September 15, 2010


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AVCA Assistant Coaches Committee Call

Wednesday, September 15th, 2010, 12:00 pm EDT




1.  Guest Speaker:   Gregory A. Dale

            Gregory A. Dale, Ph.D. is a Professor of Sport Psychology and Sport Ethics at Duke University. He is also the Director of the Sport Psychology and Leadership Programs for Duke Athletics. In addition to his work with Duke athletes and coaches, Greg consults with numerous college and professional athletes and teams.  He also consults with organizations and corporations around the world including The World Bank, Habitat for Humanity International, Airports Council International, Pfizer and SKANSKA International.  Greg has written four books related to leadership and performance.  In addition, he has written scripts and served as the "expert" on a series of thirteen videos for coaches, athletes and parents. Greg has been featured on Good Morning America, MSNBC and numerous national radio programs. He is a member of the Sport Psychology Staff for USA Track and Field and is a dynamic speaker who provides a variety of interactive and innovative workshops around the country and the world.

His website can be found at:


(It's a Mental Thing - newest book)


Helping Develop Mental Toughness - based on last book for athletes at the college level


  • Commitment

               o They never do any work outside of practice on own - are they really committing? Commitment means doing the hard stuff sometimes.
o Do a better job of compartmentalizing their life - teach kids how to make transformation. 
o Deep down are you truly commitment with things you do outside of practice?

  • Confidence

               o Confidence is not a gift from your teammates, parents, coaches; it comes from within. Coaches can influence it but can't give it. 
o Comes from how they talk to themselves

  • Pressure

               o Pressure only comes from the space between their ears. Everything in life is filled with pressure and expectation. To be great athlete, you have to embrace that pressure. 
o Own pressure instead of it owning you

  • Idea of being a teammate

                  o Can influence playing time by attitude and effort - 2 things they're in control of everyday. 
o No correlation between how talented you are and what kind of attitude and effort you bring forth everyday
o Challenge your athletes to be the best teammate they can be.


2.  AVCA Announcements - Amanda Brungs

                - AVCA Convention Registration: Don't forget to get online today and register! Early-bird deadline runs through Nov. 5.

                - Play of the Week: We are continuing this program for the 2010 season so be sure to submit videos by Tuesday at 11:00 am EDT each week. Click here for more information.

                - Webinar Series: One webinar remains on Sept. 29 at 2:00 pm EST. Bonnie Kenny will speak on "How to Use Last Night's Stats to Plan Today's Practice"

                - Board Elections: Tracy has chosen to run again for the Assistant Coaches representative on the AVCA board but anyone is welcome to run as well. If you would like to run for this position, please let me know ASAP. Elections will be starting in October and we need to know all candidates by the end of this week, early next week.

                - AVCA Scholarships: Minority Coaches and the Coaches 4 Coaches Scholarship are now available! Please help us spread the word about both of these and encourage eligible applicants to apply.

                - Coaches 4 Coaches Scholarship Fund: Don't forget you can donate to the C4C fund! We appreciate, in advance, your support!


3.  Video Tip of the Week Program - Jill Wilson

                -  Contact Jill with any questions and for the compliance form.

                -  Check out the AVCA website for this week's tip from coaches at Wisconsin.


4.  Open Comments/Questions/Discussion

- Legislative Proposal being discussed. Talking about reducing preseason opportunities from 29 to 21.


5.  Next call will be Tuesday, October 12th, 12:00 pm EST






Sub-committee Updates/Information:


Recruiting Task Force - has not had a call since May.  Possible call coming up in next few weeks.  If anyone has topics or questions, please let Jill Wilson (LSU) know. (


WNVA/Professional Opportunities Committee - Goal is to compile a "reference sheet" by mid October to send to everyone that will include helpful contact and websites for assistants to help their players continue after college.  They are looking to add someone to this committee and find a new leader since Sarah Gustin left to become a head coach.  If anyone has contacts/companies they know would be good resources, please send to Jill Wilson (LSU) as she is on this committee. (


AVCA Presenter Committee - will be presenting in Kansas City and representing our AVCA ACC.

                Setting a Path for Career Success:  Developing a Strategy to Break into the College Coaching     Ranks and Move Up the Coaching Ladder

                Friday, Dec. 17th                10:45-11:45 a.m.

                Panel:  Joe Lind, Joseph Goodson, Zheng Xiang, Jill Lytle Wilson, Heather Roberts, Nicole Miller

                Contact Joe Lind if you have questions/contributions (JDL015@SHSU.EDU).


AVCA Demonstrators - first 26 people to sign up are in.  AVCA Mass email just went out (see below)

                Contact Stacy Barnett (New Hampshire) at

            The AVCA is now accepting applications for demonstrators for the 2010 AVCA Convention in Kansas City, December 15-19. We are looking for convention attendees to work as demonstrators for the on-court educational sessions. In exchange for your time, the AVCA will offer a rebate of half off your full convention registration package (making your registration fee $172.50 for AVCA members, $255 for non-members) as well as free access to the pre-convention seminar.

Demonstrator job duties at the AVCA Convention will include the following:

  • Assist the presenter by physically showing how specific drills are set-up and run during on-court and sand educational sessions
  • Follow instructions given by the presenter and perform the drills and activities requested
  • Other duties as assigned by the presenter or AVCA staff to assist with the presentation

Demonstrators should be physically fit and able to play volleyball at a level that will allow the drills to be shown successfully. In order to receive the convention rebate, demonstrators are required to be available at all of the following dates and times:

  • Thursday, December 16        3 - 5:15 p.m.
  • Friday, December 17            10:45 - 11:45 a.m. &  1:30 - 5:00 p.m.
  • Saturday, December 18        9:00 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.

The AVCA will accept 26 demonstrators that will be chosen on a first-come, first-served basis according to the time stamp on the fax or e-mail. Rebate checks for half-off full convention will be distributed at the conclusion of the on-court and sand educational sessions on Saturday, December 19 to those demonstrators who have participated in all of the time blocks listed above.

To Sign-Up: Please complete the form (attached below) and fax it to the AVCA at 859-226-4338 or e-mail it back to Kali Andress at


JVA Committee - Jenny Hahn, Executive Director of the JVA reached out to the committee and inquired about what college coaches are looking for in prospect recruiting videos.  The committee wrote an article for the Volleybiz newletter that goes out to club directors.  Contact Tammi Fries (ETSU) for more at


Sand Committee - (Coaching Education Side) - no updates except that the AVP has folded until further notice.  Off-season going now for DII Sand Volleyball.  Contact Eric Hammond (U of MD Eastern Shore) for suggestions/help/questions at


Publications Committee - Upcoming articles:

                Oct/Nov '10 - Nutrition for Performance

                Dec/Jan '10-'11 - Sports Psychology by Dr. Todd Kays, Part 1

                Jan/Feb '11 - Sports Psychology by Dr. Todd Kays, Part 2


                Contact Eric Hammond (UMES) at



Not Present  on Call: Two Year College, Atlantic 10, Atlantic Coast, Big Sky, Big West, Horizon, Men, Mid-American,  NAIA, Southeastern, Southern, Southwestern, Summit

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