December 16, 2010 - General Meeting


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December 16, 2010 - 9 a.m. (CT)

General Meeting Minutes


I. Board Report

  • Over 90% of DIII Coaches are members

II. NCAA Report

  • Regional selection & ranking (Rick Swan)
    • 2010 Annual Report
    • 2011 Championships at St. Louis - Wash U.
    • 2012-13 Hope College
    • 64 teams next year
    • Committee - 2 positions available - self nominate
    • February: National Committee meeting - send Jan Gentry your items to discuss
  • Approved extension
    • Regional ranking sent out each week
    • Compare information among region
  • Trying to...
    • get more consistent among regional alignment (across sports) - can find on NCAA website
    • balance out number of institutions in each region
    • get members of the same conference in same region
    • start discussion of additional people on bench
  • Branding Initiative
    • $1,000 credit for signage for each institution
    • Also each conference
    • Check the NCAA website
  • All questions about bench sizes forward to Jan Gentry to discuss at committee meeting
  • Questions:
    • Q: Recommendations for scheduling to make tournament as an at large?
    • A: Difficult because don't know in advance who will really be good- always challenging for the committee.
    • Q: Championship selection - west region didn't have a regional, they were sent to the East Coast
    • A: Committee looking at west coast hosting a regional, not looking at it as region host but as a site host
      • Giving high seeds a chance to host
      • Selection of championship sites plays a role
      • Committee would like feedback about timing of site selection - too early lends to not getting the best site, while too late means the site does not have enough time to prepare
    • Q: How much is RPI being considered?
    • A: Not at all. The committee strictly looks at regional rankings
      • No outside agencies, no AVCA polls
      • No talk about adding that
    • Q: Would teams making matches webcasted have the ability to heighten chances for getting a spot in the tournament?
    • A: It could definitely help.

III. Rules Discussion

  • Need to fill out survey - membership feedback is very important to rules committee
  • 2010 NCAA Women's Volleyball Rules Survey_Executive Summary
  • This is not a rules change year
  • Changes implemented in 2012
  • Facilities
    • New net systems
    • Bigger athletes and fans
    • More free space surrounding courts
  • Jewelry
    • Hard to implement for officials
  • Timed Warm-Up
    • Individual pass and serve time
    • Most people don't want to extend
  • Substitutions
    • Most people want more subs
    • Discussion for January meeting
  • Net Fault Rule
    • Same rules as club and FIVB
    • Current net faults will no longer be whistled:
  • 1. Contact at bottom of the net (pulling ball out)
  • 2. Net contact as MB starts to jump (bottom of net)
  • 3. Hitter contacts mesh after a swing (not at top)
    • Want to consider coaches' opinions
    • Using net to assist play - not allowed
    • Players will get smart and find loopholes - will see what FIVB is doing to handle these situations
    • Officials are supporting these changes heavily - it will take a lot of the judgment out of the calls
  • General belief that rules should be consistent among all divisions of a sport
    • Question of equal voice on rules committee- not a proportional representation
    • What could get DI more on our side?
      • Needs to come from Athletic Directors and Presidents
      • Voice from campuses are going to cause the most change
  • Rules Proposals Submitted
    • Minimum temperature
    • Subs
    • Do away with pursuit rule
    • Leniency on center line rule
    • Eliminate line judges
    • Allow blocks of serve
    • Just on back row setter at net's intent (blocking or getting ball back)
    • Every net contact = fault
  • PAVO Training
    • Coaches can insist that officials are trained or certified (PAVO can't)
    • Marcia can let you know if your officials have attended any clinics


IV. Head Coaches Committee Work

Contact Becky Schmidt at with any suggestions


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