Wednesday, March 3, 2010


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DI Head Coaches Committee Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

11:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. (EST)

Call led by Mark Rosen, Division I Representative, University of Michigan


1.  Ross Brown Departure/Introduce Jason Jones
Mark and Kathy announced to the committee that Ross Brown has left the AVCA to pursue an opportunity with Learfield Sports at their University of Memphis property. Jason Jones was introduced as the interim committee liaison. Kathy is in the process of finalizing staff roles and a permanent liaison should be in place before the next call.


2.  Update on AVCA/NCAA DI Volleyball Committee Meeting with Ray, Kathy and Mark
One of the topics of discussion during the meeting was seeding of tournament teams. The committee acknowledged the seeding process could have been improved this past year. Currently, the NCAA runs a deficit of about $1 million dollars on the championships. Due to this deficit the committee has developed the regional brackets in a way that will increase attendance as much as possible. In some cases this has resulted in tournament seeding that wasn't fair across all regions. Improving attendance numbers to help offset some of this deficit is very important for the success of the tournament.

Another topic from the meeting was a discussion on the required off time between the regional semi-finals and finals. Kathy noted that Florida had to play early on Friday in order to meet the 22 hours of off time required before the finals. With Florida playing early that significantly hurt attendance at the Friday night match. Kathy mentioned that since all four regional championships are televised this will continue to be an issue for the East Region and possibly others. Jim McLaughlin noted he was asked to play the second match of the day to help attendance and television ratings but he preferred the first match in order to have more time to prepare his team for the finals.  As a result of these issues, there is discussion to reduce the 22 hours of off time to 20 hours or possibly less. Kerry Major Carr said the Ivy League is currently experimenting with the impact of different amounts of off time on kids and she can report the results back to the HCC. The Ivy League is currently using a 7 p.m. Friday and 4 p.m. Saturday schedule. The required off time varies by conference. The AVCA will conduct a short survey to get more detailed information on current conference requirements.

Kathy reported on the television ratings from the DI championships. The second match of the semi-finals received a .5 rating and the first semi-final match was slightly under that. The championship match received a .79 rating. Both nights received higher ratings than the 2008 championships and the finals were 20% higher than last year. Kathy noted that a rating of 1.0 was the benchmark for commercial viability. The 1.0 rating equates to about 1 million people. 

The HCC was sent an attendance report from the 2009 championship sites. Kathy told the group that attendance is still a challenge for the championships and marketing the sport must improve in order to attain commercial viability.

During the meeting with the NCAA committee, the group was asked if they would be willing to be an advocacy voice for volleyball and push for legislation to improve the sport. The committee was unwilling to take on that role at this point. The AVCA will reach out to new committee members to assist in the future.

At previous AVCA conventions prior to Tampa a presentation had been scheduled given by the DI Volleyball Committee that discussed the details of the selection and seeding process with coaches. The AVCA did not schedule that session in Tampa because attendance had been low in previous years.  Beth Launiere suggested that rather than have the committee do a separate presentation that information could be presented as part of the Division I General Meeting at the convention. Mark noted he would like to make the general meeting more efficient and use the time to discuss issues that help grow the sport. Kathy asked the HCC to please share their feedback on if this presentation is needed and if so whether it should be included in the DI general meeting or as a separate presentation. Please send comments to Jason Jones at


3.  Update on 100 Mile Camp Legislation Override Process

Mark reported that as of March 3 there were 25 schools who had signed the petition to override the 100 mile camp legislation. It takes 30 signatures for the legislation to return back to the committee in August and 100 signatures to overturn the legislation immediately. The deadline to sign the petition is March 17 and Mark encouraged coaches to speak with their AD prior to this date if they would like to get on the petition. Kathy noted there are many interpretations of the camp legislation that cover loopholes. She suggested coaches take their strategy to their compliance person to get a final interpretation. The soccer coaches and softball coaches were initially interested in becoming involved in the override but a lack of interest within those groups has slowed those efforts. 


4.  Recruiting Task Force Update (Erin Appleman)

Erin reported the RTF does not have a call in March but will have one in April. The RTF will have a survey going out this week and all coaches are encouraged to participate. Mark noted one of the current hot topics is revisiting the transfer rules. Please let Erin know of any issues you would like to see addressed.


5.  AVCA Update (Jason Jones)

AVCA Spring Conference registration is now open. The spring conference will be held May 6 - 8 in Palo Alto, California. Details can be found here.  

The open dates forum on the Web site will be going automated starting next week. This section can be found in the "Education/Resources" area of the site.

The AVCA is offering a 2 or 1 membership promotion for assistant coaches. College programs that have an assistant coach that renews a membership or signs-up for a new membership before July 1 can get a second assistant coach membership free. This offer is only available by submitting a paper membership sign-up form here

Coaches attending the NCSA/AVCA Spring Girls Talent Showcase in New Orleans on April 1st are asked to pre-register for that event here.  

The nomination period for the AVCA Hall of Fame will run March 19 - May 14. Nomination forms will be available beginning March 19 in the "Awards" area of the AVCA Web site. Nominations are considered for three years after they are submitted.

Kathy informed the HCC that the outcome of a court case in California involving the way "opportunities" are counted under Title IX could have a negative impact on several sports. Kathy will monitor the case and keep the HCC updated.


6.  Next committee call, Wednesday, April 7, 2010 at 11:30am (EST)


7.  Roll Call                                                                     

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