March 14, 2011


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Monday, March 14, 2011
12:00 p.m. EDT

I. Welcome - Katy Meyer, HCC Chair (

Katy welcomed all of the committee members and thanked them for their time on the call.


II. AVCA Updates - Leah Brock, Manager of Communications & Editor of Publications (

A.  2011 NCSA/AVCA Spring Girls' Talent Showcase - Be sure to join us in Louisville, KY on April 21 from 5-8 p.m. at the Kentucky Exposition Center for this year's talent showcase. Coaches can pre-register for free through April 14. Over 100 student-athletes have already signed up to attend!


B    AVCA Hall of Fame - Nominations will open on Friday, March 18 through Friday, May 13. Nomination information will be available on the Hall of Fame page on the website:


C.  Registration is now open for the 2011 AVCA Spring Conference. This year's event will be in Anaheim, California from May12-14 and will feature learning opportunities from the U.S. National Teams staffs and players. Visit the Spring Conference website for more the complete schedule. Deadline to register at the early bird rate is April 8th.


D. AVCA Spring Webinar Series - Optimizing the Off-Season Series. All available for purchase at 2011 AVCA Spring Webinar Series.


"Developing Relationships with Key Administrators: Make Them Want to Help You" - Terry Liskevych

"Strategies for Getting Your Student Body Engaged in Your Program" - Kelly Sheffield

"Growing Your Fan Base" - Anne Kordes

"Get Outside Your Comfort Zone: Using Your Selling Skills Beyond Recruiting"- Mary Wise

"Social Media: Tools for Building Awareness and Interest in Your Matches, Players, Camps, and Clinics" - Mark Drosos


D.  Victory Club certificates are now included in the electronic certificate program. This service allows you to download and print All-America and All-Region certificates as well as Victory Club certificates, as well. (reference e-mail from Amanda Brungs dated 3/11)

Recognized in 2010 and members of this committee: Reed Duffus, Kim Norman, Kristy Kamer, Kirsta Solberg, Stew McDole, Ryan DeLong.  


III. AVCA Board of Directors Report (February 2011) - Katy Meyer (

Katy shared the Board of Director's update from AVCA Executive Director Kathy DeBoer:
1. The spring BOD meeting will be May 12 in Anaheim, California

2. IMG Associations, the managing company of the AVCA, has been sold to Associations International.

3. The AVCA is on path to have an excellent financial year, largely due to the success of the Kansas City Convention.

4. Kathy, AVCA President Rob Patrick and AVCA Division I Head Coaches Rep Kevin Hambly visited with the NCAA in late February and have established a solid working relationship with the NCAA Division I Volleyball Committee.
5. Sand Volleyball Update: Continuing to grow Sand Volleyball as a sport. A list of schools who have officially announced the addition of a sand program or who have talked about adding a sand program is available on the "Sand" tab on the AVCA web site. Other resources, including information on legislation, rules, court construction and events can be found on the AVCA web site as well.


IV. NAIA Update - Jamie Adams, Manager of Championship Sports (

A. No report - NAIA Women's Basketball Tournament today.


V. Committee Updates:

A. Recognition Committee - Stew McDole: Stew worked with Jamie Adams to make sure that the resolutions from the convention were as accurate and persuasive as possible before they moved along in the process.


B. Competition Committee - Mike Gibson: No report.


C. Membership - Christy Clawson No report.


D. Sand Volleyball - Christy Clawson: No report.


VI. Other Constituency Updates:


A. Men's Programs - John Yehling: No report.


B. Assistant Coaches - Matt Buttermore: The Assistant Coach committee is still seeking programs interested in submitting a Video Tip of the Week. This is a brief 1-2 minute clip that answer addresses how to solve a particular training problem in volleyball. If interested, e-mail Matt.


C. Conferences - Any Committee Members: No report.


VII. NAIA Eligibility Center Web-Site ( - Katy Meyer and Jamie Adams

A. "The NAIA Eligibility Center Registration Process." In early March the KCAC hosted this online interactive webinar presented by John Leavens, Executive Director of the NAIA Eligibility Center, along with members of his staff. An archived version of the webinar is now available for you to view and is designed to help NAIA administrators and coaches become more successful in the registration process by increasing their understanding of Play NAIA Manager, Shorts Lists, Early Decisions and much more! Log in to your account to access the webinar under that NAIA Members Tab.


VIII. OPEN FORUM DISCUSSION (NEW) - "Organizing and Directing Summer Volleyball Camps"

Katie wanted to encourage everyone who is running a camp or a series of camps to jump into this discussion early. If you are not currently running a camp or camps, there should be some great information shared to get one started...if you are looking to do so.


A. Getting the discussion started: How did yours originate? Are you running camp as an individual program, as part of a University sports camp structure, or national organization (NIKE)? What are the plusses and minuses of your type of affiliation? Are you sponsoring overnight or day only? Selecting age groups and genders.

Katy began the discussion by talking about the camp that she runs with her program at Embry Riddle. The "Take Flight Volleyball Camp" has operating for 10 years and running. This year she wants to establish a team camp, in addition to the aforementioned camp, as a way to fundraise for her volleyball program budget.

Stew began his camps in 1972 at the request of USA Volleyball. The camps are not-for-profit. Over the years, Stew and assistants have been able to establish a model for these programs. There are 3 summer camps he offers: Specialty, All-Skills, and High Performance. These are all overnight 4-day models. The biggest plus for Stew is that the camps are not-for-profit because you can put all of the money back into the camp, making it a great, quality experience. 


IX. Recurring Business - Katy Meyer

A. Initiatives (Inner City Scholarships, Recycling Program, Sponsor a Program):  Please contact Katy with any ideas you have for initiatives that the HCC can become involved with.

B. Establishing a Promotions and Branding Committee: Please contact Katy if you are interested in serving on the Promotions and Branding Committee


Chair: Katy Meyer, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (AZ)

Present on the call: Katy Meyer (Chair, AVCA-NAIA Representative), Marissa Booker (Golden State Athletic Conference), Nathalea Stephenson (Kansas Collegiate Conference), Christy Mooberry (Appalachian Athletic Conference),  Stew McDole (Recognition Committee), Jill Rokosik (Chicagoland Collegiate Athletic Conference), Leah Brock (AVCA Representative),  Yolanda Brown (Gulf Coast Athletic Conference), Matt Buttermore (Assistant Coach Representative), Melissa Batie (The Sun Conference), Samantha Harvey (Midlands Collegiate Athletic Conference).


Absent from the call:   Jamie Adams (NAIA - Volleyball Administrator), Christy Clawson (Red River Athletic Conference),  Reed Duffus (California Pacific Conference),  John Yehling (American Midwest Conference, Men's Representative - 2009), Trent Herman (Association of Independent Institutions), Anna Monsen Howle (Sooner Athletic Conference), Mike Gibson (Competition Committee), Mark Perisi (American Mideast Conference), Kim Norman (Frontier Conference), Andria Harshman (Mid-Central College Conference), TBA (Cascade Collegiate Conference), Rick Pruett (Great Plains Athletic Conference), Kathy Allen (Heart of America Athletic Conference), TBA (Kentucky Intercollegiate Conference), Tori Bartels (Southern States Athletic Conference), Kirsta Solberg (Wolverine-Hoosier Athletic Conference), Kristy Kamer (Mid South Conference), Jennifer Weitzel (Dakota Athletic Conference),  Ryan DeLong (Midwest Collegiate Conference), Todd Humphry (TranSouth Athletic Conference)


Next AVCA-NAIA Head Coaches Committee call is scheduled for Wednesday, April 6th, 2011 at 12:00 pm CST

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