Wednesday, January 19, 2011


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Division I Head Coaches Committee Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

11:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. (EST)

Call led by Kevin Hambly, Division I Representative, University of Illinois


1.  NCAA Convention Legislation Update (Kevin Hambly, TJ Meagher, Kathy DeBoer)

TJ put together a summary of the legislative proposals that were considered during the NCAA Convention. That summary is attached here. The most significant volleyball issues were the reduction of preseason dates from 29 to 21, limiting the number of competition dates in the non-championship season from 4 to 2 and the elimination of foreign tours. All of these proposals were defeated and the voting is final.

Kathy thanked the committee and all coaches for their work in getting these proposals defeated. She told the committee she hopes the results from this vote will convince coaches that when they are active and make their voices heard they can have an influence on legislation.  

TJ briefly reviewed the four proposals that will govern sand volleyball. The four proposals will regulate coaching staffs, recruiting, financial aid and the playing/practice season. Click here for the details of each proposal.

Kathy thanked TJ for all his work on behalf of volleyball coaches and the AVCA. She noted TJ provides a strong voice for volleyball and his work is much appreciated.


2.  University Athlete Update (TJ Meagher)

TJ announced the NCAA has not yet ruled on the waiver request to make the scouting and recruiting service legislation not applicable to volleyball. The waiver request is currently being considered by a subcommittee and TJ expects a decision very soon. If the waiver is granted University Athlete will have additional time to conform itself to fit NCAA legislation.  TJ noted the waiver would be a blanket waiver and cover all Division I institutions.

Some conferences are advising their coaches it is acceptable to use the University Athlete service in specific instances. TJ suggested coaches should contact their compliance staff to determine whether using the service is acceptable.

It was mentioned the Big East has submitted a proposal that the scouting and recruiting service legislation only apply to men's basketball. Josh Steinbach was going to get additional details on the proposal submitted by his conference.


3.  Recruiting Task Force Update (Erin Appleman)

Erin reported the task force has been in a holding pattern pending the outcome of the recruiting legislation. The task force has a call next week to begin planning for the upcoming year. One of their first projects is to develop a series of educational videos for recruits and their parents. The video series will include topics such as dates, visits, clearinghouse, eligibility and tournament etiquette. Any coach that has an issue they would like the RTF to discuss please contact Erin Appleman at    


4.  Sub Committees (Kevin Hambly)

The committee discussed the need for developing smaller groups to work on specific issues. Kevin is going to put together subcommittees to focus on the following areas:


Sand Volleyball


Kevin asked that anyone on the committee who was interested in serving on one of the subcommittees to contact him at


5.  AVCA Update (Jason Jones)

Jason announced that nominations are open for the Thirty Under 30 award which honors thirty of the up and coming coaches under 30 years old. The nomination period is open until 5 p.m. ET on Monday, January 31. For more information on the award or to submit a nomination please click here.

The AVCA Spring Conference will be held May 12 - 14 in Anaheim, California. Registration for the spring conference opens February 1st. More information including a schedule of activities will be available soon on the AVCA web site.

The AVCA is seeking experienced coaches to serve as mentors in the AVCA Mentoring Program. The program currently has about 70 pairs of mentors and mentees participating. The AVCA has received several new mentee applications during the past month so the need for additional mentors has increased. For more information on the Mentoring Program please click here. Coaches interested in becoming a mentor should contact Jason Jones at


6.  Next committee call, Wednesday, March 2, 2011 at 11:30 a.m. (ET)


7.  Roll Call                                                         

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