August 16, 2010


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1:00 p.m. EDT



Committee Chair: Katy Meyer



Chair: Katy Meyer, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (AZ)


Present on the call: Jennifer Weitzel, Dakota, Christy Clawson, Red River, Jill Rokosik, Chicagoland, Christy Mooberry, Appalachian , Tori Bartels, Southern States, Melissa Batie, Sun, Yolanda Brown, Gulf Coast, Andrea Harshman for Candace Moats, MidCentral, Reed Duffus, CalPac, Anna Monsen-Howle, Sooner, Kristy Kamer, MidSouth, Nathalea Stephenson, Kansas, Stew McDole, Recognition Comm., Trent Herman, Assoc. of Independents, Jamie Adams, NAIA, Will Engle, AVCA, Katy Meyer, Chair.


Absent from the call:   Kim Norman, Frontier, Rochelle Short, Golden State, Mary Whitehead, Heart of America, Kirsta Solberg, Wolverine-Hoosier, Mark Perisi, American ME, Todd Humphry, TranSouth,  Matt Buttermore, Assistant Coaches, Rick Pruett, Great Plaines, Ryan DeLong, Midwest, John Yehling, American MW & Men, Trish Siedlik, Midlands, TBA, Cascade, Mike Gibson, Competition Comm., TBA, Kentucky.



AVCA Staff:  Will Engle

1. Convention Registration opens Wednesday, August 18. Convention Web site is now up,

2. AVCA Educational Timeouts: Fall Webinar Series starts August 17 with Becky Schmidt. Check out for more information.

3. Membership Appreciation Month is going on through August. Sign up for AVCA membership, get a free prize, and be entered for a grand prize drawing.


IV. NAIA Update

NAIA Headquarters:   Jamie Adams

1. All volleyball sport motions were denied at the NACDA Conference in Anaheim. Jamie went into more detail from the minutes of the meeting; contact her for specific details on why the motions were denied.

2. Direct Qualification - third year for the process. This is the sunset period, so the NAIA is looking for feedback on Direct Qualification, and whether this is the right direction to be going.

3. Postseason Qualification Deadline - November 13th; that's when the conference tournament must be finished. Final rating is November 14th, which is also a seeding rating.

4. Preseason rating released August 17th. Regular season weekly ratings begin September 7th, 2010.

5. NAIA Eligibility Center will start its work soon. Incoming freshmen this year are not affected, but the class of 2011 will be.



Recognition:  Stew McDole

Now that qualification system is solidified, Stew will prompt the committee to review the recognition regions and get the system in place.  Need to get committee chairs in place soon.

Membership:  Christy Clawson

Kathy DeBoer reported to Jamie Adams that 80% of NAIA Head Women's Volleyball Coaches are members of the AVCA.  Reminder, you have to be a member of the AVCA by October 15 in order to be eligible for NAIA AVCA awards.

Sand Volleyball: Christy Clawson

Christy: A lot of sand events are being cancelled on Gulf Coast due to oil spill.  AVCA site for many things sand volleyball at

Katy: AVP cancelled the remainder of its 2010 season, USA Volleyball possibly picking up events in the future.



Multiple conference reps reported on additions and subtractions of teams throughout their conferences.



Committee Chiar: Katy Meyer

1. NAIA YouTube video spot. View this one minute video, PLAY NAIA, at (

2. AVCA-NAIA membership dues increase commenced on July 1st, 2010.



Committee Chair: Katy Meyer

1. Congratulations to the 34 NAIA Women's Teams who were recognized as 2009-2010 AVCA Team Academic Award winners.

2. The AVCA is proud to present the AVCA Educational Timeouts: Fall Webinar Series. The newest form of online education has arrived! Details of the following webinars can be found on the AVCA website at

1. Becky Schmidt, Hope College: "Packing the Gym for a Big Event"

2. Russ Rose, Penn State: "Bench Stats: What to Keep and How to Use it to Make Adjustments"

3. Shelton Collier, Wingate: "Using Timeouts Effectively"

4. Tom Black, Loyola Marymount: "Serving: What You Need to Know and be Able to Gain an Edge"

5. Bonnie Kenny, Delaware: "How to Use Last Night's Stats to Plan Today's Practice"


Next call is scheduled for Wednesday, September 8 at Noon EDT.


Call adjourned 1:39 p.m. (EDT)

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