and spring meetings.
1. MPSF meets via conference call in early fall and with face to face meeting at the MPSF championships in April.
2. MIVA meets mid-Oct either conference call or face to face meeting then again at the MIVA championships in April.
3. NECVA meets face to face second Sunday in November and at the NECVA championships. The NECVA Executive Board meets in mid-June.
4. EIVA meets face to face at the EIVA Championships in April and the EIVA Executive committee conference calls occur every two or three weeks.
b. The AVCA will put together a directory of the men's coaches and disperse to the committee. The committee members will review and modify as necessary in order for the committee to have an updated NCAA men's coaches' directory.
4. Scoring Format Data Collection
a. Each association is to direct the gathering of 2001 match information.
1. Game scores
2. Time of individual games
3. Teams involved
a. Ruben will work with Al Beaird and Ken Taylor for the MPSF info.
b. Joel will develop the MIVA process
c. John will develop the NECVA process
d. Sean, Ryan and Pav will develop the EIVA process.
e. Ryan will compile the data on a regular basis through the season.
5. AVCA Convention Ideas to promote men's coaches attendance.
a. Budget is primary issue for the men's coaches.
b. Women's competition is difficult to justify attendance for the men's coaches.
c. Proposed making the "AVCA Men's Coaches Convention" in conjunction with the NCAA men's championships.
d. The committee members are to discuss with their constituent groups ideas for topics and structure of this convention and provide the committee feedback. NOTE: Unacceptable response: "Do for the men what the AVCA does for the women." Push your groups for very specific ideas and topics!
e. Transfer all men's volleyball business to May and the proposed convention.
f. Topic suggestion for USA men's coaches: "How do the new rules affect training for the game?"
6. Future agenda items
Sean: Using the AVCA Men's Committee as a "marketing and promotions" arm for men's volleyball.
7. Next call is scheduled for Wednesday, Oct. 18, 2000 at 1:30 PM ET.

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