Wednesday, February 3, 2010


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DI Head Coaches Committee

Wednesday, Feb 3, 2010

11:30am-12:30pm (EST)

Call led by Mark Rosen, Division I Representative, University of Michigan


1. Welcome new committee members
Welcome to new members. For those of you who are new please remember to get feedback from your conference coaches that you can share with the committee. We will be sending the meeting minutes out to all coaches which takes some of the work of HCC members but it is still important for you to be talking to your fellow league coaches and getting their feedback on issues.


2. Feedback on new methods of communicating with head coaches
Did anyone receive feedback on the new way of circulating our DI HCC minutes to all DI coaches? None stated.


3. Update on new NCAA Legislation from NCAA Convention

  • a. Sand Volleyball (Override defeated; implementation date moved to 2011-12; Legislation to be voted on January 2011):
  •       i. Mark - Sand volleyball is now an emerging sport. We did get a delay so technically fall of 2011 will be when sand volleyball is an emerging sport with playing starting in spring of 2012. Legislation will be voted on in January 2011. Kathy, AVCA - You will not have a definite answer as to number of coaches and scholarship until January 2011 but you will have an idea coming out of recruiting and personnel cabinets. Mark - I think we need to have the best feel as possible if someone is going to add it as they will need to know by August. Jim, University of Washington - Where can we get this information? Kathy - The NCAA website has all of the information (The AVCA has compiled the information for you as well). The easiest way would be for your compliance person to shoot you the legislation that was on the NCAA agenda in January. Jim - If Washington goes in this direction, when do we start recruiting? Kathy - You don't have a varsity sport until August 1, 2011. Robert, University of Arkansas - Just to be clear no rules have been set on playing and practice, scholarships, etc. Kathy - That is correct. If you want to see what Division II passed your compliance person can get this for you. The cabinets will take a look at these issues in their June meetings. TJ and I had a call with the NCAA this week to see about the legislation and asked how we get the questions answered. Lynn Holzman suggested if you have questions about can I do this, what about that, etc. send those to Ross Brown at and we will get them to the NCAA to look at so they can start looking at the potential issues and get the information to the cabinets for their debates. They can start looking at issues that are not addressed, loop holes, etc and start putting it into NCAA speak.
  • b. Non-Championship season travel (out for comment, vote in April) - This was tabled and will be voted on in April. Please continue talking with your administrators. I think as volleyball programs we should start self regulating ourselves some to keep cost down and don't jeopardize this for the future
  • c. Camps or Clinics during quiet period (passed) - This is separate from 100 mile rule. As coaches we are no longer to do camps during the quiet periods. TJ - you can run institutional camps on your campus you just can't run camps off campus. This is just for prospect age participants and does not include Volley Tots type of programs.
  • d. 100 Mile limit for institutional camps/clinics (passed) - This has been passed. A lot of people are talking about this. One question is, is it legal to work a high school camp over 100 miles and what can they pay you? TJ - I don't know the interpretation about splitting of proceeds. The concern is using the University name outside of the 100 mile radius for recruiting. It cannot look in anyway like an institutional camp. Mark - can we get an official interpretation from NCAA to send to our members? TJ - I am ok with that. With regards to profit sharing or fees, etc I have not heard anything about that but have no problem checking on the issue and get to our membership. Intent of the legislation is to get the name off the camp. They went after basketball who may or may not need the funds it hit other sports hard and when AD's realize the money that was coming from the camps budgets are now needed from the operating budget they will pay more attention. This is the perfect legislation for a potential override.
  • e. Foreign Travel (not moved forward) Proposal to eliminate Foreign Travel was not moved forward. It is now a dead issue but we should keep tabs on it.
  • f. Other issues - Kathy, we have kept with the soccer coaches who are very active on legislative issues. They are really impacted by the 100 miles radius. We need 30 schools for the override to move forward if they have 100 signatures it immediately suspends the legislation until the vote next January. Jaime, Morehead State University - we had 7 programs in the Ohio Valley Conference who were going to speak with the administrators. Kathy - this really impacts schools where they do not have a high level of expertise in the region and coaches are trying to improve the quality of the sport across the region. TJ - tell your institution you do not want to get an override at this point, you want to get it on hold until a school by school vote. This came out on October 20 and was really rushed. Chris, where should administrators send the information and what is the date. TJ - Compliance officer has access to a database where they can file for this.


4. Agenda items for NCAA Volleyball Committee meeting

Mark, Kathy and Ray Bechard will be meeting with DI Volleyball Committee. They set the direction of volleyball within the NCAA. What's on your mind? What should we cover? Matt, Middle Tennessee- Summer Conditioning, can we get more freedom like basketball. I think they get to meet with kids once a week and pay for summer school for walkons. We seem to be on a different page as basketball. Chris, Virginia Tech - Something we have kicked around with the 100 mile radius here is implementing something like a June/July/August exemption or amendment/adjustment. This seems to be ok with coaches here. Mark - Volleyball Committee won't have a lot to do with that as it deals with all sports but we can talk to TJ about this as it seems to have blindsided a lot of people. This seems to be a ridiculous rule based on semantics. Many different interpretations have been received regarding if a camp is institutional or hosted by a high school with a guest coach. Robert - What would be the possibility of seeding 32 instead of 16 in the NCAA Tournament? Also would it be possible to televise the round of 16 or 8 instead of just the Semis and Championships. Mark - Selection process has also come up a couple of times. Size of venue vs. history of draw and crowd. Some empty places this year. Matt - Several of us have had issues with home games, could the committee look at giving more weight to road victories. This could incentivize teams to play away.


5. NCAA Rules changes for 2010-2012

Mark- NCAA rules changes have come out. It does not seem like there were many significant changes. They did not change the net contact rule or subs but did change the pursuit rule. Robert - Only question was with the rule of pursuit. If the athlete dives and goes under the net is that legal inside of the antenna. It seems based on reading it is legal. Todd, University of Central Florida - I talked to Marcia and she said crossing under the net must take place outside of the antenna.  Mark - Next opportunity for rules changes will be 2012. The new policy allows for rules changes every two years.


6. Recruiting Task Force update

Erin, Yale - We had a call yesterday. A quick update on fall survey, we will vote on three items late this month. This will give us a clear view on what college coaches think on the issues. Hot topics yesterday - one time transfer rule and quiet periods. The transfer rule is a hot topic but we need to stick to our schedule.


7. AVCA Update (Ross Brown)



8. Next committee call, Wednesday, March 3, 2010 at 11:30am (EST)


Roll Call

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