December 17, 2009


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Assistant Coaches Committee Meeting
Thursday, December 17, 2009
AVCA Annual Convention, Tampa, Florida


I. Welcome and Introduction of Speakers (Tracy Smith)
II. Guest Speakers

  • Christy Johnson, Iowa State
  • Erich Hinterstocker, North Dakota State University
  • Arlisa Hagan Williams, Georgetown University
  • Tonya Johnson, Georgia Tech

A. What are some pieces of advice you can give to those who want to make the move from an assistant to a head coach?

  • Know who you are and what makes you different
  • Make sure you're ready for the position (Tonya)
  • Find your niche and know how that can set you apart (Christy)

B. What are some differences between an Assistant Coach position and a Head Coach Position?

  • You're the one that's not liked because you turn in the line up and determine playing time! (Christy)
  • You can never pass the buck because you're always responsible (Christy)
  • Less sleep! Be prepared to do whatever it takes to get it right everyday (Tonya)
  • Administrative duties (Erich)
  • Things don't happen the way you plan (Arlisa)

C. What are some things you didn't think you ask in your interview but now wish you had?

  • Make sure to get everything in writing (Arlisa)
  • Know if you can ‘clean house' with the student-athletes (Christy)
  • Ask for everything up front (will vary from program to program) (Arlisa)
  • Budget, scholarships, what you think you need to further your program
  • Consider the economy (Tonya)
  • Research and decide where volleyball sits with the institution (Erich)
                a. Also research who your boss is going to be and what they're about

D. What is the first thing you do when you get there?

  • Recruiting! (Christy)
  • Get with your team and find out what you have, need, etc. (Christy)
  • Build the culture that you want (Erich)

E. What are some of the ‘don'ts' that you recommend?

  • Don't hire friends. Hire people who will fill what you need (Christy)
  • Make sure you have people who are going to be loyal (Tonya)
  • How do you know if they're loyal? Ask hard questions, call references, trust your gut
  • Don't push to hard for everything, too soon.

F. How does the relationship change with your athletes from being an assistant coach to a head coach?

  • You have to let them know that you care (Erich)
  • Have an open door policy. Over communicate (Tonya)


III. Business Updates/Tasks (Tracy)

  • AVCA: Be sure to connect with the members of the Board and Kathy DeBoer. Be sure to engage with exhibitors while at Convention.
  • General Meeting: Friday (1:30-2:30, Room 15-16). Be prepared to speak on behalf of your respective subcommittee.
  • Call Day for Spring Semester: Tuesdays at Noon (EST)
  • Logo Design: Re-work some of the final logos and vote on first call of the year.


IV. Committee Feedback

  • What are some things that we want to see added?
             i. Membership Subcommittee
             ii. Cut back on meeting minutes
  • Start setting goals for the spring
  • Keep thinking outside the box!

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