SVCC Conference Call Minutes


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AVCA Sand Volleyball Coaches Sub-Committee

Conference Call Notes

August 2nd , 2011

Meeting Started:  11:00 Eastern Time


Present on call:

Kathy DeBoer, Todd Dagenais, Kevin Campbell, Mick Haley, Nina Matthies, Eric Hammond, Kevin Hambly, Anna Collier, Danalee Corso, Brandon Higa



Season Ending Tournament:

Kathy DeBoer continues to work on the viability of a season ending "Sand Volleyball National Championship" being held in 2012.  The original intent was to hold the Sand Volleyball national Championship in Los Angeles in conjunction with the NCAA Men's Championships.  This would give sand volleyball a significant fan base for the first National Championship event. CBS Sports continues to show interest in broadcasting the event as long as there will be strong attendance.

There was some concern about the Sand facility at USC being completed in time to host the Sand Volleyball National Championship, but more should be known in the coming weeks if USC is a viable option.  If not, the committee feels as if the Championship should be held in a campus environment, or in conjunction with another significant event to drive attendance.  The first weekend in May continues to be the target weekend for the Championship. Kathy will continue to follow up on the situation and address the committee as the situation unfolds.


Match and Event Format Protocol:

The committee engaged in a spirited conversation with regards to how dual matches and tournament events should be managed.  We agree that we don't necessarily need to follow a FIVB or old AVP standardized format.  We may need time to determine what is best for NCAA Sand Volleyball and the collegiate sand game needs. Nina Matthies has done some significant research on FIVB matches to determine the ideal length for a Sand Volleyball match. After looking at her results, the committee agreed upon:

      A match MUST be defined as best 2 out of 3 sets to 21 points rally scoring, (3rd set to 15 points). This is the case for a dual match or a tournament match.  The rational is that it's very important to get "valid results" which will be used later to determine the qualification process for the Sand Volleyball national Championship.

      A dual match MUST be played between TWO SCHOOLS and MUST be made up of 5 pairs of athletes from each school.  The school that wins three of five matches will be declared the winner of the dual match.  It is possible to play more than one dual match in a day.  It is quite likely that event organizers would have multiple schools play multiple dual matches in the same day to create a more efficient use of travel budgets. As a reminder: Teams sponsoring sand volleyball must compete in a minimum of three "dual matches" Only one dual match can be counted per day toward the minimum.

      The committee agreed that it would be a mistake to require tournament organizers to follow a rigid plan for operation of their event.  We did agree however, that the process of determining a "doubles winner" and a "school/university winner" must be extremely transparent.

Nina Matthies suggested a few possibilities that may be considered by event organizers:

      One day event consisting of a "dual match", then all 10-12 doubles teams are seeded into a single elimination bracket that is played out to crown a champion "pair team".

      Two day event where 3-4 schools/universities play a round robin dual event to determine a school/university winner.  Then, all 15-20 teams compete in a single elimination bracket tournament to determine a doubles winner.

      A one or two day event where several pools of 3 or 4 doubles teams, then seed out into a single or double elimination tournament (if time and space allows).

      An event with 3-6 schools/universities (up to 30 doubles teams) play in a double elimination event that can take place over two days.

In the coming years we should be able to experiment with interesting concepts and ideas on how to best host "dual" and "tournament events".  At this point in the infancy stage of Collegiate Sand Volleyball, it's most important to play matches, keep score, record results, and determine the best path for a Collegiate Sand Volleyball National Championship.  The development of formats will come with time and experimentation.

Qualification for National Championship:

The committee sees a critical and imperative need to identify the qualification and selection process for the 2012 Collegiate Sand Volleyball National Championship.  Todd and Kathy will involve a few committee members in the coming weeks to discuss possible pathways to earning a spot in the Championship.  The initial feeling is that, at least in the early years, the Championship should have a "regional" qualification process that yields access to a Championship bid.  This may come from major regionalized competitions and tournaments, or from a pre-determined "Regional Championship Event".  We further identified the need to create some structure that would lead to at-large bids being selected by a selection committee.  This would likely come from recorded head-to-head and dual match results. The committee has set an action item that by August 17th to:

                Determine a process by which automatic bids to the national Championship will be determined

                Determine a process in which at-large bids will be decided

                Determine a process by which a committee will be formed to select the additional at-large bids


2011-2012 Sport Sponsorship

At this point, it appears as if there are 17 schools/universities officially competing in the emerging sport of Sand Volleyball in the 2011-2012 season.  However, this is only an "estimation" because the Institutional Sport Lists won't be finalized for a few weeks.  The figure could possibly go higher.  We are in agreement that there are several other schools likely to add Sand Volleyball in the 2012-2013 academic year.


Eric Hammond has established a goal of quarterly publications in the AVCA magazine and has enlisted the help of committee members Danalee Corso and Anna Collier to help him produce the articles.

Next Conference Call:

The next conference call for the AVCA Sand Volleyball Coaches Committee will be determined as soon as the AVCA Head Coaches Committee call is established for September.



Conference Call adjourned at 12:28 pm

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