March 9, 2010


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AVCA Assistant Coaches Committee Meeting
Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I. Guest Speakers - Club Director Panel

  • Dawn Colston (Kent Juniors) - 206-714-7677,
  • Jon Rye (Dallas Skyline) - 972-675-1448 (O), 214-514-1717 (cell), 
  • Wayne King (Fusion) - 815-703-4044,

Since recruiting is such a big part of assistant coaches lives this time of year, wanted to bring on some successful club directors that will provide some good insight that will be useful to the committee:

  • Do's and Don'ts for colleges from a club director/coach's point of view
            - Wayne: Don'ts -- Don't retract on a verbal commitment Do's - Be honest with kids. Find a way to not put pressure on 15-16 year olds to make commitments; would help with cutting down number of transfers. 
            - Jon: Glad that coaches have a process when it comes to their recruiting. 
            - Dawn: Make sure the kids are making the decision for the right reason. Big turnoff when there's negative recruiting going on. Keep it about what your school is like. 
  • Do's and Don'ts for colleges from a recruit's point of view
           - Dawn: Absolute honesty, even when it's a no. Share the culture of team and school as much as possible. Providing information to clubs to give kids about what questions to ask when they call. 
  • Do's and Don'ts for colleges from a parent's point of view. 
          - Jon: Communication is there when you're interested and then drops when not interested - Would like to know status as soon as possible, yes and nos. Mass mails give false impression. Have one ‘master' list of what each school are looking for each year.
  • Q. With regards to communication, what advice do you give in terms of when and how to be contacted? How do you pass along the information to your athletes? What do you feel your impact is on the decision process of your athletes?
          - Dawn: Coming up after the tournament is fine; a lot kids invest in clubs for that reason. I try to give kids all information that comes out but I don't want to make decision for them. Providing the coach or club with information that you can't send kids would help. I feel my job, as a club director, is to do the research to make that they're getting the type of coach and culture they want.
         - Wayne: You can approach coaches at any time and they will get it out immediately. Only time we step in is if 20 or so schools are going after a girl, we'll help narrow it down for them based on what we know. 
         - Jon: Give them business cards. Follow up on club directors is important once information is given to athletes. 
  • Q. What factors would lead you to recommend a coach to a student-athlete? What would you like to see from that coach on how to get their foot in the door?
         - Jon: If they come up to me personally and talk to me, emails don't necessarily help. I want to get to know them. 
         - Wayne: Come to the gyms to watch the kids and talk with the coaches. Kids see that and it creates a positive environment for that program. Makes it more real and makes the coach seem personable. 
         - Dawn: Just come up and talk to them. Present your card and come up and introduce yourself. 
  • Q. What would your suggestion be for those mid-major or smaller programs that can't afford to come to practices, especially with the restraints on programs?
         - Wayne: No easy answer but if at all possible, go in for a week and hit 2-3 clubs in the area. Maybe don't go to a smaller tournament when there won't be a lot of good kids to allow going to a practice. 
         - Dawn: If there is a way to get into the gym and watch training, it's worth it. Asking to maximize the top clubs in the area and maximize the dollar. 
  • Q. What are the kids liking/disliking about change in regionalization? 
         - Dawn: Trying to address on how we promote both, but some kids aren't really aware of it.
         - Wayne: The future of JVA, it's not going away. Combination of AAU and trying a mid-year event. Will be going back to an end of the year event in 2011. 
  • Q. If you could pin-point a quality that is most commonly overlooked by college coaches that would be a benefit to them, what would it be?
         - Jon: Whether or not they're engaged. When they make their decision, they don't go and see her more than one time. 
         - Dawn: They know exactly the kids they're getting. 
         - Wayne: Ask the coach the right questions about the kid. 
  • Q. Do kids want to know that there's an offer in order to talk to the school? Will they visit without an offer on the table?
         - Jon: I've tried to set the expectations that they won't set the offer until they visit. Schools want to see the level of commitment from the athletes before they give an offer. 
         - Dawn: On the other hand, kids want to know that there is availability if they make the trip. 
  • Q. How do you (coaches) feel when you have an athlete that wants to for-go playing their senior year of club because the college coach wants them to get in and start training early?
         - It's a school by school basis if they're able to do that. Some are able to work it out with coaches and advisors to miss to compete in nationals. Some may mentally check out when coming back to nationals.

II. AVCA Updates - Amanda Brungs

  • Spring Conference registration is still open: Make plans to join us in Palo Alto, CA, May 6-8.
  • AVCA 2 for 1 Membership Program still continues: You can get two AVCA assistant coach memberships for the price of one! Form can be found on the membership categories page of the AVCA Web site.
  • Pre-registration for NOLA Talent Showcase (April 1): Open through March 26. This event is being held in conjunction with the Allstate Sugar Bowl JVA World Volleyball Challenge which will be a great opportunity to see many of the powerful Midwest clubs compete in the south before the AAU Championship. Coaches who pre-register to attend the showcase will receive the showcase participant's information prior to the event, format, skip the long lines of check-in and receive the final information spreadsheet the next day to assist in your recruiting efforts throughout the weekend. You can register here:
  • AVCA Hall of Fame: Nominations will be sent out and available on the AVCA Web site on Friday, March 19.
  • Open Dates Forum- Updated: You can now enter the information online instead of emailing it to the AVCA. Link to search and submit open dates:


III. Welcome:

  • Chuck Rey - Winthrop, New Big South Rep
  • Jon Haruguchi - Louisiana, Lafayette, Sand Legislative Help



  • Shannon Wells - Now at Ole Miss, Sand Legislative Rep
  • Mitch Kallick - Now at Maryland, Legislative Help


IV. Committee Updates:

  • WNVA - found out that spring tour has been moved to the summer now and dates are yet to be announced for the tryouts and tour dates:


  • Recruiting Task Force - survey went out to Head Coaches about several topics including transfer and college coaches coaching club.
  • Sand-Legislative - gathering information about rules in sand. You are encourages with or how you perceive people living in the ‘gray' area could damage the game. The link for the rules page on the AVCA Web site is:
  • Logo - A tie occurred between rows 1 and 3 of last month's vote. Tracy and Amanda will be deciding the final design and getting that to each of you this month to use. Please use it in your emails when sending ACC information to others.

V. Reminder: PLEASE SEND MINUTES TO ALL ASSISTANTS IN YOUR CONFERENCES. Very important to involve all in AVCA and ACC initiatives.

VI. Next Call - Tuesday, April 13, 2010, 12:00 pm EST

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