December 17, 2009


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Division II Head Coaches Committee Convention Meeting Minutes 

December 17, 2009

Cody Hein

Bren Stevens

Phil Shoemaker

Sean Donahue

Carlos Chia

Jeff Billington sitting in for Karla Decker

Lynze Roos

Kim Huggins Habbert sitting in for Megan Hrbek

Tabitha Turner sitting in for Stephanie Radecki

Deanne Scanlon

Laurie Lokash and Leanne Piscotty sitting in for Tom Justice

Ashley Buckley

Kurt Kohler sitting in for Ibraheem Subaru

Randi Smart

Alex Kozalka

Debbie Hendricks

Bo Pagliasotti

Ginger Hamric sitting in for Michael Robinson


Karen McNulty

Alex Kozalka

Tim Loesch

Kris Naber

Randi Smart

Selina Bynum-Kohn

I.  Welcome
Cody Welcomed the HCC Members to the Convention and thanked them for being there.

II. Board Report (Cody)

  • The AVCA Board of Directors voted on a dues increase. It has been three years since the last increase. The fee for a Division II Head Coach will now be $160.

  • The AVCA recently hit a major milestone by celebrating its 5,000th member.

  • The Runza/AVCA College Showcase struggled this fall. Attendance and sponsorship/advertisement were down.

  • Please be sure to take the time to visit with the exhibitors while at the convention.

  • On the Division I front, the main focus right now is Sand Volleyball. There is currently a proposal to override the decision of Sand Volleyball being on the Division I Emerging Sports list. This will be voted on at the NCAA Convention in January.

  • There are several American professional leagues forming, which will bring more opportunities for the growth and popularity of the sport.

  • The AVCA's newest awards program, the Volleyball Market/AVCA Play of the Week was a success in 2009. Over 29,000 votes were cast by the general public to determine the Volleyball Market/AVCA Play of the Year winner.

  • The AVCA Spring Conference, which is centered around the NCAA Men's Volleyball Championship will be held in Palo Alto, Calif. this May. This is a great educational opportunity for coaches to look into.

III.  AVCA News (Leah)

  • The AVCA will be adding a new publication in the spring of 2010 geared towards the youth market. The magazine, titled Phenom, will have two issues in its inaugural year and be distributed at JVA events in New Orleans and Louisville. There will also be an electronic version made available online.

  • The inaugural Coaches-4-Coaches recipients are onsite for the convention and will be working various functions. Please be sure to stop and congratulate these young aspiring coaches, and provide them any insight you may have.

  • The Education and Publications Committee has plans to begin a buddy/mentoring system. This system will pair individuals at the convention and allow them to continue to communicate throughout the year.

  • The AVCA experienced more awards nominations in all divisions across the board this year. This is a testament to the continued value this program has for our coaches and the growth that the organization is experiencing.

  • In 2009, two more awards categories were added and recognized...National Assistant Coaches of the Year in all divisions and the NCCAA.

  • The AVCA is anticipating this to be the most attended convention to date. Thank you to all of you for making this possible!

  • The 2009 AVCA Spring Conference in Provo, UT was a tremendous success. There was a 300% attendance increase from the first Spring Conference in Irvine, Calif. just one year prior.

IV. Life in the Balance (Cody and Jen Fraser, NCAA)

Cody opened the floor for the Life in the Balance discussion. Present with the committee was NCAA Representative Jen Fraser.

  • Deanne: Heard the Life in the Balance initiative is a "slam dunk." She feels as if the NCAA needs to better inform coaches on Phases II & III.

  • Cody: CCAA athletic directors are against, but may be being influenced by their presidents.

  • Ginger: Feels the issue was misrepresented to SAAC in proposals.

  • Lynze: Agrees with Ginger. Had a national SAAC rep that she feels was force fed what the NCAA wanted her to believe.

  • Bren: SAAC does get a good education. They go through training and meet with the NCAA Management Council. She is more concerned about what will possibly come in the future.

  • Phil: Doesn't want to see the sport watered down. It is very difficult in the Western U.S. to play outside of your league. You can only have one weekend already to play other teams in the region. Doesn't think the NCAA is being honest and knows in his area of the country, both the presidents and athletic directors oppose the initiative.

  • Cody: Believes Phase II will include a potential loss of spring practice, which could result in coaches becoming part-time or programs being cut.

  • Jen Fraser: Phase II includes: * non-champion segment, * how hours are counted (both championship and non-championship seasons, * all sports who didn't have proposed reductions in Phase I will be looked at in Phase II.

  • Sean: Feels his SAAC was lied to. The issue is supposed to be about Life in the Balance, but it as actually about cost-cutting.

  • Jen: Encourages everyone to read the Division II Strategic Plan. The Division II Strategic Plan is about athletics at the highest level. The NCAA surveyed student-athletes with the Goals & Scores Study. It collected real data about how student-athletes spend their time. When looking at the data, it is hard to say that the student-athletes have a balanced life.

  • Debbie: Feels students perceive that study halls, training room visits, etc. all count towards the limit of 20 hours.

  • Cody: If conferences will be forced to schedule differently, it will most definitely throw the athletes' lives out of balance, which is the direct opposite of Life in the Balance.

  • Jen: Actual numbers reflect men's sports will be affected more so than women's sports.

  • Lynze: Is there any appeal process:

  • Jen: There is a Committee for Legislation waiver that can be filed by your institution. You must have your president or athletic director issue this waiver.

  • Jen: I also encourage all of you to read the committee reports that are regularly posted on the NCAA website to better inform yourself of the things being discussed at the NCAA.

  • Bren: The DII HCC will form a sub-committee and survey the membership, in hopes of killing any Phase II or Phase III additions.

  • Cody: We are out of time, but we will have another opportunity to discuss this initiative tomorrow at the Division II Coaches General Meeting at 9 a.m. in TCC Room 13-14.

V. Closing

Cody again thanked all HCC members and substitutes who were present and encouraged everyone to attend the Division II Coaches General Meeting tomorrow to discuss the importance of keeping up with the Life in Balance initiative.

Meeting adjourned at 10:45 a.m.



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