9.15.09 TYC HCC Conference Call Minutes


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Two-Year College Head Coaches Committee Conference Call

Wednesday, September 15 @ 1:00 pm (ET)



Call Information

Dial-In # - (800) 387-6159

Conference ID - 7971909


Committee Members

David Rehr, Blinn College - Chair

Marci Henry, Northeastern Junior College (NJCAA, DI) - see "I" below.

Bert Luallen, Seward County Community College (NJCAA, DI)

Jane Peterson, Central Lakes College (NJCAA, DIII)

Jayme Frazier, Linn-Benton Community College (NWAAC)

Kim Lester, San Diego Mesa College (CCCAA)

Michael De Hoog, Big Bend Community College (NWAACC)

Rick Reynolds, Western Wyoming Community College (NJCAA, DI)
Tammy Knott-Silva, Pasadena Community College (Recommended as a new committee member by Kim Lester)


Call Agenda


AVCA Updates

  1. 2010 AVCA Annual Convention registration is now open.  This year's Convention will take place December 15-19 in Kansas City.  A great way to make attending Convention a more affordable option is to volunteer to serve as a demonstrator for on-court presentations.  If you volunteer as a demonstrator and fulfill all of your responsibilities, you will receive a check reimbursing you for ½ of your Convention registration.  If you are interested in serving as a demonstrator, please contact Will Engle at will.engle@avca.org.  These spots fill up quickly so time is of the essence.
  2. October 15 is the deadline for head coaches to join the AVCA or renew their membership to be eligible for participation in fall awards programs.
  3. David Rehr will be running for re-election as the TYC Representative on the AVCA Board.  Rick Reynolds will also be running.  If there is anyone else interested in running, please let me know by Friday, September 24.
  4. Final webinar in the AVCA's Educational Time Outs Fall Webinar Series will take place on Wednesday, September 29 featuring Bonnie Kenny speaking about "How to Use Last Night's Stats to Plan Today's Practice."  Registration is available through AVCA Product Store.
  5. Guest Speakers for upcoming calls - please send recommendations to Ashley ASAP.  Beginning with October's call we will have a guest speaker join us to speak for the first 10 minutes on a topic of the committee's choice.  So far I have Mary Wise and Trish Knight on my list of speakers for upcoming fall calls.  Hopefully this addition will bring some new energy to the monthly calls.
  6. Topics of interest for guest speakers - please send to Ashley ASAP
  7. New committee members - please send recommendations to Ashley ASAP
  8. Does the TYC HCC plan to have a booth at this year's Convention?  If so, I need someone to step up as the point of contact for this.  The point person for this will need to contact AVCA Sales Manager, Toby Bishop ASAP to make arrangements.  Toby can be reached at toby.bishop@avca.org.  An exhibitor kit is attached to this email.
  9. Marci Henry is no longer coaching volleyball but is still serving as the NJCAA Committee Chair to DI.  She is happy to continue to serve on this committee if the group still wishes.  Please let me know if you have any thoughts either way. 
  10. Please send Ashley days of the week and times that will consistently work for you to be on a TYC HCC call.  I understand that things come up, but it is extremely important for us to improve our attendance on our monthly HCC calls.


NJCAA Updates


NWAAC Updates


CCCAA Updates


Publications Sub-Committee Updates

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