December 16, 2009 - AVCA Convention


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NAIA HCC Meeting Minutes

AVCA Annual Convention

Tampa, Florida 

December 16, 2009


I.      Welcome and Roll Call - Brenda Williams - Outgoing Chair HCC

A) Brenda Williams called the meeting to order at 9:00. She took roll and thanked the group for all of their hard work. Brenda feels that NAIA Volleyball is strong/membership is strong and she reminded the group that this is your voice and that you are the voice for your conference.

B) She welcomed Katy Meyer of Embry Riddle, AZ as the new Committee Chair beginning in January 2010.

C) Katy and Brenda updated the group on terms of office for each conference. Each term is three years and members are limited to two consecutive terms. You must be off the committee for one year before serving again.

Current Conference Terms

Frontier College Con. - 2010

Golden State Athletic Con. - 2012

Dakota Athletic Con. - 2011

Heart of America Con. - 2011

Red River Athletic Con. - 2010

Chicago Land Con. - 2010

Wolverine-Hoosier Athletic -

America Mideast Con. - 2011

TranSouth Athletic Con. - 2010

Appalachian Athletic Con. - 2010

Southern States Athletic Con. - 2010

Sun Conference - 2011

Independence Con. - 2010

Assistant Coach Rep - 2012

Great Plains Athletic Con. - 2012

Midwest Collegiate Con. - 2010

Men - 2010

Gulf Coast Con. - 2010

Mid-Central College Con. - 2010

Sooner Athletic Con. - 2012

Kentucky Intercollegiate Athletic Con. - 2012 - Rep needed

Mid-South Con. - 2012

Kansas Collegiate Athletic Con. - 2011

Midlands Collegiate Con. - 2011

Cascade Con. - 2012


Gulf Coast is moving to Southern States starting next September and several schools are changing conferences. 


D) Notes from AVCA Board of Directors Meeting

     1) This year's AVCA convention was the largest ever, with over 1600 coaches in attendance and over 2000 total attendees. Brenda reminded the group to stop by exhibitors and sponsors and thank them for their support.

     2) Currently, there are 153 NAIA coaches in the AVCA and over 70% of NAIA coaches are AVCA members. Brenda and Katy reminded to group that with more members comes a stronger voice for the NAIA. AVCA members are encouraged to reach out to non-members to remind them of all the AVCA has to offer. The AVCA has added several new awards for the NAIA this year and is also adding more content to the AVCA website for those who could not attend convention.

     3) For the first time in three years, AVCA Membership dues will be slightly increasing from $135 to $145 for NAIA Head Coaches and $85 to $95 for assistant NAIA coaches.

     4) The HCC is working with the AVCA to clear up issues with identifying coaches' membership status as this is creating some difficulties with awards.

     5) Sandy Vong can help coordinate trips between US teams and China teams for those interested.


II.    Redefining our Purpose

Brenda and Katy emphasized that the committee is the collective voice of NAIA volleyball coaches and our purpose is to educate and inform the volleyball coaches and the volleyball community at large what NAIA volleyball is all about. 

A) Re-organizing monthly calls -

     1) Committee reports to give the latest updates on current events such as the AVCA, NAIA update, Competition Committee and Recognition Committee

     2) Turn our focus to AVCA membership and educating our coaches on the benefits of belonging to their professional organization - The NAIA set a new record for membership this year with 191/239 head coaches as members (79.9%) In 2008 we were at 131/227 (57.7%)

     3) Educational Committees for stats education, rules of the game, legislative process and webcasting

     4) Promotional Committee for educating the volleyball community on the benefits of attending an NAIA institution (especially target junior club ranks)


B) Brenda and Katy reminded NAIA reps that they can be the educators to their peers about AVCA membership. The group discussed ways for the HCC to be the educational arm for NAIA and ways to get NAIA image out to the general public. The group is interested in attending 2 to 3 tournaments next year to get their message out to potential recruits and their families.


III.  Brainstorming - How do we best utilize the HCC in the future to best meet these needs as well as provide a place to bring in new ideas for the benefit of all?

A) Discussions on stats and the validity of the stats took place. Committee members agreed that stat accuracy was a major problem and that this was an area that they wanted to focus their attention. Ideas to increase accuracy of stats included:

     1) Have former players take stats instead of SID's

     2) Inform coaches and SID's about PowerPoint and quiz the NCAA has on their website.

     3) Pick 10 major areas( i.e. blocks, kills, attack errors, and focus on those)

     4) The group will have 2 training sessions on how to keep stats where they will take a recorded match and stat the game together

     5) Need to focus on training SID's as they are becoming more involved with volleyball and stat taking

     6) Discussions on which stat tracking tool schools were using (there was a mix between DakStats and Stat Crew)

     7) Coaches agreed on the importance of accurate stats for their players as problems with stats could keep them from receiving the proper recognition that they deserve


B) Events - The committee discussed which events would be best for the group to attend and how they will decide which tournaments to attend. Cost of booth space is something that must be addressed once research has been completed on potential events to attend.


IV.  Action Items -

A) Stat Proposal - The group created a sub-committee to create a proposal addressing stat issues. The proposal to the NAIA shall include the following:

     1) The sub-committee will create 10 tips of the week that will go out to all NAIA coaches in the spring. A test would then be administered in August.

     2) In order for teams to be able to report their stats to the NAIA and for players to be considered for All-Region and National Teams, the coach and SID must pass the test with a 100% score.

B) The committee will pick 2 to 3 events to attend this year to promote the NAIA and the benefits the NAIA has to offer players. Misconceptions need to be addressed to players and their families. The NAIA is working on brand image internally and may have new promotional pieces for the group to use.

C) Monthly Call Schedule for next year - 2nd Wednesday of the month at 12:00 CST - The first call of next year will take place February 10th at 12:00 CST


V.    Adjournment - Brenda and Katy adjourned the meeting at 10:30 and thanked everyone for attending. 


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