Wednesday, December 13, 2006--Committee Meeting at AVCA Convention


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In attendance: Sue Sinclair, Lisa Davis, Kanoe Bandy, Erica Elder, Trish Knight, Lisa Huntley, Mike Trame, Mike DeHoog and T.J. Meagher.


Absent from the meeting were: Patty Harrison, Jane Peterson, John Patrick, Jayme Frazier.


I. Welcome
Sue welcomed everyone to the meeting and the AVCA Convention. She talked about what will be discussed in the meeting, and then introduced T.J. Meagher to give a short talk about his Clearinghouse presentation, which he would be delivering the next day at the Two-Year College General Meeting #1.


II. T.J. Meagher Previews His Clearinghouse Presentation

T.J. gave an informal preview of the presentation he would give at the Two-Year College General Session on Thursday. He asked for some thoughts and ideas from the committee on what the people at the General Meeting would be interested in learning. Sue and the committee members helped him narrow down the topics he should talk about, making sure he covered the ones they thought the Two-Year College head coaches would want to hear about.


A few points of interest T.J. made in the committee meeting:

  • The goal of the Clearinghouse is to ensure amateurism... "level the playing field" for everyone.
  • It is an untested process.
  • It is not targeting international athletes, but that will be a "big" area that is looked at.
  • There are only 10 questions the athletes will be asked. Those questions will then be used to determine the athlete's eligibility.
  • This process is really nothing new. It is just finally being made into a specific process that everyone will use.
  • His best piece of advice is - get started now. Get students to register now and get a preliminary response.
  • Final certification starts April 7.
  • Clearinghouse Registration fee: $50 / domestic, $75 / international


Note: TJ's presentation is posted on the AVCA website at



III. Thinking Outside the Box

Sue asked the committee to think of ideas for next year to move the Two-Year College coaches' agenda forward. She asked that the committee even think "outside the box" for new ideas.


A type of "outside the box" idea might be a spring tournament with all TYC champions or an All-Star showcase for Junior Colleges. (Of course, NCAA rules might prohibit these two ideas, but you won't know unless the idea comes up and it is discussed.)


Send ideas/comments along to Sue ( and they can be discussed as they come up at one of the committee conference calls.


IV. Salary Survey

A discussion came up about last year's salary survey. Some members felt it was not geared at all towards the Two-Year Colleges. One person said that after reading a few questions they discarded it because the questions did not pertain to Two Year Colleges' needs or requirements.


Rick (AVCA liaison) will look into doing a separate salary survey specifically for Two-Year Colleges. Note: If it is doable, he will need help from the committee to come up with the questions.) Different topics to include in the survey, and how to possibly "break it down" would be, but is not limited to:

  • As a "whole" group
  • By Division
  • California


V. Discussed Salaries and Assistant Coaches

A discussion came up about the different ways to pay assistant coaches. A few of the committee members shared the different ways they, or their school, pay their assistants. No solutions or ideas resulted from the discussion at this time. It is a possible topic for another meeting.


VI: A Two-Year College Information Page

One member brought up the idea of creating an "Info Page" for Two-Year Colleges. Someone told them about all of the links on the AVCA web site on the Two-Year College page, which the first person was not aware of. The concept of an Info Page might still be useful, but no decision came from this discussion. This is another possible future topic for another meeting.


VII: New Committee Members Needed

Sue asked the committee to send her some names for possible inclusion on the committee. She mentioned that they need two new representatives, one for DI and one for DII. Send them to her at .


VIII: Promoting Two-Year Colleges

Mike Trame proposed adding a page to the AVCA web site promoting some of the athletes that have gone on to four-year colleges and have had successful athletic or professional careers. This was well received. Rick to look into it. If it is doable, he will need help from Two-Year College coaches and schools in learning about these athletes.


IX: New Time for Conference Calls

Sue asked that the committee move the monthly conference calls to 10:30 a.m. (CST), so that some of the members would have a better chance of attending.


X: Next committee meeting


The next meeting of the Two-Year Head Coaches will be Wednesday, Feb. 14th, 10:30 a.m.


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