October 14, 2010


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AVCA Division III Head Coaches Committee Meeting Minutes

October 12, 2010 - 11 a.m. ET


Present: Becky Schmidt (Chair), Kim Kelly (UAA), Kristen Ely (SLIAC), Randall Kreider (Commonwealth), Margie Knight (Capital), Tammy Swearingen (President's), DeAnn Woodin (IIAC), Kathy Gebhardt (NAC), Bridget Sheehan (NCAC), Don Perkins (NJAC), Kandis Schram (GSAC), Alexa Keckler (Centennial), Nicole Hess (MIAC), Jill Jolliff (WIAC), Dianna Graves (SCIAC), David Kwan (Heartland), Andrea Hoover (ODAC), Bret Stothart (Commonwealth Coast), Katrina Dagan (North Atlantic), Jeanne Hess (MIAA), Dorothy Webb (NEWMAC), Jonathan Penn (Liberty), Sam Wolinski,  Josh Edmund, Kali Andress (AVCA)


Not Present: Mark Massey (Northwest), Jennifer Saylor (Midwest), Steve Pike (SUNYAC),

 Brett Allen (NESCAC), Bob Weiner (Little East), Kelly Greapentrog (Empire 8), Lisa Greiner (Independents & Skyline), David Shumaker (NEAC), Ray Bello (CUNYAC), Deana Jespersen (Pennsylvania), Michele Zabinski (Freedom), Phil Pisano (AMCC), Lindsay Birch (USA South), Deb Zellers (Independents), Vicki Brault (OAC), Deb Kiick (CCIW), Amanda Cuiffo (Great Northeast), Sam Lambert (SCAC), Tiffany Davis (ASC),


I.   Roll Call

Becky asked the committee to respond back to her with the answer to the following: What has given you the most frustration this fall?

II. Points of Pride

Steve Pike spoke about traveling with his team to Costa Rica:

  • International trip with his team to Costa Rica
  • Fundraising: sent out pictures and letters to friends and families, raised $5,000
  • Ended up costing $1,000/person including flights, meals, and activities
  • While there did community service with a daycare, played against the national team, explored the country
  • Went before pre-season, couldn't bring freshman

III. AVCA Update (Kali Andress)  

  • AVCA Convention Registration: Don't forget to register before the early bird deadline on Nov. 5! Link to register: http://www.avca.org/kcconvention2010/
  • Head Coach Membership Deadline: Head coaches must have an active AVCA membership by Friday, October 15 in order to be eligible to participate in postseason Awards Programs. If you have a question about the status of your membership, please contact AVCA Member Services. (members@avca.org)
  • Division III Postseason Awards Info:
  • o Nominations for Region Coach of the Year and National Assistant Coach of the Year are due to the AVCA Office by 5:00 p.m. ET on Wednesday, October 27. Nominations forms can be found in your AVCA Awards Packet.
  • o Online nominations for Division III All-Region/All-America Teams opens on Friday, October 29 and close on Monday, November 2. Be sure and review your awards packet for award nomination criteria and other important information regarding the nomination process.
  • § If you have any questions about the Division III postseason awards program, please contact Amanda Brungs (amanda.brungs@avca.org).
  • Coaches 4 Coaches Scholarship Fund: Be sure and take a few minutes and donate to the Coaches 4 Coaches Scholarship Fund! You can easily access the donation page by visiting the Student Membership Headquarters (http://www.avca.org/membership/student-membership/) and click on the purple donate button and choose the amount you want to donate. You can change the quantity on the amount you select to donate more! We need your help raising funds for this up-and-coming program which strives to advance and educate the future of our sport. Eight applicants will be selected to attend the Convention in Kansas City as 2010 Coaches 4 Coaches Scholarship recipients and we are counting on you to help provide them an unprecedented experience! If you have any questions about the Coaches 4 Coaches Scholarship Fund, please contact Amanda Brungs (amanda.brungs@avca.org).
  • Convention Demonstrators: Limited spots still available! Contact Kali Andress (kali.andress@avca.org) for more information.
  • We encourage everyone to make sure their schedule and results in the AVCA score reporting system is updated on a regular basis. The deadline to have your week's results into the AVCA system is 7 p.m. EST on Sundays. The results are then generated into an automated report and sent weekly to the poll voters, so it is essential to make sure your school is reporting its scores in order to ensure the poll voters have the most accurate information available. If your SID needs instructions on how to report your school's results, please have them contact Leah Brock (Leah.brock@avca.org).


