February 15, 2011


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AVCA Division III Head Coaches Committee Meeting

Meeting Minutes

February 15, 2011 - 11 a.m. ET


I. Roll Call Question

    • How does your conference feel about the 15 substutions?


II. AVCA Report

  • Pre-registration for college coaches to attend the NCSA/AVCA Spring Girls' Talent Showcase on April 21 in Louisville, KY is now open. Coaches can pre-register to attend and in return receive the information on the student-athletes prior to the start of the event. www.avca.org/events/talent-showcases
  • Registration is now open for the 2011 AVCA Spring Conference which will be held May 12-14 in Anaheim, California. For more information on the complete schedule, location, and registration prices, visit www.avca.org/springconference2011
  • The AVCA is always looking for more Mentors for the AVCA Coaches Mentoring Program. We will be matching pairs again this coming summer, so if you would like to get involved, please let me know.
  • The AVCA is currently offering an "Optimizing the Off-Season" Webinar Series including presenters Terry Liskevych, Kelly Sheffield, Anne Kordes, Mary Wise, and Mark Drosos. You can visit the AVCA website to register for these webinars which are $9.99/ each or $39.99 for the entire series. http://www.avca.org/education-resources/coaching-education/webinars/


III. Points of Pride

  • Jeanne Hess - Greening Your Volleyball Program
  • Jeanne shared the iniatives taken at her institution to reduce her their "carbon footprint" including their Green Hornet Event
  • To view her Convention Presentation on this topic, click here


IV. Substitution Rules Report

  • Becky Schmidt: There is a growing feeling among DIII in favor of the 15 subs proposal. Becky wants to get a vote so that we can create a DIII position statement to present to the rules committee.
  • Please talk to your conference coaches to see if they support or oppose the 15 subs option and email your results back to Becky.
  • During the call in March, we will review the results and work on framing a position statement and get ready to send it
  • Tammy Fries: Tammy is on the rules committee and shared that her and the other DIII representative have been fighting hard for 15 subs in their meetings. This is a non-rule change year, so if anything changes, it would go into effect next year.
  • Tammy feels that they have gotten people listening to the DIII's opinion, but because of the breakdown of the committee, it is important to get some DI and DII people on our side

o Breakdown of Rules Committee (4 DI, 2 DII, 2DIII)
o NCAA wants rules to be the same across all divisions, so the possibility to only increase subs in DIII does not seem likely

  • Someone asked what the window of opportunity would be to make arguments to the rules committee. Tammy said they ask for proposals in August/September, so each DIII conference should consider submitting one at that time
  • Rules committee approves and then it goes to the Playing Rules Oversight Panel (PROP), so the committee does not have the final say.
  • Becky appreciates all the work Tammy is doing and encourages all DIII committee members to start taking part. She would like to do as much as possible so that all DIII Coaches know that the HCC is doing all they can to advocate for them.

o Also, many coaches think the AVCA makes these rules decisions, so we need to educate them on what role the AVCA plays

  • Other things on the Rules Committee Radar (Tammy):

o FIVB is using 2 liberos that can interchange with eachother but cannot be on the court at the same time
o Injury Documentation: Important to make sure your trainers are doing this especially with the possibility of the new net rules passing.


V. Salary/Game Management Survey

  • Becky: Any questions that aren't relevant and should be taken off the survey?

o Ticket takers
o Athletic trainers at matches (mandatory anyway)
o Salary Survey - categorize more like the AVCA Salary Survey

  • Becky: Anything that needs to be added to the survey?

o Stats: Do you have live in-game stats during matches?
o Webcast - separate video and audio

  • Becky: Anything else to add or remove, email her.


VI. Scheduling

  • Becky: She is going to email all of you a document that you can fax back to her

o Grid to fill out conference schedule and open weekends
o So that we can compile a master schedule
o Good resource to help coaches schedule
o Also will ask about conference awards


VII. DIII Website & The Net Live

  • J.J. is looking for rivalry games - let him know
  • J. J. is also collecting names of DIII commitments - if you know of any email him at d3vball@aol.com
  • Becky: The Net Live podcasts - click here

o Kevin Barnett is doing a great job of filling a void in the volleyball world
o Will try to get him on a call to talk about this and how it can be applied to our programs

The next call will be held on Thursday, March 10th at 11:00 Eastern Time

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