Wednesday, October 16, 2002


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AVCA Men's Coaches Committee Conference Call
Oct. 16, 2002 - 1:30 p.m. ET


Present: Joe Wortmann, Sean Byron, John Hutton, Joel Walton, Charlie Sullivan, Ron Larsen
Not Present: Jack Coberly, Doug Beal, Bill Kauffman

Joe calls the meeting to order at 1:35p.m. ET.

I. Scoring Format Committee
Joe asked for Sean to forward any new information regarding the updating of the statistical report.

II. Title IX Letter
The committee members agreed to send the letter to AVCA president, Stephanie Schleuder.

III. Yes Clinic
It was reported by Sean that there was no plan to have a YES clinic at the Men's Final Four in Long Beach.  He relayed that the National Youth Sports Organization has now started having clinics at other events such as major conference tournaments in various sports.  Joe said he would check with Bill Kauffman and Jenifer Scheibler as to our next step in pursuing the matter further.

IV. League Reports
MIVA-Joel Walton raised a couple of questions brought up in their league meeting.  What is the process and possibility of getting approval for having red shirts compete in the nontraditional season.  A discussion ensued about how Women's volleyball and other fall sports are allowed to have red-shirts compete in the spring season  Joe said he would look into how the legislation was brought about and report back.

Another question:  What are the details of the NCAA contract with Spalding for providing balls for the Championship?  Joe agreed to contact the NCAA and find out if it was possible for the final four teams to attain balls before the event.

Another question:  What about the television deal for the women's teams?  Joe explained that the women's Div I coaches were assessed a large increase in their membership dues to cover the cost of hiring someone to deal with television coverage.  Under the terms of the deal that has been agreed to, the participating schools are the ones who will have to pay for the production costs.

The MIVA is also hoping to add Milwaukee School of Engineering (DIII) to the league, with the future hopes of attracting additional Div III schools and forming a small Div III league within the MIVA.

The next conference call was not scheduled.

The call adjourned at 2:15p.m. ET. 

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