Kali can be reached at kali.andress@avca.org or 859-425-5075.   


Issue of Polls Brought Up

Someone mentioned the issue of being a poll voter for the AVCA but not having the regional poll information from the NCAA to reference. It is also an issue that the regional distributions are unfair because they reduced the number of ranked teams in the west region. This gives the AVCA polls more integrity because they aren't concerned with regional representation. Jeanne mentioned that this has been an issue for years. The criteria are different for the NCAA and AVCA polls. The AVCA poll is more of a coaches' opinion poll that makes the games more exciting. Kathy DeBoer stated that the AVCA is only as good as its coaches who are out there seeing the teams play. Becky discovered that there are no calls or sharing of information among poll voters. She suggested the AVCA created a web forum allowing poll voters to share their information about teams with each other. This would help everyone make a more informed vote. Mark Massey said that this would create more work but would be beneficial if people used it often. It is hard to research all these teams in detail so it would be easier if the information was more accessible. Becky decided that she would ask the NCAA about sharing their regional poll information earlier, and will look into getting a web discussion going to the AVCA voters to encourage further research and increase integrity.


IV. Old Business (Becky Schmidt)

Community Service Initiative: Becky announced she would be sending out a survey for everyone to complete about their community service.  

Rules Changes: Strength and Conditioning coaches cannot conduct a workout and have it be voluntary. This legislation is currently going through the NCAA. Becky also mentioned that Rich Lueneman has proposed the net violations be considered judgment calls. He says that it should only be a violation if playing the ball at the net. He is also proposing unlimited subs or 15 subs. Someone else mentioned that if anyone agrees with these, then they should submit their own proposal to show support. Becky shared that the new rule book does not come out until 2012, so that gives us time to make changes.

Another issue someone brought up was the announcing of starting lineups, which usually consists of 6 or 7 players and a libero. Some coaches don't think this is fair because it leaves out players from the starting rotation. Many people on the call agreed that this caused the leaving out of key players or reserves and that it doesn't hurt anyone to make the change. Becky announced that there is not a rule against changing this method in the rule book, so she encourages teams to try the new method. Becky will sent out some recommended language that schools can use as a script for trying this new technique.


V.  Regional Coaching Clinics

Tiffany Davis shared her experience offering a clinic for high school coaches that was put on by DIII coaches in  Texas. The clinic was held at Trinity's gym in San Antonio and they charged $40/person. It was held on a Saturday after a match for 2 hours. High school and middle school coaches were invited and they usually have around 40-60 attendees. Marketing consisted of website and letters and there was an online registration on Trinity's website. After Tiffany shared the details of their clinic, Becky asked Kathy DeBoer's opinion.

Kathy agreed that they were on the right track, doing it around the event, and having DIII coaches as presenters. She brought up the value proposition: people what to know what they are getting for what they are giving. People seldom change behavior after a 2 hour clinic, but benefit from engagement and follow-up. For these reasons, Kathy recommended packaging an AVCA membership with the registration fee to these regional clinics. That way, the attendees then have 365 days of educational resources available to them after the clinic. Also, schools are more willing to write one check for a higher amount for their coaches, rather than one check for a clinic, and a separate for an AVCA membership. Someone asked if the AVCA could offer the attendees of this DIII clinic a discount. Kathy said she would be happy to offer then the Affiliate Partner Program discount of $55 for a year-long AVCA membership. 

Becky asked the group if there was anyone who would like to volunteer to work together and create a "clinic-in-a-box". This was they could work out and standardize the details like scheduling, pricing, registration, forms, and logistics that DIII schools all over the country could use to execute these regional clinics. This would make the process easier and save each individual school from having to start from the ground up. She hoped to have the "clinic-in-a-box" ready by May 2011. Tiffany Davis, Bridget Sheehan, and Becky Schmidt volunteered.

On a different note, Kathy DeBoer suggested DIII coaches consider submitting plays for the AVCA Play of the Week. The plays of the week are currently getting around 11,000 votes, so it is great exposure for each school. Becky agreed and also encouraged coaches to watch the AVCA/Sportwide Video Tip of the Week as she had already shared one with her team and found it very beneficial. Kathy mentioned that starting in the 2011 season, the AVCA will be welcoming Video Tips of the Week from groups other than the Assistant Coaches Committee (who created the tips for 2010), and that the DIII coaches should consider creating one as a 90 second promo for their team.


 Becky announced that the next call would be Thursday, November 11th.


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