Wednesday, August 6, 2008


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Roll Call: Absent: Atlantic Coast Conference, Atlantic Sun Conference, Conference USA, Ivy League and the Southwestern Athletic Conference,

The meeting was called to order at 11:30 a.m. (EST) by Chair Mark Rosen. He welcomed everyone back to the committee and to the first call of the new season.


· * 13th Scholarship


Kathy DeBoer noted that the PAC-10 Conference has submitted legislation that would allow for a 13th scholarship in women's volleyball. In 2005 the Management Council, with the support of the Board of Directors, recommended that a 13th scholarship be added due to the addition of the libero. The measure was overridden at the NCAA Convention in January 2006 by a slim margin.


Kathy noted that since 2005 there has been significantly more money invested in the sport and participation numbers at the high school level have continued to rise. It was noted that there are discussions that women's basketball may be reducing their scholarship numbers and fast pitch softball has a desire to increase their numbers. The legislation as it now exists will proceed to the Financial Aid Cabinet in mid-September. They will review the proposal and make a recommendation for the Legislative Council's review. Neither of these bodies will vote on the issue. They will simply provide recommendations. The first vote would be by the Management Council in January 2009. If they pass the measure it will proceed to the NCAA Board of Directors and then continue through the process.


Kathy and Mark spoke about the need for volleyball to be part of the discussion when administrators get together. They urged the committee to have open dialogue on the issue and opened the floor for discussion. There were five or six members who spoke positively about the move and a couple brought up issues that need further thought. These included the notion that an increase in scholarships will cause more good players to be sitting on the bench and with the recent change in rules how will an increase in scholarships effect "playing time" issues.


· * Award Region Realignment


Mark noted that the proposal for regional realignment did receive a favorable response during the early summer vote, however only 50% of the members responded to that survey. It was agreed to send the vote sheet out again and attempt to get more input from the membership. (Head coaches please check the vote sheet for schools in your conference that didn't vote.)


· * Recruiting Task Force (RTF) Update


TJ Meagher reminded the committee that the AVCA had submitted two items for the 2008 legislative cycle. These included the matriculation rule and recruiting ban. He noted that these items will appear on the NCAA legislative agenda that will be distributed on August 15. These issues will follow the typical legislative cycle with a possible implementation of August 2009.


Pete Waite noted that the RTF would be meeting again soon to determine initiatives for this year. He asked coaches to contact him about issues that they'd like to see brought up and noted that there would be more discussion in the next agenda item.


· * Upcoming Issues For the Committee


Mark opened the floor for members to discuss what issues the Division I HCC and RTF should begin discussions on this year. Some of the ideas included:


-College coaches in the USAV program

-Spring training issues / Possibility of the erosion of spring competition dates

-Inequity in quarter vs. semester systems

-Walk-ons inability to utilize athletic facilities in the summer

-Discussion on the rules for managers and other staff

-Emergence of sand volleyball (Kathy noted that CWA did recommend sand volleyball as an emerging sport. There will be more details once the Division I Council has a chance to review the recommendation.)


· * AVCA Update


Todd Hamilton reported that the 2008 Omaha AVCA Convention registration process is slated to go live on August 25. Some of the new features include the AVCA Future Star Sunday (featuring a High School All-American Match), a Volleyball Marketplace Silent Auction, a Texas Hold-em Tournament and much more. NCAA President, Myles Brand, is scheduled as the featured speaker of the josten's Coaches Honors Luncheon and will also participate in a one-hour question and answer session. He also noted that information will be distributed soon regarding convention scholarship opportunities for minorities interested in coaching in the NCAA.


Todd announced that a new AVCA Web site would be debuting in about a month. The site should be a big improvement over the current site. He also noted that some functionally of the current site may be unavailable during the transition. Stay tuned to AVCA At the Net for information as it become available.


Todd also reminded the committee that nominations will open soon for the President-Elect position on the AVCA Board of Directors. He urged anyone interested to please contact him for more information.


Mark thanked everyone for attending and noted next months call.


The next call will be September 3 at 11:30 a.m. (EDT).


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