Tuesday, May 11, 2004


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AVCA Men's Head Coaches Committee Conference Call Notes
May 11, 2004 - 1 p.m. ET

Present: Joe Wortmann (chair), Doug Beal, Sean Byron, Jay Hosack, John Hutton, Ron Larsen, Joel Walton, Jenifer Scheibler (AVCA staff).
Not Present: Charlie Sullivan.


I. AVCA, USAV and the 2004 Boys' Junior Olympic Championships in Austin, Texas.

A. A meeting open to all men's coaches will be held on July 3 at 6 p.m. in the coaches scout room.

B. Ideas for topics of discussion should be forwarded to Joe Wortmann at jwortman@pacific.edu. Items currently on the agenda are the NCAA Championship site selection as it relates to attendance and the growth of Division III men's volleyball.

C. U.S. Men's National Team Head Coach Doug Beal and AVCA Executive Director Katherine McConnell will be in attendance. It was suggested that someone from NCAA Legislative Services and NCAA Championships be asked to attend the meeting. Jenifer will contact the NCAA with the request.

D. The U.S. Men's National Team will be hosting the USA Global Challenge in Delco Arena. The event will feature '04 Olympic qualifiers the United States, Argentina, Russia and a country to be determined on June 30-July 5.
II. Awards Programs.
A. Joe Wortmann reported that the men's Division I-II awards selection call ran smoothly and that the committee decided to implement a rotation of committee members. The chair will serve two years and the position will rotate among the three conferences (2005-06 MIVA, 2007-08 MPSF, 2009-10 EIVA). Tim Koth (Quincy) was elected the new chair to replace Mark Pavlik (Penn State).

B. Jay Hosack reported that the first-ever men's Division III awards selection call was a positive experience. He complimented the committee on the job that was done.
III. AVCA Board Meeting.
A. Jay Hosack attended the AVCA Spring Board Meeting in place of men's representative Joe Wortmann. He reported that much was accomplished. He asked that the committee consider recommending an increase in AVCA membership dues for Division II and III men's head coaches to match those of Division I men's head coaches (from $130 to $160 per year).
IV. Miscellaneous.
A. Jay Hosack reported that the men's program at UC Santa Cruz will remain in existence at the NCAA varsity level.

B. Joe Wortmann shared information discussed at the MPSF meetings regarding the image of men's volleyball today and travel squad size. A point was made that it is important to take every opportunity to publicize all the positive aspects of the sport and to disseminate information in a way that ensures accuracy and eliminates speculation. The MPSF will increase travel squads to 13 and plan to encourage the NCAA to do so for the championship.

C. Jenifer will contact the NYSP staff to discuss the possibility of again holding a YES Clinic at the men's championships.
The call was adjourned at 2 p.m. ET.

NEXT CALL: September of 2005. Date and time TBD.

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